Monday, 22 August 2011

Sunday scribblings "Shipwreck"

I Hope my post finds anyone who reads it, well.

Quite the ship wreck.
A world lived on the back of a tsunami.
Riding a merry go round.
A roller coaster.
Likely to slide off the wooden horse at speed.
Happy then sad then frustrated then angry.
Back and forth from one to the other.
And each in between.
Can't hurt anyone else, so hurt myself.
Quiet the shipwreck.

My old camera died or otherwise I could share the awakening world moving ever so slowly towards spring and it's new life.There are discoveries daily in my garden. A garden not planted by me, but encouraged with food I have given the earth since living here. Today I cut back the lemon tree at my kitchen window, it leaves were yellowed and dropping. From cold and lack of the right nutrients. I fed it a mixture of trace elements, seaweed extract and iron chelates. I hope it works. It bore lots of lovely fruit to share, but was looking very ill.
How analogous is that.
Popping up through the still cold soil in the front yard are bulbs. Tiny Tete-a Tete daffodils. fresh, golden and perfect in their display and some lovely hellebores, white, pink and dark, dark, purple. There are also tulips coming up around the place, not flowering as yet, grape hyacinth, daffodils and jonquils which are yet to burst into bloom. Bring on the warm sun.....please. I have planted poppies, yarrow, stocks, onions, veges, herbs and bits and bods around the yard too.
The roses have been pruned and their buds are forming up nicely. I have sprayed them for black spot along with the peach, nectarine and plum trees in the back yard which suffered from brown rot and leaf curl so cruelly last summer. You are supposed to spray the fruit trees at bud swell, their flowers are ready to pop open at any day so I hope they are better this season. At least I know that the yard and it's plants in this rented house are being cared for better now than when we first moved here.
The cherry trees and pears which are espaliered against the back fence are yet to be sprayed because the development of their buds is not at bud swell stage as yet. It might be a few more weeks before they begin to fatten and want to bloom.
I spent last night browsing through the gardening Australia web site, being inspired and learning how to do things with the plants I have, appropriate to this time of year. It is such a good place to spend some time and always gives me a smile. I take comfort in a way, that I do actually know some things and enjoy a refreshing of old knowledge in a subject that I love as well as learning more.
Yesterday, Sunday, Pete and I went for a drive to Goulburn to try to find his father's and grand parent's graves. We walked around and up and down the isles of head stones before asking a couple of other people there where that catholic sections were, to be told we were at the wrong cemetery all together. After a short drive we did find Nanna Lander and Pete's dad's graves. We spent some time scrubbing off old dirt and mold from their marble head stones with water stolen from rain filled vases on nearby graves. Then we left some of the little daffodils from the front garden and came back home. Something different to do on a cold afternoon I guess.
I was feeling that they deserved much more than a bare looking cement slab top with a moldy white marble headstone and we were planning to go back there with some some hand made ceramic tiles to decorate them with. I lay awake last night planning designs and glaze colors. But then we found that there are rules and regulations set in place by the local council that say we can not do anything to their graves without special permission and approval from them. So....even in death we are owned by rules. Hmmmm.
I have bought myself a new camera but have not learned to use it yet. When I work it out, with my dear son's help, I will be able to share in here again. The new camera is supposed to be faster, hold more, be good in low light, even be easy to use, has better zoom and more pixels etc etc etc, or so the sales person said. Which is.... as yet, to be proven to me with my limited technological abilities.
That's all for now.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sting - RUSSIANS (Live in Moscow)

G'Day again,
I posted this second song to go along with the previous song I put in here by Billy Joel.
It says more along the same vein as the other. Maybe we could direct the sentiments towards the war against terrorism and the way some interpret their religion, namely some branches of the extremists Muslim religion.
We have been through the same scenario many many times throughout history.
Will we never learn?

Billy Joel - Leningrad

G'Day, G'Day, G'Day,
Someone I know in blogland said something about Billy Joel the other day.
Anyway, this is a favorite song of mine by him. If you have a listen to the words you will see why it stirs deep feelings within me. It never fails to bring a tear to my eye.
I don't like politics much and this song is a lot about that. However the underlying feeling that I get from it is .....
We are all human.
We all are the same.
We have the same set of needs where ever we live.
We love our kids, we want to get along with others...

maybe that is a big sweeping statement on my part.
Anyway I do.
I want to get along with the Russians, the Jews, the japs, the other peoples that we have fought with over our recent history.
Political or religious differences placed aside.
That's what the song is about.

Nowadays there are so many hurts between the Muslims and the other religions of the world.
Lashing out and kicking at people who are different to ourselves is causing much pain. And that takes a long long time to forgive.
The song is about making peace with enemies.
Or am I just another dreamer. A female's perspective to the worlds problems. Can they be solved by love. Can we forgive. We must.