Sunday, 25 April 2010

Sunday Sribblings "Dinner"

It is Sunday, so.......the Sunday Scribblings prompt for this week is 'Dinner".
It is dinner time here in Australia as I am writing this post. The clock on the computer screen reads 7.45 exactly.
I have dinner prepared and am just waiting for my hubby, Pete to finish work. He has been doing a 12 hour shift at the jail where he works and dinner will be waiting for him as he comes through the door.
Years ago it was a sunday night tradition to have the roast leg of lamb and all the veges cooked up for the family to share as their evening meal. Well sometimes I do do that, but not always.
Tonight I am having what I call roll ups. The picture above shows my table set and waiting to go. Others call them wraps, or burritos. What ever you like, I call my version roll ups. That gives me lee way to play around and not follow thw recipe, I like doing that, using whatever I can find in the cupboard at the time.
Wholemeal tortillas,chicken strips, tomato, salad leaves, cheese, cucumber, avocado, capsicum, taco sauce. Cut up into strips because they sit inside the tortillas easier that way.
I cooked the chicken breast in a little olive oil (I always use olive oil) with an onion and lots of peri peri seasoning then thickened the juice with a teaspoon of cornflour. Can't waste that juice.
Not as good as the traditional family roast, nothing compares, but my dinner should be o.k. A bit of a novelty, we don't often have meals like that but when we do they are enjoyed by all.
I am listening for the car to pull into the driveway, then I will jump up and reheat the chicken mixture and finish setting the table.
Today I was sick of sitting around the house. The day was cool and sunny here with probably 40% cloud cover for most of the day after yesterdays rain. Nice. I went to the nursery at nearby Yarralumla, and bought a pretty miniature red cyclamen. That is it you can see sitting on the dinner table. Then I thought Mmmm, now I need a nice white, inside pot to display it in so I went to the hardware shop and got a square plastic pot. Looks good. I also got a punnet of viola and planted them out. They will survive the winter and if I am lucky will keep flowering for quite a while to come. Other than that I have been playing with old pohtos and have put them on my face book page. My daughter is complaining about me embarrassing her with them Hahaha. Love it. That is what Mummies get to do when their kids are this age. My eldest son is quite enjoying it but my second son hasn't commented as yet. A ice way to spend a Sunday.
I made a batch of little carrot cakes and put cream cheese and passion fruit icing on them, they turned out well. No recipe, I made it up as I went along, I like doing that. Basically you know what goes in and how it should look so you just balance it out and it works.
Today is ANZAC day in Australia. There is a public holiday tomorrow to commemorate it. I did not go to the march. I am bad. It upsets me to see the old soldiers march and honor their lost mates. I even get teary at the songs they play on the radio on ANZAC day There are no first world war diggers left now. The ranks of the 2nd world war marchers are very thin too. Not all of the Vietnam veterans march either and their numbers are falling. One day there will be none of the original participants from these wars left to march on ANZAC day.
Unfortunately there will be others.
So sad.
Lest we forget.

Is that a car now? No........ wrong car, it didn't stop. It is getting late, I want my dinner. I will write a bit longer. What. He should be home very soon. Ah that sounds more promising, I heard a car door.
Love Linda.

Sunday Scribblings, "Wonder"

I just thought I would put in a very short, very late post for this prompt.
I liked the prompt word but somehow the time drifted away with me and I thought its not sunday anymore, nobody is going to read it this late so I didn't bother. But I liked the word "Wonder" and had been thinking about it so.....

I wonder
If I am the person I see me to be
or the person you see me as
Can anybody see
I hide inside me
Or is the me that I see
just my ego.

That is what I wonder.
Taking this from another side.
I wonder and love the world around me.
I wonder at the way everything fits so beautifully together
Its symbiosis.
Until..... the most destructive animal ever created
decides it should try to change nature and plays with it,
then finds out years later that they were wrong,
then tries another tack
then finds out they were wrong again,
and tries again....

Love Linda.


Saturday, 24 April 2010

Friday Fertilizer. Week 3. April 2010

Don't you just love this. Someone had decorated this tree in the park around the corner near my house. Cute eh!

