Sunday, 28 September 2008

Weddings. Sunday Scribblings no.2.

Yesterday I wrote my Sunday Scribblings post but today and last night I have been reading everyone elses entries on this prompt and I wanted to come back and have another go at it and tell you about my wedding.
Peter and I were married in what someone told us was a Clayton's wedding. Clayton's was a non alcoholic drink that was around at the time.It was a Clayton's wedding because it was considered by this person as a watered down affair as it was not done in a church before god but was held in the park.
Anyway Pete and I had been together for nearly 4 years and it was the next natural step showing our commitment to our futures together. We were and still are best friends and in love. Our love has matured and changed and grown over the years. Anyway back to our wedding story.
We. decided we were at the point that we just wanted to be together. We didn't really mind how it was done but we wanted to get it over and done with so we could be together.
Peter went and asked my Dad if he could marry me and my Dad who was expecting it anyway made him wait, standing awkwardly for his answer, Pete was very nervous and really sweating until he was answered and Dad always laughed about it afterwards with him.
The arrangements were a pain. I was so sick of it all by the end of it that we were seriously considering going to the court house to get married and dumping the wedding plans all together.
My Mum, and Aunties took over and got all excited and ran off like chooks with their heads cut off.
I was told that as they were paying for my wedding they would have what they wanted.
It left me so cynical about weddings afterwards that I always said that I didn't have a wedding my Mum had a show.
I chose a cake design which one of my Aunts was going to decorate. She didn't like that so did something all together different.
I chose the stationery and when I made up the invitation list it was changed and added to to suit everyone else. I had to invite people just because, which I thought was stupid.
My sister took over the make up and it wasn't me.
The decorations for the reception hall were taken over by my Mum and one of her friends. Don't laugh but they chose crepe paper and tissue paper flowers in gaudy colors dipped in melted wax to preserve them. I hated them.We made them ourselves.
The menu had to be planned to suit everyone elses tastes except mine.
We ended up having what I reckoned must have been the work experience girl on my wedding day, to do the photography and of all the pictures she took I saw only a handful of them finished.
We booked a motel room for the night and as Pete decided that he didn't want them to know it was for a wedding we got the room next door to the elevator which rattled up and down all night with drunks going in and out of the motel.
Just about the only thing I did have a say in was my dress. I think I paid about $75 for a local dress maker to make it up from a picture I found in a magazine and then I hired it off her for the day and gave it back to her to reuse at the end of it all. She was setting herself up in a bridal hire business. The brides maids kept theirs but I wasn't really fussed at the idea of keeping mine, so that worked well.
At the reception there was a bit of a spat between my step father in law and aunt over the wine on the tables. AHHHHH!
On the day it was dark and stormy but the weather held off beautifully for our outdoors wedding. Thunder storms were predicted as october is late spring and that is when we get them in Wagga. We got married under a big graceful gum tree in the botanic gardens in Wagga. When I got there Pete was looking very nervous and white. I don't know why because he knew I would turn up. Anyway when we looked at each other and said our vows, it seemed to me, as if we were the only two people in the world.There was no audience, just us.
My sister kept saying, Lin the court house isn't open until Monday you can change your mind, you are not married until then. Laughing of course. But I later heard that she was saying it would not last.
Next weekend it is our 28th wedding anniversary. We are doing well, have weathered many storms and bought up three children along the way. I really thought long and hard about if I wanted to get married at all. I had seen and heard about so many break ups and I am not a risk taker, especially with my heart. But, it has all worked out well and I think we will always be together.
Peter and I are each others life partners.
"Grow old with me, the best is yet to be".

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Sunday Scribblings Wedding. Floriade. Lizard.

The Sunday Scribblings prompt for this week is "Wedding". Well I've been to Floriade, again, and I thought I could tie some of my pictures in with this theme, sort of anyway, He he.
This first picture is of a permanent sculpture of a flock of pelicans which is in a shallow pond in Commonwealth park where Floriade is held. It found it very disturbing. The pelicans are beautifully made but they are tethered on steel stilts which I think is really horrible because they look like they are trying to escape and are impaled on spikes. I don't know what the artist intended but I don't think it would have been the same as my impression. I tied it in with the wedding prompt because I know that many marriages are not happy. I am lucky though in mine.

Here is a sculpture of our former Prime Minister. John Howard. He was wed to this country for many years. The sculpture was ugly and humorous. Carved out of polystyrene.

