Tuesday, 19 August 2014



                    On my mind. Some experiences I have had and seen over many years with family and acquaintance who have had mental health issues.
Is it hard for you to handle?
It is hard for them too.
Do you want to withdraw your support and walk away because it isn't nice?
Standing by them and for them is what they need now, not your withdrawal.
Do you want them removed from your problem list?
Would you want someone to stand by you if it was you with the same problem?
Would you kick your son or husband or sister or mother out of home because you don't know what else to do?
Do you think that will make them wake up to themselves?
It won't , it will isolate them and make them feel worse.
Won't they do it the way you believe it should be done anymore?
Well ask yourself, am I the centre of the world and should everyone do it my way at all times.
Do you know their current behavior isn't all directed at you?
If it made you feel bad then you can bet it made them feel worse.
It isn't fun is it, it isn't nice, it isn't funny anymore  putting up with their behavior?
No it is not!

Do you recognize that their strange behavior is because of the problem and they will return to more logical thinking when they are well again?
It may, but with help......?
Do you recognize that the problem may return at times of extreme stress?
 Would you treat someone with cancer the same way or give them sympathy and support such as you feel you are unable to do with that mental health patient?
 For Sue, Pete, Mike, Sandra, Suna, Jude, Mum and many others and maybe even me at times.
 I love you, but it isn't easy to like.
I know mental illness is debilitating and isolating and I am learning.
I may not always get it right but I am trying to understand.

Love Linda.