It is Friday Fertilizer time again. You can find a link to see what that is all about on my side bar under the heading 'Tootsie Time" she is our lovely prompt host. Go have a look, participate even. Ti's good fun for us plant minded people.
The photo above here is taken of the big trees in my front yard. Unfortunately they are all very big and all deciduous. I am sure going to have a lot of raking up to do very shortly. Lol. These are just 2 of about 6 which are along the front and street side of my house.
I Just came back from a short walk around the neigbourhood to take some photos to put in here. It is autumn here and the trees are all coloring nicely. Oranges and reds, golden yellows and all shades of brown in between. So pretty I thought it would be nice to share with you all.

There are two of these trees with berries around the corner 2 houses away from me. Don't know their names but they are looking good at the moment.The berries are about 1cm, so quite big in comparison to the pyracanth and cottoneasters that are common around the area and have fruit on them at the moment as well.
A self portrait. Oh dear. Lol. You're lookin' old Linny.
Wet doggie, Rufus, nothing like the smell of a little wet dog is there. This is the Theodore street pedestrian underpass, around the corner at one end of the street where I live. Most of the suburbs in Canberra are separated by these green areas where pedestrians and push bikes can move around without being amongst the roads and traffic. Just through this underpass are 2 schools and a small shopping center plus an aged care center. Very nice urban planning I think.
Pretty red. Don't ask me the name of these trees.
Yellow rusted birch leaves.
Tree in the parkway. Well, I call it the parkway, I don't know the proper name for it but I enjoy walking along here. It is just a 25 minute walk along here from my house to get to the town center of Woden and lots of shops and restaurants, entertainment, etc etc. So where I live is a pretty nice and handy to everything area.
Drain through parkway.
Big tree root showing scars from being run over and damaged by the gang mower.
Golden leaf from a birch tree.
Martin street, 2 houses away from me. Correct me if I am wrong but I think these red trees are big oak trees. There are 2 more of these at the side of my house. The parkway where that picture of the drain is, runs parallel to this street.
Here are the Nerines I tried to take a photo of to share with you last week. They are more open now and very pretty. In my front garden bed.
Well that is about it. Most of the stuff around my garden is slowing down towards winter so the flowers are pretty much on their last legs. There are still a few about.
As you can see here, we are enjoying a wet weekend. Lord knows nobody around here is game to complain about rain after the drought we have had, god forbid if the rain goes way again.....
Tomorrow, Sunday, is ANZAC day. That means we get a long weekend with Monday being a public holiday all around Australia.
ANZAC stands for "Australian and New Zealand , Army Corps. " So tomorrow is the day we commemorate our fallen service men who fought in wars. We have marches, and parades to honor them. Nowadays it has come to stand for all servicemen who served in war not just the ones who didn't come home again. I could write so much more here, but if you want to look it up you can find lots about around the www, I am sure. Traditions, like dawn service and two up games, to name a few. My Dad always loved ANZAC day, being a soldier it was special to him, his day to remember his old mates, the ones who never came home again. With him being on active service in WW2, Korea, Malaya and Vietnam I know there must have been quite a lot.
I have several Rosemary bushes around the yard. Rosemary is the herb of remembrance and it is a tradition here to wear a sprig of it on ANZAC day. I will go out and pick a bunch and put it in a vase for inside the house.
O.K. bye.
Love Linda.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Friday Fertilizer Autumn

It is time again to put in my two bobs worth for the weekly Friday Fertilizer prompt hosted by "Tootsie Time". You can find her link on my side bar as "Tootsie". Thanks Toots for allowing us all to play in here and show off our careful garden creations. (by the way, 2 bob is old aussie slang for two shillings in the old currency that was replaced by decimal currency in the late 1960's. Equivalent to 20 cents now days.)
The blurry inadequate pic above is of the very first nerine bloom. I have been watching and waiting to see what sort of flower was going to pop open from their snakey looking flower heads. Lots of flower heads unopened still, I am hoping there are some other colors amongst them.
These bright pink little guys are an oxalis of some sort, don't know what the proper name is.
The lovely autumn roses are nearly finished their flowering but there are still just a few pretty buds to go, this is one of the last.
A straggly azalea bush out the back.
There are a few camellia flowers on one of the bushes along the side back fence. Flowering early.......out of season.