At Floriade each year, for $10 you can buy a terracotta gnome, paint and decorate it and enter it in a competition. The little guys here are representing Aussie movie characters.I couldn't work out who the 2 in stripped shirts were though. Unless the one in red and white is meant to be "Where's Wally?" You never know where you will find him. The entry was from a primary school so ... maybe.
The penguin is from the "Happy Feet " movie.

The next lot of little gnomes are in the theme of an Australian movie called "For the term of his natural life" which was about the early convict days in our history. It was a very early film, originally made in black and white with no sound.I think it got remade much later as tele movie in several parts. Also fits in with the bad marriage idea. See the mischievous look on the middle gnomes face. They are wearing a ball and chain around their ankles. Ball and chain is slang for wife.

Well no this picture does not fit in with the theme. But I liked it. This little lizard had found his way inside our back bedroom a couple of days ago. We took him outside as he was cold and stiff from being out of the sun, but after a few minutes being warmed up in my hand and in the sun he became active again and was able to go back into the garden. I think he is a skink but I don't know what kind as the common ones I see have paler stripes running down their backs. He is sitting on the last issue of my favorite magazine.

And the little lizard again in my hand. I love the fine details that show up of his tiny feet and toes in this pic.

This happily wedded family was enjoying the spring weather at Floriade and the special attention while posing for the cameras.

They are black swans and are native to Australia. As if you didn't know, and they had a clutch of four babies to show off to the crowds. Teaching them how to be cute to get tid bits to eat. He turned his head a way at just the wrong moment for my picture.The whole family was there, Mum, Dad and the kids.
I took over 75 photos at Floriade and I will put some of the flower ones up here later.
The Floriade festival is a spring flower festival we have annually here in Canberra. There are thousands of Tulips planted with an understory of other annual flowers in garden beds all over Commonwealth park. It runs for a month and attracts thousands of tourists from both local and interstate areas and must make the organizers and therefore the govt. by default, lots of money, even though entry is free. It has been going for 14 years with a different theme each year. This years theme was "Films that Shaped our Nation" , so the floral displays were designed around Aussie made movies.There is a tent there showing excerpts from Aussie movies held at the national film and sound archives. Yesterday we saw excerpts of old movies such as;
"They're a Weird Mob" which was really funny.
"The Wog Boy", also a comedy.
"Tall Timbers" an old black and white film that made me shudder to watch the destruction of a forest when they blew everything up with dynamite, destruction that would horrify us today for the sake of making a movie.
"The Club" about an football club in the 70's which I didn't enjoy watching years ago but yesterday it made me laugh, how we change.
"The Man from Snowy River" a wonderfully scenic movie taken from a poem/story about the early days of settlement in the snowy mountains and written by Banjo Patterson a very famous Aussie writer.
If you are reading this from overseas, see if you can find the movie "They are a weird mob" It is really funny, made in the 70's and set in the 50's I'm guessing. It pokes fun at Australia, it's language and customs. The excerpt that was shown yesterday was of an Italian on his first day in Australia going into a pub and trying to get a beer while working out the lingo.
This week I have had a visit from my Mother in Law and my Daughter, both from Wagga. Peter is driving them home this morning. The visit with my mother in law was good and I enjoyed her company, it was probably the most time I have ever spent with her since I have been married (27yrs). I had some bad feelings towards her in the past but all seems well now, so... Plus she is getting older and mellower I guess. Though we are still different people we do have some common ground. Anyway, I love my husband and would never have let any feelings between myself and his family put that in jeopardy.
I am really annoyed and hurt by my daughter at the moment but I won't talk about it here.
That is along the wedding theme for this week too isn't it?
O.K. Bye for now.
Love Linda.

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Sunday Scribblings "Invited"

