Thursday, 14 August 2008

It is a lovely sunny morning here in Canberra. Yes cold but what can you expect for our winter. My back yard is quite sheltered from the wind and a pleasant place to be. Yesterday Pete and I went to Bunnings which is a big hardware supermarket type shop because I had to buy a metal ruler as recommended by my pottery tutor. While I was there I couldn't resist having a look in the garden department, of course. I bought three little pots of color with Ranaculas in them. That is spelt wrong I know, but that's what it sounds like to me and I am too lazy to look it up. I also got a punnet of English daisies that said they had extra big flowers, a punnet of spring onions and a pot of common mint. I put them around the garden this morning. The mint went into a big pot that I made. It actually had mint in it before but I was sick of it being overcrowded and dumped it in the vege garden here. The soil in that bed actually looked really good when I started digging in it. So, maybe I am starting to feel less home sick for my Junee garden. Or, maybe it is just getting closer to spring. My favourite time of year. It looks like the bulbs I have been watching pop up in the garden for the last month or so here are Daffodils. A couple of them have buds on them now.There are hundreds of them. I wonder if Paula will get as much fun out of my old garden, when she moves in, watching the bulbs pop up and flower as I used to do each season. I planted most of them myself.
Michael and I have started cleaning the office we were to do in Kingston. My back is painful but I have decided that it is time to loose some weight and see if that will help me. Anyway this office is pretty cool. It is a graphic design and advertising place. Something that I saw that I like there is a white wall behind some desks with what looks like a shadow on it. On closer inspection it is a pale grey painting of a tropical setting. I looks great. It is just the right colour and angle that you would expect to see of a shadow cast from a silouette that is back lit.
On the tele and, most annoying, is non stop OLYMPICS. I don't mind watching some of it but really! Every moment of the day! My Mum sits there and loves it though. She makes comments and is totally confused by what is going on but will argue that she isn't. So that has given me the chance to retreat into the puter and read lots of other peoples blogs in the evening after work, when I would usually be relaxing in front of whatever show that was on which took me fancy at the moment.
O.K. it is time to get some lunch and think about getting ready for work.
Love Linda.


Shadow said...

here it's cold too. but only mornings and evenings. i'm waiting in anticipation of spring and summer. bring it on!!!

the only olympics i watch is the gymnastics. and the strange thing is, hubby's not a sports person or sports watcher, but now, he's watching obscure things like handball, weight lifting, archery, just because it's the olympics... strange!

Martha said...

Cool mornings and nights but still warm days here. I watch some of the Olympics but am not a dedicated non-stop viewer. This has been a strange mixed-up time for us with Joe's health problems and nothing feels settled right now. Glad to hear you are back into pottery and gardening.

Bimbimbie said...

We were doing the Bunnings race yesterday - wall paint for us, didn't get to look around the garden section, will have to wait for another week or two for the last of our frosts to end and then get planting and cutting back for Spring.
I've been avoiding the tv and radio I was over the Olympics before they even started*!*

Bimbimbie said...

Glad you are getting back into your pottery, and the birds have found your new home (even if they have been naughty ;) lol) Your bush walks look lovely with the rocks and waters and trees ... bliss, have a wonderful weekend *!*

Mountain Mama said...

It seems so odd to me that you are looking for spring when it is hot summer here.
I'm sure your daffodils will make a wonderful show of color for you soon. When they bloom here I let myself fall into that 'Spring is here' mood and start gardening.

winterwood said...

I'm with you re the olympics! I can only take so much of it and am missing my fave show on tv...better homes and gardens. Ok...enough sport for me and roll on post olympics!