This is a collection of the tiny sea shells I took from Rosedale beach on the south coast of N.S.W. I am such a big kid sitting out the back on my swing playing with them and arranging them for my camera. Pete and I went down there for a drive last Tuesday.
That great looking black thing is a sort of seaweed anchor. The holes in it are where the seaweed was joined on to the roots which were clinging to the rocks under water. I reckon they look cool. The little colored shells were in groups washed up everywhere along the beach. They remind me of little boiled lollies.
The real estate agent has informed us that they will be conducting a house inspection on Tuesday next week. I have never had trouble with an inspection before but they do make me nervous. Just the thought of people coming into your home to inspect the quality of your housework is a bit weird, but necessary if you are renting a house I guess. If I was the owner of a rented house I would like to know if the renters were taking good care of it. I can understand that. I should get up from the puter. I have windows to clean, bathrooms to keep fresh. Got to vacuum that spot on the carpet where dear hairy son tipped carpet powder after he made a slop with his food. I should, I should.
I should make a cup of tea first.
It is so nice outside today, clear, cool and bright, 21 degrees was the prediction. We had our first frost for the season a few nights ago. Nice to sleep on cool nights this time of the year.
Better go make that cuppa.
Love Linda.

Monday, 12 April 2010

It is Sunday Scribblings time again. The prompt for this week is "Deadline"!
Here is a bit of fiction to share.

