Saturday, 30 August 2008

Sunday Scribblings "Somewhere"

The Sunday Scribblings prompt this week is "Somewhere"
Well as you might know if you have been in here before and know me. I recently had what is commonly known as a sea change. I moved to Canberra on 19th of March this year. And yes it has been a big change.
I had often watched others become jaded by their circumstances or surroundings and thought of how they were looking for a promised land. A place where things are going to be better. A place where their unhappiness will change to contentment. A place where a new start will give them, whatever they desire. Yeah well! I never believed that. I thought that they were dreaming. You will still have your bills, work, etc, etc, etc.

Somewhere over the rainbow,
Way up high,
There's a land that I heard of
Once in a Lullaby.

One day I'll wish upon a star
and wake up where the clouds are far behind me
Where flowers bloom like lemon drops
away above the chimney tops
that's where you'll find me

Not complete I know, but everyone must know this song all around the world.
I have seen friends move way only to miss what they had, and the people they knew.
Yes I know I have been doing that lately.
But I have also been learning and growing .
I have been testing my driving skills in the city traffic and leading on from that, my memory skills as I find my way around. A skill I have not needed for quite some time. My boss jokes with me that I need a sat nav. thingy but I can read a map better than I handle technology. ;) I only got badly lost once. Every other time I could get back to where I wanted by just taking a few turns. "The scenic route" He he.
I have had to learn to speak to and relate to new people and I am handling that O.K. which is something I have always been shy of. (Maybe it is easier if you don't know them.)
My family members are O.K. I think. My son is moving forwards out of his depression and he is progressing through things that he would not have dreamed he could do before moving here, so that is the most important and best thing to come from the move. Pete always seems to do well and thrives with new people and situations. Mum feels the cold but that is temporary and will soon improve. She loves the shopping and the wildlife that comes into our yard. We have access to goods and services and opportunities that were not available to us easily where we were before.
Though somewhere there was a house that was nearly paid off and it had a beloved garden and a pottery shed. There was a long term job where I knew the same people, for the longest I have known anyone all my life, except for family members. And I miss that. But I will move on and re invent myself. Scorpios are supposed to be able to do that aren't they? I will change and adjust and imagine and dream up a whole new future. Different from the one I had imagined a few months ago. There is an endless stream of choice to be tried out in what is left to be lived of this life. Money allowing.
One of my personal motto's is "You can't go back for anything". No matter how much you might have wanted you can only go forwards. To somewhere.


Today Mum, Michael and I went for a drive to Bateman's Bay on the lovely south coast, around 2 hrs drive from here. Depending on how madly you can drive down the brown mountain, he, he. I am not that brave.
We took Rufus with us and he loved his run on the beach at South Durras. We walked for a couple of miles probably about 3/4 the length of the beach, and then we had to come back. A good work out for my little fat legs. The sand was firm and easy to walk along. It always surprises me how walking in such lovely places as the beach or along a bush track doesn't seem very far compared to walking the same distance along the streets. It was sunny when we arrived but the wind was cold and clouds soon came across. We took a fold up chair and Mum sat and waited for us, but soon retreated to the relative shelter of the car park and car. She didn't really mind though and was quite happy. She watched some rabbits rummaging through the coastal undergrowth and when Rufus came up off the beach he caught their scent and took off following it, we lost track of him for a minute or two, lucky he is a fairly obedient doggy and came back when he was called.
Michael drove as far as Braidwood on the way there and I drove for the rest of the way. I thought the steep, windy mountain roads down the escarpment would be a bit too challenging for him and he was tired from concentrating so hard from his part of the driving. But it is nice to think that he will soon have his licence and all of the driving won't fall to me when we go somewhere together.
Ever since the move though, Rufus gets nervous and gets a bit sicky which is not so nice if you are in the car with him. But that never stops him from wanting to come everywhere with us. And why shouldn't he.
O.k. that is all for this post.
Gettin' late.
Good night.
I will be back to read more of the Sunday Scribblings tomorrow.
Love Linda.


Shadow said...

oh the wisdom: you can't go back, only forward. yip. helpful with that thing called living too. loved your post today!

linda may said...

Martha! For some reason I can't put comments on your blog. I have been trying but it won't accept them because the word verification thingy isn't showing me a word to add with the comment. I hope you read this.

Devil Mood said...

I immediately thought of that song when I read the prompt. Innevitable!

Interesting to read about your move. It's nice to think that we can move away and leave our past behind us but it isn't necessarily so. I think most of our hang-ups travel along.

Scorpios are supposed to be able to do that aren't they?
Definitely! You will reinvent yourself, I'm sure. Good luck!

Sorrow said...

The thought of a day of rest and play by the sea.
I am trying to talk the kiddos into a 3 hour drive to the sea, but alas no takers so far...
I am not a Scorpio, but the bit of wisdom about moving forward and reinventing make sense for us all.
Lovely words Linda May, G'night!

winterwood said...

As usual I enjoyed reading about what youve been doing Linda... I was suprised to hear that Rufus gets sick in the car... I didint think that would affect dogs car sickness? is there anything you could give him to make it less so before he goes in the car with you?

Merle said...

G'day Linda ~~ Great post and you will always have fond memories of Junee, but you are doing well and moving on and settling well in Canberra. Glad you had a good trip to the coast, and well done on the driving and Michael also. Thanks for
your comments, and I am so sorry you had a bad day, and hope all is well again. Do take care, dear friend, and
keep smiling. Love, Merle.

Merle said...

G'day again Linda ~~ When is your birthday please? When I get a blank
Word Verification, I just type in a few letters, which they reject of course, but then they put up the letters for me to copy. Bye again, Love, Merle.

Anonymous said...

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