Sunday, 4 March 2012


As evidenced by the previous post's date I have slacked off in my blog.
I had a look around some of my favorites tonight and realised how much I have been missing it, and some of the people I have got to know here in computer land.
What have I been up to?
Well the normal bits and pieces I guess. Though I have been neglectful of some of the things that gave me joy and entertainment lately. My blog, my plants to name 2 of them.
Yesterday I went for a drive down to Bateman's bay in the rain. The driving, which is usually a joy to me, was a bit more challenging. There was quite a bit of damage to the roads along the way and the rain was quite heavy most of the way home, not good on windy steep escarpment roads. There is a huge weather happening here, at the moment. More water than the south east of Australia has had the misfortune of experiencing for many a year. Last year there was lots of rain but the flooding was more localized than this year. At this moment 3/4 or New South Wales is flooded. Huge! Nearby where I live hasn't been as badly affected as further inland. Just over the border is the town of Queanbeyan, the Molongolo river has been flooding, which in turn flows into and fills Lake Burley Griffin in the center of Canberra. The lake is closed. We have had some flooding here in Canberra which closed roads and damage but not as terrible as what is happening the last few days in my old home town of Wagga. The river is expected to get to a record high there tomorrow around lunchtime. North Wagga is being evacuated, Lake Albert is cut off as are many of the roads into and out of and around the city. Many of the towns around the river are similarly affected. Lockhart, Jugiong, Gundagi, Uranquinty, The Rock, Griffith, Leeton, Hanwood, Yoogali, Grong Grong. and so forth, right down the Murrumbidgee river system and it's tributaries. Most, if not all of the water storage dams around N.S.W. and the A.C.T. are over flowing and resulting in rises of river heights to add to the huge amounts of rain La Nina has been sending us. Yeah....... I know there are some funny town names around there if you haven't heard of them before hahaha.
It was a bit clearer here in Canberra this afternoon. According to the bureau of meteorology tomorrow is clear but then we have 3 more days of rain predicted. My back lawn squelches when you walk on it at the moment.I went out there this arvo to pick some herbs and vegetables for tea and the grass is high and very green, unusual for this time of year when summer's heat has normally dried everything out.
Tea was lovely though, and we sat out on the back deck to eat. I did freshly picked green beans, lightly cooked and seasoned with Italian salad dressing and tied in bundles with a long bit of spring onion top, served cold. Some tiny potatoes cut in 1/4 and made into a potato salad (mayo, mustard, dill, parsley, spring onion, olive oil). Another salad made from my fresh roma tomatoes, basil and spring onion from the garden. Fresh prawns I bought at the bay yesterday, served in their shells. And I also bought some fish down there which I did in a beer batter and they were yum too. See Mum can be creative when she takes the time.
I really love this time of year when I can go outside and pick things from the garden to cook with. So much better than shop bought, and more satisfying too because you grew it yourself.
When My kids were little I had this thing where I thought kids should be able to go outside and pick things to eat straight from the garden, and they did too. But none of them as yet seem to be the least bit interested in gardening themselves. Oh well, maybe as they get older they will show more, maybe.
Last week I was very proud of myself. I have been saving everything for a while now from one of my cleaning jobs with the idea of taking a holiday to escape Canberra's winter, which can be quite harsh, for Australia, being at the foot hills of the snowy mountains. Anyway I had this idea that I would escape to a tropical island in winter. I paid for Peter and I to go to Fiji in June this year. Made up of 3 nights on the main island Viti Levu, and 6 nights on a small island resort, Mana Island. I couldn't make a decision after reading and re-reading many pamphlets and travel books as well as looking on the computer for a month and gave up. There are just too many tempting places to choose from in Fiji, so I went along to the travel agents in the nearby shopping centre and asked for them to put together a package, told them my ideas, and that is what he came up with. Costs $4750 all up, includes flights, transfers, accommodation and all meals on Mana island. Yes I know it could have been done cheaper, but I wanted nice. I can't wait for June. Whooo Hoo!!! Now I have to keep saving for lots of lovely spending money.
Apart from that I bought tickets to go and see John Butler next month. Should be good eh.
Other news; My baby is leaving and going to the other side of the country at the end of Easter. She has completed her university degree and will be moving to Kalgoorlie. I don't like that she will be more than just a few hours away from me as she is now. Too far away if she needs me or I need her. I don't like it, but she is making her own life and moving forwards I guess. I am a sook.
My second boy David is starting a new job which he is very happy about. He had intended to move to Melbourne to go to University next year and study engineering. A friend of his recommended him for a job where he works. The job is an assistant to a company who does Geo- technical engineering and it will lead to an apprenticeship with on the job training as an engineer. So it is a better option for him than going to Melbourne. My eldest son Mike is thinking of moving to Sydney to be with his girlfriend if he can get a job there. So I might become an empty nester. It seems so strange to imagine that we may soon have a house to ourselves after so many years.
In the unlikely event that someone actually reads this blog any more, after me being so neglectful of it, I hope you are well and happy in your lives.
Good Night.
Love Linda.