Wednesday, 20 August 2008

I am wanting to write but it is late at night and I can't put the pics I recently took for here by myself because I am dumb and never can remember how to get the file that has the pics on them that I want to post without my son doing it for me. Said dialogue goes like this.
"Mike can you help me put some pics on here?"
Mike sighs loudly, rolls eyes and slicks his tongue in annoyance.
"Bloody hell Mum you can do it!"
"I keep forgetting how to get the file that the pictures are on, I can do the rest of it".
"No I am busy".
"Please Mike just do that one bit for me".
"No you bloody do it, I have shown you a hundred times".
"You can do it faster and without any trouble, C'Mon just do it".
Swearing, bitching and grumbling he comes to the computer.
"Get out of the way then and give me room".
Click click click, all done in a flash with me still not knowing how it is done and the whole bloody circus is continued next time.
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Kids don't you love em! Even the grown up ones.
Bye Love Linda.


Sorrow said...

Love them more when there is no eye rolling...

Pear tree cottage! said...

Linda-may I have (had) the other problem as well. you know down here hubby would always say honey! in a drawn out way, and I would know he wanted me to type out a letter as he is just a one finger typing......just when the best part of a movie or something was happening. SO I bought him the speaking typest and guess what he can now walk around the room looking like madona with her head phones and talk and the computer does it all for him even the correct spelling, now that has to be a very good thing.

You will learn to put the photos up I am sure if I lived just a little bit closer I would come around and show you slowly step-by-step and I know you would get the hang of it, because it realy is very easy dear friend.


winterwood said...

yep..just ask the kids to do it... I know mine grumble too but they do it all so quickly!!!!

Shadow said...

that's the kind of conversation very familiar to me when it comes to computer stuff... but replace son with the husband and work stuff. yet when i ask so nicely that he show me sloooowly so that next time i can do it, he's always in a hurry so i never learn... ho hum