Sunday, 26 August 2012

          I took myself walkabout this weekend. Down to the beautiful south coast of New South Wales. Bateman's bay is only 2 and a 1/2 hours from here and is an easy trip.
I see that the pic upload thingy in blogger has been changed since I was in here last. I have pics taken over the last few days but am not willing to work out the new system at the moment, so I will just write.
I left on Saturday morning and stayed in a motel overnight. I quite enjoy being able to run away by my self sometimes for a bit of soul food. The bush and beaches down there are that to me.

 I walked along the beaches and tracks in Murramarang national park which travels along the coast just north of Bateman's bay.
I soaked my soul and heart in the perfect blue - green - turquoise colors of the clear sparkling transparent waters.
I watched the waves rise up, become transparent, change color then tumble over and foam, to be pulled back into the sea again and listened to their music.
 I got leg cramps all night long from the workout my stupid wobbly old legs had from walking too far in the sand.
I stood still in the bush and absorbed the quiet and listened to the tiny rustlings in the undergrowth and the bird song.
I sat by myself in an Italian restaurant and ate sketti bol and drank a 1/2 carafe of white wine.
I quietly observed birds and animals, sneaking up slowly on them to get pictures.
I drove along narrow lonely dirt roads at slow speed with all the windows wound down, because nobody else was around to bother me and I marveled at the beautiful forests and plants.
I listened to classical music in the car that matched and complimented the scenery.
I paddled in the ocean and laid down on the sand  to feel the sun and embraced the earth.
I climbed over rocky headlands and great rock platforms on beaches that could only be accessed on foot.
I watched the afternoon sun turn white and grey trunk eucalypti silver, and sparkling in dappled sunlight.
I traveled sandy walking tracks in the national parks, and saw rare plants and noted in my mind their difference. There was one particular type of casurina I hadn't seen before. The leaves and form of it were quite distinct.
I absorbed nature's growth, regeneration, decay and beauty in  her magnificent forests.
I saw vegetation change in relation to its distance from the ocean. Tall trees, twisted windswept shrubbery, ferns, different eucalypt species, flowering plants and trees.
I watched sadly as pretty introduced species had invaded the bush, because they had escaped from someone's garden.
 I looked in real estate agents windows at the prices and thought, no thanks, but wouldn't it be nice.
I looked at animal tracks along the beaches and in the bush showing goanna, wombat, bird, kangaroo and lyrebirds markings.
I especially loved the midnight blue, male satin bower bird  at pebbly beach. Just gorgeous and so used to being around people that I could watch him without too much trouble.
I marched in the sand alongside sparse people footprints, making patterns with my shoes and bare feet. recognizing them as I went.
I drove down an isolated bush track high up on the escarpment that said Monga national park. I had previously wanted to explore it. Here I saw unspolied bush, different to the coastal variety, including tall, tall eucalypti and their understory of ferns and big old soft fern trees, thick leaf litter and decaying fallen forest giants returning to the earth.
 I stopped at cafes and ate my lunch at tables outside in the sun and chose healthy food. The mushroom and walnut burger was to die for.
I drove safely and within the speed limit, and let speeding traffic on the highway bypass me. I saw one speedster get chased by a highway patrol car. Serves him right.
I had a lovely time.
Good Night.
Love Linda.