Wednesday, 6 August 2008

On the weekend Pete and I went for a walk along the river bank down at Kambah pool.My dear old Murrumbidgee river looks quite different from what it does as it flows through Wagga and down on through the Riverina where I come from.
These pictures relate to a few of my previous posts over the last few weeks.

Anyway, the first picture is of a Wombat hole dug into the sandy soil of the bank. There must be lots of them down there judging by the scats and dug up patches everywhere.

Below is my darling. Can you see by the track why it would be better to walk around here in the winter rather that in summer when the snakes are around. Pretty feathery grasses.

This picture is looking across the river, where it is still and reflective.

The above pic is of a wattle bush about to burst into flower. Wattle in its many forms is in flower at different times and places all year. Lots of it comes out in winter and spring. I don't know which particular one this is.

The moss growing on these granite rocks was a bright contrast to the other colours in the landscape.

There were quite a few of these little Casurina or river she oak seedlings that had established themselves between rocks in the rivers stream.

Here is a very big old casurina that had died. I liked the way the bark had shrunk and peeled back exposing the white wood underneath that had been bleached by the sun.

Another big dead casurina. I think that is spelt wrong.

This is of part of the gully running alongside the river.

These tall feathery reeds looked beautiful lit by the afternoon sun.

This pic is out of sequence but.. It is my nephew Terry, his wife Linda and their daughter Olivia who visited me recently.

Now back to the river again. Looking down from about half way up the bank.

Looking up stream.

And up stream again across the rocks.

And downstream. Silver reflections and silver ripples in the afternoon sunshine.

If you read about the parrots eating the pergola on the back of my house. Well these are the culprits. Two of these are male king parrots and the one with more green is a female. They are quite common around here but we didn't get them in Junee. When they fly they flash a patch of mid blue between their wings on their backs. Pretty birdies.

Same birdies on afore mentioned pergola. Female facing me, male facing away.

My Mum feeding some friendly magpies. The cage in the background has charlie, Mum's cockatiel in it. He is having a chew of the grass. Mum is getting quite funny and thinks she can be selective about which birds she wants to come into our yard to eat the seed.

C'Mon Maggie take this bit too!( Enbiggen. A term pinched from Peter's blog.) We are also visited by, galahs, eastern rosellas, crimson rosellas, sulphur crested cockatoos, top knot pigeons, miners, wrens and finches and of course the sparrows have discovered we put out seed as well as other birdies I don't know the names of. I once saw some black cockatoos fly over, they have a strange distinctive harsh call, but I only saw them once. Amazing since we are in the city.

And the naughty female king parrot again on the feeding station.See how the roof is chewed, the galahs love eating it.
I have been slowly sneaking the feeder a few feet closer to the house every few weeks so we can get a better look at our birdie visitors. They don't seem to mind and are getting quite used to having us sit and watch them, as long as we stay sitting down they stay at the feeder.
That is all for tonight, work tomorrow. Good night.
Love Linda.


Shadow said...

what a place! and the parrots and birds! a little bit of paradise...

Sorrow said...

looks like a glorious day! and some very good photo's too!
tried to reply to your comment, but i don't think it will get to you!
Black eyed peas are the little beans inside , you do not eat the pod!LOL!
thanks for the visit!

Melli said...

This is certainly a bit of nature at it's finest! What a lovely place to walk! I laughed when I saw that picture of the trees growing up through the rocks -- at first glance it looked (to my poor eyes) like a WHOPPIN' BIG fish high tailin' out of the water! But when I looked closer, of course I saw it was a rock and trees! LOL!

I'll tell ya - we wouldn't have even walked IN to that restaurant except that it was the CHEAPEST of the ones available in that area! That part of DC is extreeeeemely high dollar! And if we all LIVED near each other, we probably would have just chosen a place close to home and then went into the city. But the way it is, my eldest is always LATE for EVERYTHING, and we wanted to make sure we were IN town and NEAR the IMPROV waaaaay before we needed to be there! So we chose to eat in that area ... CRAZY huh?

Mountain Mama said...

Your pictures are wonderful. I wish I had such magnificent birds to look at in my yard. The most colorful birds I see here are the Stellars Jay, which is a lovely blue, and the yellow Goldfinch.
I have to say you are a very brave lady to be out walking among the snakes. I clicked on your pictures to enlarge them for a better view and found myself searching for one of those crawly critters.

Martha said...

I almost feel I took the trip with you. Wonderful photos and stories. I enjoy reading your posts.

winterwood said...

Enjoying your photos and would have enjoyed them even more till the word 'snakes' popped out at me! OMG! I am so afraid of them! That bush looks so peaceful, I am totally in love with the ambiance of the wild!

Pear tree cottage! said...

Linda, you have captured our "aussie bush" very well in your great I want to take another trip (thanks to you! lol lol lol)

So nice to see you visiting me again I must put you in "my friends" if that is ok!