Saturday, 20 September 2008

Sunday Scribblings "Invited"

Sunday Scribblings prompt for this week is "Invited".
This afternoon I was driving along Isabella Drive and looking at the beauty of the Brindabella ranges. They are just gorgeous and each time of day that I look at them they have changed again. In the morning sunshine they are bright and close and their stony cliffs are highlighted by the morning sunshine. When it is wet and windy their color and mood changes. In the late afternoon they are blue and purple and hazy. Every time I look at them they are changing. Just beautiful. So I thought I would invite you to look at, or rather read my world.
Canberra, a new city as far as cities go around the world. It is our nations capital city.
On Ngunnawal country. The name of the local original inhabitants.
A city dedicated to universities and governing our country. And dare I say it, the best country in the world. I reckon anyway. But you probably think where you are is pretty good too.
A city planned carefully to include the local flora and fauna. There is wonderful bird life here. Lots of wildlife close by and within the city. But watch out for roos on the roads.
It is known as the bush capital and is planned so that commercial and residential areas are well segregated. Each suburb has its own smaller shopping areas and most suburbs are separated by parks and native bushland, through which there are cycle and walking paths connecting shopping and schools and sporting Fields.
Employment is quite good here, there are opportunities for work and advancement in that work that are not available in smaller places but the city is not so big that it is a rat race.
People, as far as I have seen, are friendly and kind to one another, (or they have been to me) which is something you don't see in the bigger cities. More like a big country town.
Just about everything I can think of is available commercially here or accessible, goods and services wise.
It is a good place to play tourist with lots of stuff to look at and most of it is for free entry.
Canberra is a city of hope. I invite you to visit.


This week has been pretty normal for me. But quiet as my Mum is still in Grafton visiting. I have been enjoying the break.
I took my car to the insurance company on Monday after its minor dingle, and it is now at the smash repairers for a week getting fixed. So I am driving a rental car, which is pretty good as it is subsidized by the insurance company. I do have to pay $15 a day for it though. It is a new Toyota Corolla ,and there was just 5000 km on the clock when I picked it up. I wonder if I could swap my old car for it and they would not notice. He he. It is very quiet and smooth to drive but has taken some getting used to as it is a automatic which I am not that used to driving. I suppose I will forget about using the clutch when I get back into my old car on Tuesday.
Tomorrow I have to go to Wagga to pick up my bratty girl, Anne Marie who is having her mid semester break from University and wants to visit. She also has 4 assignments to complete and wants to get back into the Tuggeranong library where she found good books for her subject last time she was here. Petes Mum, Ro is also coming for a couple of days and wants to go to Floriade, which is the spring gardening festival thing they have here each year.
The weather here has been absolutely stunning. Perfect spring weather. Warm days and cool nights. Day time temperatures have been in the low 20's. I have just been acclimatised to the cold and now it is warming up. Or maybe my internal thermostat has gone haywire due to my time of life. He he. Probably the later.
Today I got some more plants to scatter around my back yard. A large punnet of Alysum and some carrots, a purple verbena and some more Arctosis. I also had to buy a new tool for digging out the weeds from the grassed area in the yard. Notice I didn't say lawn, because you really couldn't put it in that class. I killed the last tool I had, it got metal fatigue and died. It has been so nice here I have been wanting to get out in the garden and do stuff.
Today I ate chocolate. So I guess that I have gradually slipped out of my dieting phase. It didn't last long this time, but I lost 5kg and feel better for it. Which is just a small drop in the bucket but better than nothing.
O.K. Gotta go and cook tea.
Love Linda.


anthonynorth said...

Ah, to go into spring as I go into autumn. I'm jealous. Though it's nice to be winding up the gardening now for a while.

Robin said...

Oh how I'd love to visit Australia. Someday...

Martha said...

I'll keep the invitation in mind, too. Your country is one of the few I would truly love to visit.

Kim said...

Hi Linda,
My name is Kim and I started visiting your blogs from Aunt Martha's blog. I would see that you two love plants so I thought I would drop in and take a look at your blogs. Australia sounds so pretty. Hope you dont mind me dropping in to read your blogs. Sometimes they just brighten my day. Thank you again for letting me read your blogs. If you like drop in on my blogs Linda.

Take care.


Jennifer Hicks said...

Canberra sounds like a lovely place to be. I'll be sure to check it out the next time I'm down under!

Toronto, Canada

tumblewords said...

Sounds like a lovely place and one I'd be very happy to visit! Nice post!!

Peter said...

G'day Linda May, thanks very much for the tour around Canberra, I haven't been there for about 25 years so no doubt it has changed dramatically in that time... must make another visit.

Goddess Diana said...

Hello Goddess Linda May,

Thank you for visiting my site and your encouraging words.

Thank you for sharing your life through your words and pics. Canberra sounds so lovely.

And now I invite you to be tagged. Please come visit my site at Free to Be the Goddess in Me

Thanks for your inspiration.

Wishing you,
Peace & Love, Just Because,
Goddess Diana

Bimbimbie said...

Hi Linda not visited Canberra along with lots of other places - my "one day" list is long *!*

susan said...


I am enjoying learning about your part of the world. I like you way you write. The vernacular is very interesting to me. If I could stand getting on a plane, I'd like to visit if you'd have me.

Winterwood said...

Linda - I just adore Alyssiums - they seem to self seed in my garden! I watched floriade on the tv - it looked just spectatcular! did you enjoy it? which display did you like best? I loved the croc dundee one.