Saturday, 9 August 2008

The Sunday scribblings prompt this week is ask?
I first thought of the eternal question. One that comes up.
When I was working in Junee Hospital I often saw people question if there was a god. Well I guess no-one living can definitively answer that can they. Though we all have our own personal beliefs don't we.
I saw the question come up when someone had been dealt a savage blow through a loved ones death or an accident or a cruel illness. I also used to hear it, as an expression, when some trifling thing had gone wrong. I would say "Oh God!" and I would get the tongue in cheek reply "He's not gonna help you" My answer to it all is "Well people are dying to find out!"
I could go a long way with this subject but I think I had better stop there before I insult someone and have the roof fall in on me. Lol.


Back to everyday subjects.
As of last night I am a potter again. Yippee.
I had a bit of trouble opening the Canberra Potters Society monthly newsletter so I was not keeping up with news and events. I emailed the newsletter person to have it posted to me and it arrived via mail on Thursday. In it was an advert for a 6 session course starting up on Friday night to do repetitive throwing. So I jumped ( not literally) on the phone and got the last place on the course. The course involves throwing ( throwing is making pots on the potters wheel) and examining a form until you get it right and can match forms in size, weight and design therefore leading to developing a set of things. Last night we worked on samples of 6 cylinders ( four out of the 6 I made were a good match) then thought up a design that we liked for a set of cups and started on them. Good fun and lovely to have my hands back in the clay again. It was a bit of a rush finishing my cleaning work and then getting over to the other side of the city by 7.00 to start the course but I managed to get there on time so all was well. I had to O.K. it with my boss and family. Brett my boss said he would fill in for me on Friday nights until I finish the course so I will have to surprise him with a cup or something I make at the course. He would like that. Getting my son Michael 's transport home from work is another thing that needs sorting for me to go to the course, but we will sort that too. Best scenario , drop him off in the city to catch a bus home.
The course is taught by a production potter Cathy Franzi who works for Bison Pottery here in Canberra which sells high priced trendy type table ware. Last night someone asked her how many pots she made today at work and she said she had thrown about 150 mugs. Oh my god! That is about what I would make in total pots in two years. And less than that now I don't have a kiln connected here to fire them in. Anyway that is my start back on the potting trail here in Canberra. There are lots of great opportunities to participate in at the club with lessons and workshops. Should be fun.
I intend going to a craft fair that is being held over 4 days this week, this afternoon, so I better take action and go get lunch for everyone before we go. It is quilting and sewing and craft stuff like that. I have no money so I will just be looking.
Love Linda.


Merle said...

G'Day Linda ~~ I am so happy for you to have joined in a Pottery class
as I know you love that. I hope the craft market was good too, I love going to that sort of thing. My blog was off the air for two days. I hope you don't have any more troubles with your computer, and can get help to put on your award. Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

Sorrow said...

Nothing quite like playing in the mud!
so glad to read that you had a great time, now you know I will be back around to see the finished masterpieces and be inspired!

Fledgling Poet said...

I loved your thoughts on God (or not)...I'm not offended in the least. :~)

I envy you your pottery skills and loved looking at your Aussie photos. The birds are so beautiful, and unlike anything here in Virginia!

Beautiful Witch said...

Hi Linda. I'm not sure if you know, but your link at Sunday Scribblings is throwing an error. Just so you know! I agree that the whole "Where is God?" deal is a big question when people go through pain and suffering. I disagree with the people who say things like "God won't help you" when you say "Oh God!" How do they know? :)

Shadow said...

good question. unanswerable yes. we discussed this not so long ago actually. and my thinking is: be there a god or not, if prayers help or not, to me god and praying provides me with hope. and if it works for me, i'll do it. simple.

and enjoy, enjoy your pottery!!! gonna show us what you make?!?!?

Pear tree cottage! said...

Linda........."Hope" is all I expect from you questions today.

How lovely a craft fair in Canberra I wish I could wonder around with you, is your mum going?

My mother in law was born in canberra and she is two years of 90years old so she could tell you some great stories of "days gone bye"

Love Lee-ann

TJ said...

Good and most solid questions here?
I feel that the key to our universe.
I would love to take pottery classes. I too share alot of your interest. Your blog is most interesting. The photo part...make a How To sheet and keep it close.
You will get it once you do it enough.Thank you for your visit.
Peace, Happiness and much laughter.