Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Sunday Scribblings "Essential"

Sunday Scribblings asks us to write about what is essential to us today but only write what is essential. Mmmm.OK.
Annie Brat
Home. because very shortly I may not have one. We are to vacate this house in a few short weeks and have been trying to find another to rent in a very competitive rental market. Every house we inspect there are three dozen others inspecting and applying for the same property. I am feeling so insecure at the moment not knowing where to go. Bloody Canberra. Bloody real estate agents, bloody home owners. Bloody moving and packing. Bloody Bloody people who don't return phone calls.
I hate this. It never rains but it pours. Grrrrrr! Not impressed.


jaerose said...

Home is absolutely essential..I wish you much luck in finding your new home..hang on there it will come! Jae

gs batty said...

Wow...you just moved there and now looking again. That is a real kick in the backside. I hope you find something soon. good luck. I am somewhat frustrated because of your plight and my inability to help.

oldegg said...

I liked your choice of the essential words without messing about with the explanation. Why bother when they were self explanatory?

Let's hope your anxiety eases soon with a new place to stay.

Mountain Mama said...

Sorry I haven't been blogging since August. I had to change my e-mail and Blogger is giving me trouble. I pray I will have it all cleared up soon. Thanks fot visiting me. I hope to have a new post up soon.
I am so sorry to hear of your trouble. I know many people here are having some serious issues because of the financial issues. Ii this isn't the beginning of a major depression I will sure be surprised. I remember the tail end of the last one. Not fun at all.
Take care dear and keep your chin up.

gs batty said...

thanks for dropping by an leaving that comment. I have copied it, enlarged it and given to my wife adding "see, I told you so".
Joe crocker's "You are so Beautiful" is one of my favorite songs. I love the end where his voice becomes thin and cracks just as my does when I get emotional.
...Wonderful choice of songs for your boys.

Merle said...

Hi Linda ~~ I have been so worried about you and am so glad you found a house and with a garden!! I am so
happy for you my friend. Good on Pete getting stuck into the vegie garden - everything tastes so much better home grown.Thank you for your kind words on the loss of my friend, my fire scare and lack of results.
All is OK at present and I am being
careful when cooking. Take care,
dear friend, Love, Merle.

Merle said...

Hi again Linda ~~ I loved your list and I agree home and family are the most important. Love, Merle.

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