Sunday, 17 August 2008

The Sunday Scribblings prompt for this week is "Observations".
I liked this prompt and decided to write about..........
I think I am an observer of Human Nature.
I love to learn about people.
There is nothing like sitting at a table with a throng of passers by while I watch them, and dawdle over a cup of tea. Something I pointed out to my son when he was sick was to look at people. There is no such thing as perfect, every person living has something about them that others think might be wrong by their own personal judgment.

Like that guy there, See the way he walks, he has a problem with his knee.
That lady there can't match colors.
I like that, I don't like that, that's not for me but good for them.
That kid thinks he is beautiful.
Mum take charge of that kid, you are the boss.
She smokes.
He is shy.
They are weird.
That one needs to please everybody no matter what the cost to themselves.
That was not meant to sound like a poem .
At work and in life I love to observe people. Their particular personality traits that make them all individuals. The quiet ones, the social ones, social climbers, stubborn ones, passive ones, the strong ones, and how they get what they want, how they relate to each other. All of their traits are what makes each one of them unique and human. And beautiful in their own right.
But always remember, while you are watching and observing, they are watching you in return. Everybody, absolutely everybody judges you back. We all do it and it may or may not be a negative thing depending on how your mind works. So it is up to you how you choose to handle yourself and each given thing that pops up.
Yeah I guess I am waffling on a bit. But I am sharing me with you.
I also like to observe nature. There are lots of birds around where I live now and I have been watching them. Lately I have observed them pairing up in anticipation of the coming spring. The Rosella's have been in pairs and squabbling with outsiders to include their mate first at the feeding station. Our resident cheeky magpie has been nest building and I have been watching it come into my yard to find sticks. One day it had a large twig that it managed to extricate from the pile of clippings out the back. When it got the twig out it, he carefully measured whether he could lift it and fly with it back to the construction site, funny to watch. Over the last week or so it has been back stealing the coir fibres that line my hanging basket plants. He tugs away at the fibres until he has a good beak full, watching me all the while, then fly off to pad his nest with it.
Magpies make amazing nests, they even weave barbed wire and electrical wire into them with their strong beaks and use the same nest each year, doing renovations to it until it gets really big. When I was in Junee I used to always throw the clothes dryer fluff out in the back yard and the birds used to take it away for me and use it to line their nests.
We are all observers of what takes our fancy at any particular time.
That is how we learn.
Bye for now.
Love Linda.


Granny Smith said...

Both of your sets of observations were fascinating. Observing people is the key to being a good writer, don't you think? Re magpies: when we lived in Melbourne - actually Box Hill - a pair of magpies, EVERY MORNING at dawn, carried pebbles to the crest of the ridgepole of our corrugated-iron roof and dropped themso that they would make a resounding racket as they rolled down. And they did it again and again! We learned to be very early risers.

Maybe I'll write that story on a bad blog day sometime.

Bimbimbie said...

Great post Linda, one of my favourite pastimes too is people watching and counting how many people smile back if you offer one up or return a friendly wave when you pass by in the car ... sometimes it's more than one surprised expression lol Smiles *!*

Goddess Diana said...

Dear Goddess Linda May,

Thank you for stopping by. And sharing. It is so true.

We learn by observing what takes our fancy.

Wishing you,
Peace & Love, Just Because,
Goddess Diana

Surya, the Ayrus! said...

i cant disagree with you at any single write majestically... you use the charm of a writer in the most magnificent way!i loved your post.. be in touch!

miss*R said...

I throw bits out for the birds too! last week, I cut up a few bits of bright coloured wool and it disappeared in no time..

now what was that song the John Lennon sang.. about people watching?

Gina E. said...

Hi Linda May, thanks for visiting me at Patra's Other Place and leaving a comment about our hens. Yes, they really are dear little chookies and their eggs are absolutely delicious!
I've enjoyed reading your blog, especially the photos and descriptions of the local birdlife. If you scrolled back a few weeks on my blog, you will have seen that we share a love of similar birds!
I'll be back to visit again soon!

Stacy said...

Well I have to admire that determined magpie!

Great posting. Enjoy the coming spring.

Portals Unknown said...

Lovely! I like people watching too - almost as much fun as wildlife! :) Fluff for the magpies - I love that!

Patois said...

I'm with Granny Smith on both sets of observations being very good. Regarding the first, I try not to let the fact that people are watching me have too much of an impact on what I am and what I do. Makes my children uncomfortable sometimes -- singing out loud in public for example -- but they'll grow out of the discomfort!

Mountain Mama said...

I usually to do a lot of 'people watching.' It's interesting that I remember doing it as a teenager and noticing the fashions. Then as a mother I looked to see what the younger kids were wearing so I could be sure to keep my own kids fashions updated.
Now as I 'people watch' I find I am praying for a lot of strangers. Those with infirmities and the boys whos britches look like an embarassing moment waiting to happen, and also for the young girls who are dressing like hookers and don't have a clue what kind of trouble it can get them into.
My prayer life has certainly increased as I have aged and I still like to prople watch.

Devil Mood said...

I observe people a lot too. But I also have that notion that I'm being watched back, I'm terrible self-conscious. If only I could become invisible.
That's why watching animals can be even better and I love that too. I'm completely entertained by their movements or even watching a cat sleep and its little paws is good enough for me. I'm so weird lol

Texasblu said...

This reminds me of my trips to the grocery store, a blog entry I have thought about writing but haven't. You learn much just by watching!

:) Very eloquent!

winterwood said...

Hi Linda - if you spotted me out there today you would see that I am limping too... my knee is so sore and has been for about a week now - joys of getting older I think!!! I like to sit at the shopping centre and watch people going by! very relaxing.

Melli said...

This is a great post! I do like to watch people too - not really to judge... but just to see the amusing things they do! And same with the wildlife! I love to watch the birds and the squirrels. I NEVER thought to throw my dryer lint outside! I will DO that! Toss it into the woods for the birdies! They will love it, I am sure! You are a WISE one Linda May!

Shadow said...

how right you are about oberserving and being observed back.

you birds nesting reminds me of a terrible hail storm we had in the beggining of winter. it was a friday night and our lawn was covered with little twigs and branches. over the weekend, 2 nests appeared on our rain gutters made from these very twigs.