Sunday Scribblings prompt for this week is "Invited".
This afternoon I was driving along Isabella Drive and looking at the beauty of the Brindabella ranges. They are just gorgeous and each time of day that I look at them they have changed again. In the morning sunshine they are bright and close and their stony cliffs are highlighted by the morning sunshine. When it is wet and windy their color and mood changes. In the late afternoon they are blue and purple and hazy. Every time I look at them they are changing. Just beautiful. So I thought I would invite you to look at, or rather read my world.
Canberra, a new city as far as cities go around the world. It is our nations capital city.
On Ngunnawal country. The name of the local original inhabitants.
A city dedicated to universities and governing our country. And dare I say it, the best country in the world. I reckon anyway. But you probably think where you are is pretty good too.
A city planned carefully to include the local flora and fauna. There is wonderful bird life here. Lots of wildlife close by and within the city. But watch out for roos on the roads.
It is known as the bush capital and is planned so that commercial and residential areas are well segregated. Each suburb has its own smaller shopping areas and most suburbs are separated by parks and native bushland, through which there are cycle and walking paths connecting shopping and schools and sporting Fields.
Employment is quite good here, there are opportunities for work and advancement in that work that are not available in smaller places but the city is not so big that it is a rat race.
People, as far as I have seen, are friendly and kind to one another, (or they have been to me) which is something you don't see in the bigger cities. More like a big country town.
Just about everything I can think of is available commercially here or accessible, goods and services wise.
It is a good place to play tourist with lots of stuff to look at and most of it is for free entry.
Canberra is a city of hope. I invite you to visit.


This week has been pretty normal for me. But quiet as my Mum is still in Grafton visiting. I have been enjoying the break.
I took my car to the insurance company on Monday after its minor dingle, and it is now at the smash repairers for a week getting fixed. So I am driving a rental car, which is pretty good as it is subsidized by the insurance company. I do have to pay $15 a day for it though. It is a new Toyota Corolla ,and there was just 5000 km on the clock when I picked it up. I wonder if I could swap my old car for it and they would not notice. He he. It is very quiet and smooth to drive but has taken some getting used to as it is a automatic which I am not that used to driving. I suppose I will forget about using the clutch when I get back into my old car on Tuesday.
Tomorrow I have to go to Wagga to pick up my bratty girl, Anne Marie who is having her mid semester break from University and wants to visit. She also has 4 assignments to complete and wants to get back into the Tuggeranong library where she found good books for her subject last time she was here. Petes Mum, Ro is also coming for a couple of days and wants to go to Floriade, which is the spring gardening festival thing they have here each year.
The weather here has been absolutely stunning. Perfect spring weather. Warm days and cool nights. Day time temperatures have been in the low 20's. I have just been acclimatised to the cold and now it is warming up. Or maybe my internal thermostat has gone haywire due to my time of life. He he. Probably the later.
Today I got some more plants to scatter around my back yard. A large punnet of Alysum and some carrots, a purple verbena and some more Arctosis. I also had to buy a new tool for digging out the weeds from the grassed area in the yard. Notice I didn't say lawn, because you really couldn't put it in that class. I killed the last tool I had, it got metal fatigue and died. It has been so nice here I have been wanting to get out in the garden and do stuff.
Today I ate chocolate. So I guess that I have gradually slipped out of my dieting phase. It didn't last long this time, but I lost 5kg and feel better for it. Which is just a small drop in the bucket but better than nothing.
O.K. Gotta go and cook tea.
Love Linda.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Pictures, 80th B'Day and Father's Day.

I thought it was about time I put up some pictures to illustrate some of the things I have been talking about in my blog lately.
The first picture was taken on Father's Day which was the Sunday before yesterday. We had a B.B.Q. lunch in the back yard. With Dad as the chef. T'was pretty good too. We got Pete a sat nav toy so he doesn't keep getting lost. When he makes a mistake in navigating himself around the city it is called lost but when I make a mistake we take the scenic route, He he.
It rained here today and was warm and windy. So windy in fact that it whipped up red dust from further inland and when it rained it rained red mud. Not just a quick shower to wash the dust out of the sky but a sustained shower of red mud that has coated my car and everything else.
Hey guess what! I won something yesterday. I got a phone call from the hairdressers where I had my hair cut last week and I won $75 worth of petrol vouchers. I went into Tuggeranong this morning to pick up the prize. Very nice eh. It couldn't have come at a better time too as we are a bit short on funds at the moment.
The next pic is of my sister Ellen and I . Taken last week when she was here.

Theses are the flowers I have on the back table. Before the cocky chewed them and demolished them. The red and yellow flowers don't exist anymore!

A few weeks ago we all went back to Wagga for Pete's Mums 80th birthday party. This was taken on the Bomen / Junee road. The wattle that lines the road was all in bloom. I think this one is called black wattle. It was very pretty and I couldn't resist a photo.

Close up of the same wattle trees.

While I was there I went out to Junee on the Sunday and had lunch with some of my old workmates. Back row, Helen, me, Linda. D, next row, Dianne, sitting down, Leonie and Alison.This was taken in the staff dining room at the new hospital.Don't look at the clock. He he.