Darlene and Anita were twins. Not identical twins. Darlene was a leader, she had smooth shiny long dark hair which was admired by her peers. She was the boss and Anita followed her. Hung on her words, did what she said, because Darlene was always right...well...almost always. Darlene was good at netball she was the goalie, the ball was always passed to her. The team cheered her when she shot for goal and she usually got it in the ring. Daring, darling, Darlene.
Anita was a bit shorter than her sister, a bit less confident, stood in the background but still the sort of kid that the other children wanted to play with because they wanted to be near Darlene, and Anita was always near Darlene. Right beside her, her confidant, her backstop, her close ally. A special bond only apparent to the two girls, as twins.
When they were babies their mother would put them in to the same bassinet, then when it became too small, as the girls grew they shared a cot. Not because there was only one bed to share but because Darlene was fractious and putting the two girls together would calm her. Anita was calm, she settled easily, able to settle where ever she was laid to sleep.
The girls rarely fought. Darlene would share anything with her sister but Anita had to have her private things. Mum tried to talk to her and get her to see that Darlene's way of sharing was the way it should be done. But Anita wouldn't see it their way. Her snuggly bear was hers, just hers and Darlene could not have it. Darlene was not to touch her snuggly bear, it was hers, just hers, her special confidant. Snuggly was the bearer of her worries, her tears when the world was big and scary and unfair. Snuggly was there in her arms, tucked against her face catching her silent sob at the unfairness of it all. No, nobody would ever touch her snuggly except her. No one, especially not Darlene. Mum was allowed to wash snuggly, but no-one else touched her,
Darlene considered it a challenge to sneak a cuddle of snuggly. She had her own version of snuggly, but hers was called, Scruff. Scruff was usually kept under her bed amongst the screwed up pieces of artwork from last terms school basket that she had bought home, it had been admired by all and finished with. Mum told Darlene to put it away. And she did, under the bed, after all it was good for nothing now, finished with. She was not silly like Anita who had all of her silly drawings in a file in a basket in the wardrobe, neat and tidy, kept..... for who knew what. Darlene didn't have time for that rubbish.
If snuggly was left unattended on Anita's bed for a little while and Anita had left the room, Darlene would sneak across the room and gingerly pick up snuggly and put it against her face, it smelt like Anita and it was soft and warm, like her sister.
It was Friday when it happened.
Anita had been watching cartoons after school and it had been a long day watching her sister charm and play with the other kids. Charlie liked Darlene. Charlie was good at maths and he could read out loud in front of the class better than all the other boys. Anita liked Charlie, she liked his confidence and the way his hair was too long and needed cutting. She liked the way he played on his razor scooter, going fast and his shirt flapping out of the back, untucked from his school trousers. He smelt good too. But Charlie liked Darlene. Darlene knew it and laughed. Everyone liked Darlene.
Anita wanted to think it all into her snuggly. She went down the hall into her and Darlene's bedroom, as she reached the door she saw Darlene quickly throw something underneath her bed. Oh oh noooo, Darlene had snuggly. No..... snuggly was contaminated, her magic was spoiled. Snuggly was hers not Darlene's.
The tears started to gather in her eyes and she accused, "You had snuggly! You know you can't touch her, she is mine, You always take everything away from me! Give her back!" Anita's voice had changed through the discovery from a small, disbelieving quiet, to an anguished squeak.
Darlene half grinned at her and shrugged her shoulders then walked out of the room, leaving snuggly discarded under the bed where she had thrown her. Anita's tears had spilled down her face, she was so hurt by her sisters betrayal that she followed her down the hall, hands raised high above her shoulders. "Why Darlene! Why do you do that? You always take everything from me!"
Darlene turned "Oh shut up you stupid thing or I will tell Mum that you are not sharing again, then you will be in trouble!"
Anita turned and ran back into their room and slammed the door shut. Hiding behind it, sobbing.
She got down on her knees, reached under the bed and pulled snuggly out from amongst the paper and detritus gathered there. "Oh snuggly!" she cried into her bear. She held snuggly out and looked at her. Snuggly didn't smell right and fluff was stuck on her pink fur. Darlene's fluff, and some pencil shavings.
Anita started to collect all of her things then. The little dish that she got for easter, with the chocolate bunny. On Darlene's side of the room, used and dirty. Her pencil sharpener was under the bed, broken by Darlene. Her yellow socks, the ones she got off Aunty Belle, dirty and on the floor, Darlene had worn them uninvited. The whirly gig from the show last month was under Darlene's bed too, hidden, broken. No! Why should she share snuggly. No!
She ran into the bathroom and filled the sink with warm water, dipped snuggly in and started soaping her up. She picked the fluff out of her fur and washed her sister's smell away, sobbing loudly all the while. Snuggly was spoiled, unrepairably to Anita's mind. Anita squeezed what water out of her snuggly that her little hands could manage and turned away from the sink.
Darlene was standing behind her. Anita lifted her arm and let fly. Snuggly hit Darlene full and sloppily wet in the face. Darlene screamed, enraged, and ran into their bedroom slamming the door behind her, blocking it with the full washing basket. She ran frantically around the room ripping the covers off Anita's tidily made bed. Opened Anita's side of the wardrobe and threw all of her artworks into the air across the room and snatched and tore into little pieces, the painting that Anita had bought home from school and proudly stuck on the wall above her bed. Then she paused and looked at her work. She kicked it all back across onto Anita's side of the room and got a black crayon and drew a line across the center of the room. No, that wasn't enough. She knelt back down and colored it in to define it and make it heavier.
Anita was mad. So mad, more than she had ever been before. She banged on the door and pushed hard. The washing basket fell inwards and she was in. Then she became dead calm as she saw the chaos that her sister had created in the room.
Darlene screamed. "That is your side, this is mine, don't you step over that line or you are dead!"
Anita looked and didn't say a word. Dead calm. She stared at her sister, didn't take her eyes off her face, and stepped over the line.
Darlene started crying and knelt down quickly scribbling a new line ..... on her own side of the room.
"Don't you step over that line."
Anita smiled and lifted her foot.....
Mum was next door, no chance for Darlene to use tears to charm her. Darlene knew how to do that, she had done it many times.
Anita had won.


When I lived in Darwin as a child, the kids up the road were twins called Darlene and Anita. I remember their personalities a bit like this story. I liked Anita better.
Love Linda

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Just a random little verse here.

