Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Third day of spring.

How is everyone going. Happy Spring. Today is the third day of spring. Like a happy birthday wish. Happy Spring!
See the new thing on my side bar. I though it was a good idea to see where my visitors were from. Well have a look. I am the most common visitor. He he.
Today was a down day for me. Mum has been particularly annoying lately. Or is it that I have been particularly intolerant. Anyway today I had had enough and it got to me. The constant disagreeing with everything. The innuendo. The super slowness. The pretended deafness and game playing.The haggling over everything. The turning everything around so it is my fault then saying how hard done by she is and acting the martyr. The constant competitiveness over always having to prove she is right and knows everything, more and before you. Ahhh! I just want to scream. This is so hard. It is driving me crazy. It is my house too. Anyway as a result she now has the poops and I am trying to stay out of her way. I know she spoke to my sister on the phone about it and she wanted me to ring her back after work but I didn't. I don't want to talk about it with her. My sister will be here in a few days anyway for a visit. I guess I will have to tackle it then. She is taking Mum back with her and she will stay in Grafton for my great niece's 3rd birthday so I will get a bit of a break then.
On Wednesdays the office that we clean has to be mopped. It has quite a large area of polished floor, probably as big as my whole house in area. I know my back will be terrible after it, and yes it is. I took pain killers before, during and after work today. The floor does look good after wards though. I can see where I have been. We get good feedback on our work.
Um what else! I am now in the 5Th week of the pottery course I have been doing on Friday nights. Only one more week to go after this Friday. I think it has been good, I have changed some of my practices and met some people. Some of the tools that the tutor Cathy uses are different to what I had before and are really interesting too. I have not made a lot of stuff but I think what I have made is o.k. Four bowls and 4 cups and 6 tumblers, this week I will make a set of plates. There are more courses coming up, as well as a repeat of this course if I want to do it again. One of the courses is about altering thrown shapes, something I reckon might be good to learn more about. Hm, I will have to see about that.
The big digital board on the Monaro highway that I see every evening on the way home from work shows that the water supply for Canberra is at 48%. Which is up from 46.2 about a month ago. We still need more rain and the water storage levels are less now than what they were for the same time last year but they are going up, slowly. There is rain predicted for tomorrow and it was cloudy today with a cold wind. Please God send more rain!
My warm bed awaits. Electric blanket turned up. Goodnight.
Love Linda.


Shadow said...

happy 3rd day of spring to you too. here's it's spring as well and i'm very very very happy about that! ditto the rain request?!?!?!

Martha said...

Hi Linda. Mary C passed on your problem commenting on my blog. I don't know what is wrong either. Hope we can figure it out soon. I enjoy hearing from you.

Mountain Mama said...

Spring is my favorite time of year. I wish you a very happy one.
We are having autumn type weather and temps here.
I'm sorry your mother is being difficult. Sometimes that happens at the onset of dementia.
I pray it will all get better for you soon.