The next lot of photos are at the party.
The Keough siblings. Bill, Gordon, Roma (pete's mum), Henry, and Peter, known as Skeet.Two of them are missing, Monica was sick so couldn't come and Megsy died several years ago. Look at all those bright blue eyes. Well no, you can't really see them but all the Keough / Lander men do have bright blue eyes.

The Lander siblings with their Mum. Peter, Ken,Roma, Maureen and Bob.

This is of my husband Peter and his eldest niece Belinda. Belinda is Peter's twin sisters eldest and the most like her Mum. Her mum Pam died at 28 from breast cancer.

Below is Belinda again with Peters Mum, Roma, Ro for short. I think Pete looks a lot like his Mum. Pete lost his Dad to leukemia when he was just 4 years old. He was the second eldest of 5 children. Ro bought up all the kids as a single parent when she was in her 20's.

This is my baby, Annie. The little girl is Peter's great neice, Grace. She is a confident outgoing little girl. There are some pics from last christmas on my blog with Grace dressed up as a princess. She is the only great neice on Peters side of the family though there about 7 great nephews.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Sunday Scribblings, Coffee.

I just looked up the Sunday Scribblings prompt for this week and it is "Coffee"
I had a little look around and was surprised to see that many people have written about Tea versus Coffee. I always had the idea that coffee was the more popular.
Anyway. I am a tea drinker. I used to drink coffee but for some reason now it upsets my digestion and it gives me an acidy sickly stomach. But there is nothing as good as the smell of coffee brewing on the way past a cafe, even though I can't drink it anymore.
Today I went to Floriade which is an annual spring festival here in Canberra. There were flowers and people galore. Stalls with goodies and craft and information about garden related stuff like water conservation and feral plants and animals. I found a stall I visited at Floriade last year that sold tea and coffee from Kenya so I just had to buy a repeat of the lovely Chai latte powder I got last time. I made a cup of it as soon as I got home and sat outside in the perfect spring afternoon to enjoy it. Lovely. It got up to 21 degrees here today. While I was at Floriade I had to buy a hat to protect myself from the first sun burn worthy day of the season.
Anyway back to tea. I love it. I often drink up to 6 cups a day. And I have a funny thing going with my husband Pete to get him to make a cuppa for me. He just grins at me and says " Subtle Lin, like a brick to the back of the head". When I want a cup of tea I pick up whatever cup or container that is closest to me and turn it upside down and shake it while looking at him with one eyebrow cocked. Or I sneakily slip it into the conversation. I usually get away with it, but not always. He he. If he questions me, as he likes to do when he thinks someone is around who might back him up, I tell them that I do the washing, cleaning and cooking so it is his job to make my cups of tea. It is just a game I like to play with him.
The picture here is a selection of my favorite tea things. The tea in the orange boxes are flavored with flowers and fruits and come from my favorite shop here in Canberra. I can never walk out of there without buying something new to try. The dozens of different types and blends of teas are displayed in little sample cups around a table and you can sniff them. Some of them are made up so you can taste them.
The delicate little glass tea pot came from there too so did the pink teacup. Pete calls it my tea bucket. That is my breakfast cup. Last time I was in there I saw a gorgeous delicate black teacup with a gold rim. When I picked it up to have a better look it was a Limoges cup and cost $164.00, I put it back real quick. There is another tea shop in the centre of Canberra but it is strictly a look only shop for me as it has expensive but beautiful cups and teapots, well out of my price range. Like the floral Winton cups and saucers that I love but are nearly as expensive as the Limoges ones.
Other teas I love are the Lady grey flavored bags. I recently went to a thai restaurant and had some Jasmine tea flavored with Lychee that was great too. And! as an Aussie there is nothing like a big mug of Billy tea made over a campfire in the bush with a gum leaf swished through it for good measure. That is another story all by itself. A special ritual where the fire gives the tea a wonderful smokey flavor. Yum. A great way to finish off a B.B.Q. Not the sort of B.B.Q. you have in the back yard but the kind you have after a picnic in the bush after going walking and exploring and having lunch there. Great stuff.
When we were kids my Mum used to let us have tea parties in the back yard with a little fire and billy tea and scones she made for us. It just about always ended with me making my own cakes out of mud after the tea was gone. See, I must have been meant to be a potter.
Oh I could go on about this subject, yeah I guess I have already. Even though it is not Coffee.
He he. Enjoy.
Love Linda.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Fuel, El & Spiders.