Aw babe
can't you see
that when
you hurt
I hurt
I love you

No matter what.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Here is my entry into the Fertilizer Friday prompt for this week.
You can see the other participants flaunting their flowers at our host's site on my side bar. Go over and visit "Tootsie Time" for a sticky beak at the lovely things that other gardeners have to show off in their part of the world as they come into their spring season, while we down here are coming into autumn.
My first flower in the picture above is of an Azalea out in the front yard. Taken less than an hour ago on an afternoon that has become dull and cloudy after a beautiful bright morning. The temperature here today was 23 Celsius. Pretty nice, though starting to cool down now as autumn progresses.
The poplar and birch trees along the parkway below my house are starting to turn golden and their leaves are sparkling in the sun, beautiful. I picked some lovely big mushrooms yesterday but was a bit nervous about them as the tops of them were not quite the right color even though the underneath gills were right and smelt right, so better safe than sorry, I didn't use them. There are fungi of all sorts around at the moment. Including, as we have been warned by the media, the infamous death's cap mushroom. Just one mushroom ingested causes death. There was one in my front yard and more under the oak trees in the parkway just near me.
These two pictures, above and below, are the showpiece of my back yard at the moment, a Callistemon or bottle brush, and a beautiful Australian native. Today it is alive and buzzing with a million busy bees, collecting its sweet nectar. when we moved into this house in October last year this was looking very sickly and had been pruned and shaped to within an inch of it's life, after the rain we have had over the last few months it has come back happily again. It is such a picture at the moment.
Don't look too close though, or you might see part of the problem has been a bad infestation of sooty mildew deep inside her branches. I have been treating it by trying to get rid of the little black ants that spread the mildew, as the little insects that cause the mildew extrude a sweet substance that the ants love, so the ants actually farm them. You can use white oil on the plant to treat it as well, but I haven't done that yet.
Next picture below is what I grew up knowing as Easter daisy. It is one of the many asters, but here in Australia it is the Easter daisy, because it always flowers for Easter. It is one of those things that we keep for sentimental reasons but, indeed, back through the ages it is one of those plants that perform for us, to show us what time of year it is, a seasonal marker.
Here is another of several scroungy looking azalea bushes around the yard. Not at it's best and flowering out of season but tricked by the rain we have had.
Below. A dandelion, a pretty lawn weed. When I was a little kid we would blow on these to make the seeds fly through the air, and see how many puffs it took to empty the seed head. I taught my kids to play the same game with them, when they were toddlers.

The picture above was taken in Sydney on Monday night when I went down to see a concert with James Taylor and Carole King. It was taken from the window of the motel I stayed in. The concert was great, and both of these performers are real legends, not loosing a thing over the years. I hung on ever note and word they played and sung, sometimes not moving and almost holding my breath so that I didn't miss a tiny bit of it, other times singing along and almost dancing in my seat. Great stuff. Been playing the CD I bought and have had the songs going through my head ever since.
A big clutch of orange colored mushrooms in the park here, in the center of Canberra, on Easter Sunday. There are some edible orange colored mushrooms that people talk about around here, called pine mushrooms, these were growing around the base of a cut down radiata pine tree in the park, but I wouldn't touch them unless someone confirmed just what they are.
Also taken in the park on Easter Sunday are these nice specimens of Bonsai. I really liked the one above, for the plants, but also because I like that it has been built up into a scene using a flat plate of granite shell.
The Bonsai are part of "The national Bonsai and Pensing Exhibition", on permanent display there.
I liked this one too. It is a Morten Bay Fig in miniature. An Australian native that is often used as a park tree and grows huge.
O.K. that is about all this week. I will be back on Sunday to participate in the Sunday Scribblings prompt. Creature of habit I am.
Love Linda.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Sunday scribblings "Mentor"

