Tuesday, 12 October 2010

linda may: Sunday Scribblings "Essential"

linda may: Sunday Scribblings "Essential"

Sunday Scribblings "Essential"

Sunday Scribblings asks us to write about what is essential to us today but only write what is essential. Mmmm.OK.
Annie Brat
Home. because very shortly I may not have one. We are to vacate this house in a few short weeks and have been trying to find another to rent in a very competitive rental market. Every house we inspect there are three dozen others inspecting and applying for the same property. I am feeling so insecure at the moment not knowing where to go. Bloody Canberra. Bloody real estate agents, bloody home owners. Bloody moving and packing. Bloody Bloody people who don't return phone calls.
I hate this. It never rains but it pours. Grrrrrr! Not impressed.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Friday Fertilizer . Floriade

Hope you all are well. I am o.k. here in Oz. It is Friday Fertilizer time again. Click on the logo in my blogs sidebar and go visiting the other participants of this fun prompt site over at Tootsie Time.
It is Sunday here actually but if I don't tell you I am 2 days late, you can pretend it is still Friday................ can't you?
Floriade festival ended here in Canberra today. This years theme was "Imagine". I was there on Friday (my 3rd visit this year), with my Aunty Joan, and my cousin Joan and it was still lovely, even if many of the flowers were finished, floriade has been running for a month, but there were still lots of beautiful flowers to see. The top picture is taken from the top of the ferris wheel, you can see the patterns in the flower beds if you enlarge the pic.
Pic above was taken from the top of the ferris wheel as well.
Ornamental kale in the kitchen garden beds at floriade.
Here are a few of the named varieties of tulips on display, planted in wheel barrows.
This smaller black tulip reminds me of a black artichoke.
Pretty and delicate tulips.
Big rhododendron in flower in the park at Floriade.
Moi. This was taken at the Australian war memorial on Saturday. I played dress ups. Do I look like I am from the 40's war years?

This is a sleepy bearded dragon. They are quite common, this pic was taken at Floriade in a big glass tank where you could pet them. Beautiful isn't it.
This is in the same tank on display at Floriade. He is a frilled neck lizard. You can't see his frilled neck because they only raise the frill when they want to scare you then they take fright and run. I remember seeing lots of these when I was a child but you don't see them anymore in the wild, or, very rarely.
These are little dragons too, but I don't know what kind. They look very similar to the eastern water dragons in the botanic gardens her so maybe they are the same sort as those. Cute, curious little blokes aren't they.
Here are some nice lace monitors. Also known as goannas. I wish my pics showed their beautiful patterns better in here. As you can see each of the three in this pic have different skin patterns. These guys have scratchy claws and have been known to run to the top of the tallest tree if frightened and if you are the closest tall tree.....hahaha. Funny. They can bite to defend themselves but are not venomous, however as they can sometimes be carrion eaters their mouths have lots of bacteria and can cause nasty infections.
Double tulips and pansys. I thought their petals looked like flames.
Big tulip. This was the size of a dinner plate.
More tulips, aren't they beautiful? And.......the last picture below this one is a bed of lovely iris in bloom. Ahhhh, don't you just adore spring.
My visitors went home just before lunchtime today. I will miss their company. They were a treat to have visit.
That's all folks.
Love Linda.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Sunday Scribblings "Love & Flashback"

This week I am doing a bit of back tracking. Last weeks Sunday Scribblings prompt was "Love". In have had a read back through last weeks entries and found some really lovely things there. It ties in with this week's Sunday Scribblings prompt for me, which is 'Flashback".
Why, how so?
Well tomorrow Pete and I have been married for 30 years. Cool eh!
30 years in a world of change and break ups in marriages and families. But we are still together. Still together after quite a few rocky bits and sad bits and lots of happy and funny bits.
Makes me wonder how we managed it all these years. But we have and I am optimistic about our future together, yes we still have one. See holding on through the rough bits is worthwhile if there is still love.
I would have liked to have a photo from our wedding to add here but as we are moving house they have been packed away in a box, and I am not dragging them out again. Maybe another post. The photo of us above, is one I have posted before. It was taken about 2, 1/2 months ago on a weekend trip to Sydney.
Flash back?
30 years ago tomorrow.
I woke early, not sleeping much that night due to nerves and excitement and visitors. I really was against the whole wedding show off thing. I just wanted to get married to my Pete without the fanfare. The fanfare was my Mum and sister's idea, not mine. I didn't want the make up and reception and the presents, just Pete. Just Pete. I did want the ceremony and would have liked it to be in a church, but Pete wasn't into that despite being bought up as a catholic. He said, he would have been a hypocrite marrying in the church.
People started arriving, my aunts and cousins, my dear adopted aunt from across the road. The car. I loved that old car. It was a 1940's something black Buick with doors that opened back the front, a real old gangster car. I can't remember the other car but it was a big black american vintage thing too. My uncles provided them and chauffered for us.
I struggled with my make up and poked myself in the eye with the mascara. My sister stepped in and helped and I cringed at the" not me-ness" of it all. Everyone said I looked beautiful but I certainly didn't feel like it. Photos were taken by the old curtains in Mum's living room, ha. Funny how fashions change. Oh well. Stepping ahead.
My dad drove with me in the back of the car and we didn't know what to say to each other. So we said nothing. I don't know what I was expecting but .....something.
We went to the Botanical gardens in Wagga, my park. The park where I played as a child, and walked to as a teen and got married in and picnicked in and had my children's birthday parties and where they played too. We had chosen a spot under a big graceful gum tree in the native area of the gardens. A table was set up and the crowd was gathering. I walked up on my Dad's arm and there was Pete waiting. He looked so nervous and pale.
I took his hand.
I still have his hand,
he still has my heart.
30 years.
And onwards.

Love Linda.