I have had quite a busy week. My sister has been visiting. She is now living in outback Queensland and is on holidays. I took her to Yass this morning to meet up with her sometime but long term partner, Sandy, who is driving her home before they continue on their holiday shortly which will include hiring a cruiser to sail around the Whitsundays with another couple. Very nice. There are not many shops in Biloela where she is living now so she has had a real picnic in the shops here. She doesn't mind spending a bit of money on something that is quality goods.
When she was here, yesterday she was most amused to look out my kitchen window to find four sulphur crested cockatoos very happily going from one of my potted plants to another, gleefully snipping all the flowers and buds off and nipping off my coriander and parsley. Bloody cockies!
El's latest claim to fame was earlier this year. She was interviewed by some American reporter bloke who came out here especially to see her after hearing that she had had to close down a whole ward of her hospital because it had been over run by red back spiders. It went to air around Australia and overseas. Very funny. My sister on international T.V. Not that she hasn't been interviewed on T.V. before in the course of her job, because she has, but this went international.
Anyway we trawled the shops in Civic and Tuggeranong and had meals out. And if you know my sister ... had a few glasses of wine too. T'was all good. We had a beautiful dinner at the Hellenic club on monday night in their Ginseng restaurant, which serves excellent chinese food. She also took my Mum back with her this morning as far as Grafton, (so I get a break) to visit my niece and attend her daughter, Ivory's, second birthday party. I thought she was 3 and bought an age card for her saying so, she can't read yet so it does not really matter:)
Last night was a bit bad though. Mike and I were leaving work, he was driving and backed into one of the cars in the car park. It left quite a scratch on the back bumper of the other car and dented my front left side panel. I went inside and found the cars owner, he was one of the bosses there office, but he was very nice about the whole thing and reassured Mike that it would be o.k. etc. Lucky I have insurance or it might not have been so easy eh! And lucky it wasn't one of the Mercedes, BMW's, Audi's or flashy little Mazda sports cars that inhabit that car park. He was quite sympathetic especially when he saw the L plates on the car. I think what happened was he turned around in the seat to look behind him and must have pulled on the wheel when he did so and the car went across and hit the other one. It took some talking into it, but he got back behind the wheel today.
Oh Dear. Never mind, accidents happen. I remember when I was learning to drive I turned into a driveway on my Mum's cousins chook farm in Griffith and took out the letter box which was a 44 gallon drum set on a post. It slid up the bonnet of the car and hit the windscreen in front of my face making a really loud bang which scared the hell out of me but didn't do any damage to the car luckily. The people in the farm put the drum back on the post and stuck a few more nails in it. He he.
That reminds me. Today I put petrol in my car and it cost $1.67 a litre. It has gone down a little bit, a few months ago it reached $1.85 a litre or there abouts. When I started driving I was 17 yrs old and petrol cost 15 cents a litre. Hmmm. Not fair. I hope that soon there will be a viable alternate fuel source to run our cars on. One that also doesn't cost heaps to change cars over to like gas does. There was a bloke at Junee who Pete knew that had converted his cars engine to run on recycled vegetable oil which he sourced from fish and chip shops and when he drove it the exhaust fumes smelt like hot chips, funny eh! I use the cheaper version petrol which contains ethanol. At the moment the govt. here is talking about subsidising costs of Eco friendly cars and is investigating alternate fuels. They also subsidise gas conversions for your car but I think my old car is a bit past spending that amount of money on, if I indeed had the money to spend. It is all very well believing in supporting climate change and the rest of it, but many of the normal day people don't have the money to put it into practice.
The new jail in Canberra was officially opened today. They won't be putting people in it for a while yet though as there is still some work to be finished off yet. Pete didn't go to the opening. His personal choice. It will be good when it opens though as it is only a 10 minute drive from here for him to travel to work. At one of the schools I clean, the one at Campbell, they have been fixing up our cleaning/ store room buiding lockable cupboards and taking the door away. It is a bit strange but I will have to wait until it is all put back together to see how it works out.
Oh well it is bed time again. Good night. Love Linda.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Sunday Scribblings, "Miracle"