This weeks prompt is the word "Mentor". Wow, I could think of quite few people who have been mentors for me at different times in my life. I also would like to be a mentor, but I don't know if others would consider me that.
I guess my first and foremost mentor is my Mother. She can be such a silly annoying person at times but I guess that she, above all others in my life, has been the person from whom I have learned the most. She is the person who moulded me and taught me my moral base, for better or worse, who taught me to mother, to clean, to cook, to drive, all that stuff. Yes she is annoying but I guess, like me, she always tries to do he right thing as she sees it.
The next name that came to mind was my old next door neighbour when I was living in Urana. My adopted nanny Fox. She is gone now, but she was a good woman. I leaned on her quite a bit in those days. She supported me with my boys when they were toddlers. She and I used to have cooking sessions. She was a great old fashioned cook and one of my favorite memories of her was one day when I was trying to cook a sponge cake and they kept sinking for me. We decided that the oven wasn't sealing properly and we sat side by side with our feet resting on the oven door to keep the heat in while the cake was cooking. Funny. Other times... I was such a wimp.... haha, she would come in if I called her, to catch a spider and kill it for me, she was into her 80's then. I was terrified of the big huntsmen spiders that lived in our house at the time, they can get real big, with a leg span of 6 or so inches across and they drop off the ceiling and run fast. Brrrrr...... Then I decided that my boys were watching me and I had to be brave or pass my fear on to them, so from then on I learned to kill them myself. Now it does not bother me at all, I squish them as soon as I see them. My altruism does not extend itself to saving spiders, hehehe. We would also talk gardens and plants and I used to take her in to Corowa when I went to my pottery lessons to see her daughter Kate while she was living there. I had two other older women out at Urana who were my friends and my children's adopted Nannies, small country towns are great like that. I was a very young Mum when I moved to that town , in my early 20's and was away from my own Mum for the first time.
Hmmm. Other women keep coming to mind. Women need women the same as men need men don't they. Older women have life experience that is vital knowledge to younger women don't they. Be it for child rearing, house keeping, relationships or just for friendship. Mums, Aunties, sisters, cousins, sisters in law, neighbours, workmates, friends, acquaintances. We are all so important to each other. People need people. We all mentor each other in ways that we do not recognize at the time but we do appreciate. Thank you all so much.
Nowadays we find some of these people inside our computers, even if they live on the other side of the world to us. Unheard of and unimagined just a decade ago. People are great aren't they.
Granted....we all make mistakes, and sift through a lot of people that pass through our lives. We have the choice whom we let into our heart and those whom we choose to exclude. Exclude for many reasons and "boy" can I think of one toxic person who is a thorn in my side at the moment but there are lots of good people out there. Count your blessings.
There is a saying going around
"People come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime......"

I get these as email type thingies passed around from friends quite often, I am pretty sure you have all received them too and you know the sort of thing I am talking about. It is nice to know someone is thinking of you, just a little reminder that there are people out there. Nice.
As far as myself being a mentor. Well I dunno. Maybe, I would like to think so. But..... I would also like to think that I encourage others to think for and work things out for themselves rather than influence them to think the same as me. It is a strange world we live in isn't it? We are all different and we are all the same. Those differences are to be embraced not discouraged.
Tomorrow is Easter Monday. I am excited and looking forward to seeing a concert by Carol King and James Taylor tomorrow night in Sydney. Sydney is the big smoke. About 2 and a half hours drive from here. I am going down there in the morning and will hang about in the city until tomorrow night for the concert. Fantastic. A blast from our musical past. These guy are legends. I will be staying overnight in Darling Harbor, which is just a short walk from the entertainment centre where the concert is being held. Ooooh can't wait.
Love Linda.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Friday Fertilizer. Last weekend.