The Sunday Scribblings post for this weekend is "Miracle". I smiled to myself and thought Wassat? He he.
"Miracle Margarine". An old brand name. I have not seen it around for a while so I don't know if it still exists.Great for cooking with, making miracles like yummy biscuits, cakes, sandwiches? And fattening us up.
Here is a recipe for you.
Basic Plain cake.
60z soft margarine, Creamed together with 1 cup sugar a pinch of salt and a cap or two full of vanilla essence until white and fluffy.
Add 3 eggs, one at a time, beating the mixture well between each one. If the mixture starts to curdle add a tablespoon full of the flour.
Add 2 cups of self raising flour alternating that with 3/4 cup of milk, mix well.
Check that the mixture is the right consistency and adjust if necessary. Put into a greased, lined tin, what ever shape you have is o.k. But it will fill 2 smaller tins or one good sized one. Adjust cooking times accordingly. Cook in medium oven for 45 mins to one hour.
You can add colouring, or flavouring before cooking.
Or drained stewed fruit or 1/2 cup of cocoa but if you do add these then also add a teaspoon of bicarbonate soda to balance it out . Sift the bicarb soda or cocoa in with the flour. If you take the fruit option you need a little less milk.
You could also put a 1cm layer of brown sugar on the bottom of the paper lined pan and then rings of tinned pineapple with a glace cherry in the middle then put the mixture on top of that. Known as a pineapple upside down cake. When it is cooked you turn it out and carefully peel off the paper. That is good served warm with custard.
Or you could colour a third of the mixture pink, a third chocolate and keep the other third plain and make a marble cake out of it. This recipe is out of my head, I didn't have a book to look at but it will work out good. Trust me I know these things. I am a Mummy.

"Miracle Mayonnaise." Another brand name available here.
Here is a popular sandwich filling, that I make here at home.
Get a small tin of red salmon.
Break it up with a fork and drain it.
Save the juice for your kitty cat to drink.
Add a few tablespoons of freshly chopped coriander (known as cilantro in other countries)
Add a good dollop of mayonnaise.
If you have some water chestnuts chop them up finely and add them too.
Mix well and spread on fresh bread.
You could put in some cracked or ground black pepper too if you like that.
Well there is a different slant to that prompt to what others though up, I'll bet.
Love Linda.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Third day of spring.

How is everyone going. Happy Spring. Today is the third day of spring. Like a happy birthday wish. Happy Spring!
See the new thing on my side bar. I though it was a good idea to see where my visitors were from. Well have a look. I am the most common visitor. He he.
Today was a down day for me. Mum has been particularly annoying lately. Or is it that I have been particularly intolerant. Anyway today I had had enough and it got to me. The constant disagreeing with everything. The innuendo. The super slowness. The pretended deafness and game playing.The haggling over everything. The turning everything around so it is my fault then saying how hard done by she is and acting the martyr. The constant competitiveness over always having to prove she is right and knows everything, more and before you. Ahhh! I just want to scream. This is so hard. It is driving me crazy. It is my house too. Anyway as a result she now has the poops and I am trying to stay out of her way. I know she spoke to my sister on the phone about it and she wanted me to ring her back after work but I didn't. I don't want to talk about it with her. My sister will be here in a few days anyway for a visit. I guess I will have to tackle it then. She is taking Mum back with her and she will stay in Grafton for my great niece's 3rd birthday so I will get a bit of a break then.
On Wednesdays the office that we clean has to be mopped. It has quite a large area of polished floor, probably as big as my whole house in area. I know my back will be terrible after it, and yes it is. I took pain killers before, during and after work today. The floor does look good after wards though. I can see where I have been. We get good feedback on our work.
Um what else! I am now in the 5Th week of the pottery course I have been doing on Friday nights. Only one more week to go after this Friday. I think it has been good, I have changed some of my practices and met some people. Some of the tools that the tutor Cathy uses are different to what I had before and are really interesting too. I have not made a lot of stuff but I think what I have made is o.k. Four bowls and 4 cups and 6 tumblers, this week I will make a set of plates. There are more courses coming up, as well as a repeat of this course if I want to do it again. One of the courses is about altering thrown shapes, something I reckon might be good to learn more about. Hm, I will have to see about that.
The big digital board on the Monaro highway that I see every evening on the way home from work shows that the water supply for Canberra is at 48%. Which is up from 46.2 about a month ago. We still need more rain and the water storage levels are less now than what they were for the same time last year but they are going up, slowly. There is rain predicted for tomorrow and it was cloudy today with a cold wind. Please God send more rain!
My warm bed awaits. Electric blanket turned up. Goodnight.
Love Linda.