Today is good friday. I get to stay home all day today. I have a 4 day break over easter. Ah heaven! I wish you all a lovely Easter break. Do the things you love, that's what it's all about.
I am posting a heap of pictures to show what I got up to last weekend. Also included amongst them are some photos of my flowers to participate in the "Friday Fertilizer" prompt hosted by Tootsie. You can find her link on my side bar, listed as "Tootsie Time". Go have a look at what others show off from their gardens and join in if you like.
O.K. first picture above. My son David had his birthday last Saturday and we had a picnic lunch at the Wagga beach. In this piccie, Dad and Dave.
You gotta be an Aussie to appreciate that...... Dad and Dave were characters in a series of comedy stories by Steele Rudd. Very funny.
Aren't those big river redgums in the back ground magnificent, I love them, they get bigger and twistier as they age, like me, hahaha.
My Mother in Law, Roma, My sister in Law, Maureen, my daughter, Annie Brat and her latest, Jesse. Wagga beach. No piccies of me, I was on the other side of the camera, a prettier place for me to be.
My nephew Terry, and his daughter Olivia, and wife Linda. Terry is David's god father. Another Aries male in my life. Terry is on 21st march, David on 27th and Pete on the 30th of march.
Annie brat and David paddling in the Murrumbidgee at Wagga beach.
You might remember a while back I posted about going down the coast to Tomakin for the day and taking my camera and some clay with me. I got these little plaques back last week. They have dunted quite badly, probably beause I stretched the clay too much when I was slapping it around making them, but they show the impressions I took of the different seaweed and shells on the day. It was good fun making them. I think they would look good mounted on a piece of rough weathered wood and hung outside.
Here are the 3 vases I got back yesterday. I quite like them. The brown ones have shiga red glaze on them and the other one I spent 2 and a half hours of last week's Thursday pottery session painting my scribble patterns on, in black under-glaze, then coated with clear stoneware glaze.
Last Sunday Pete and I had a picnic in the park in the centre of Canberra. We ate antipasto, corned beef and soft bread rolls, then had strawberries and banana cut up and dipped in chocolate dip. Ohhh, naughty. Then we went to sleep under the trees on my old blue blanket while Rufus stood guard. There are some little paddle boats there and we hired one for half an hour and paddled about the lake and under the bridge and got sunburnt, but it was a lovely day. These fruit bats, also known as flying foxes, in the picture above, are part of a noisy colony of bats who live in the park. I am guessing ......but I reckon there are quite few hundred of them gathered there. They are of course, nocturnal but on warm days like last sunday they shelter in the trees and squark and carry on, using their wings to fan themselves in the heat, waiting for dusk to fly out and raid your garden and orchards for the lovely autumn harvest fruit. They are quite big and have a huge wingspan when you see them in flight.
Here are some more of my flower piccies, taken last week. The first one is of my frost tender plants I placed in a little shelter out the back that I made to protect them from the frosts that will be starting soon here in Canberra. We have vicious frosts here in the winter. The plants are very happy in there amongst the filtered light, I hope the shelter keeps the frost off them. The shelter is made out of large garden stakes wired together and covered with a roll of split bamboo stuff that I can roll down when it gets frosty. I might still have to put some more shade cloth over it, will have to wait and see. I was quite pleased with myself when I made this. I designed, measured, cut and drilled the wood myself. Pete helped me put it all together.
Don't know the proper name of these little flowers but they are sold as "Million Bells" in the shops. They are bit like a mini petunia and they are good value. This is this plant's second season and they keep flowering happily if you keep the water up to them, even then if they dry out and die back a bit, just water them and they renew again.
More of what is under my little shelter out the back.
I planted a punnet of Lobelia, crystal palace, in the big pot where my poor deceased Daphne used to live. The Daphne got cooked last summer in the heatwave we had. There was also a punnet of larkspur in this pot too, but only 2 of the plants have survived. Should be good in few months after the cold weather is finished though.
Here is the pink version of the ever faithful flowering Oleander, one of 5 around the yard. Never without a flower in the warmest weather, and right through the season.

Last piccie is of the pink rose out the front. It has been flowering beautifully since the rain we had a few weeks ago and is still producing lovely blooms for me.
Um! Now where did those other rose pictures disappear to? Never mind that's enough.On Monday I am looking forwards to a concert in Sydney. Carol King and James Taylor. I have been dropping hints,,,,,, none too quietly for months now,,,, hehehehehe. We got some cheaper tickets , up the back, but I am going...... and it will be great.
Bye Love Linda.