Saturday, 6 September 2008

Sunday Scribblings, "Miracle"

The Sunday Scribblings post for this weekend is "Miracle". I smiled to myself and thought Wassat? He he.
"Miracle Margarine". An old brand name. I have not seen it around for a while so I don't know if it still exists.Great for cooking with, making miracles like yummy biscuits, cakes, sandwiches? And fattening us up.
Here is a recipe for you.
Basic Plain cake.
60z soft margarine, Creamed together with 1 cup sugar a pinch of salt and a cap or two full of vanilla essence until white and fluffy.
Add 3 eggs, one at a time, beating the mixture well between each one. If the mixture starts to curdle add a tablespoon full of the flour.
Add 2 cups of self raising flour alternating that with 3/4 cup of milk, mix well.
Check that the mixture is the right consistency and adjust if necessary. Put into a greased, lined tin, what ever shape you have is o.k. But it will fill 2 smaller tins or one good sized one. Adjust cooking times accordingly. Cook in medium oven for 45 mins to one hour.
You can add colouring, or flavouring before cooking.
Or drained stewed fruit or 1/2 cup of cocoa but if you do add these then also add a teaspoon of bicarbonate soda to balance it out . Sift the bicarb soda or cocoa in with the flour. If you take the fruit option you need a little less milk.
You could also put a 1cm layer of brown sugar on the bottom of the paper lined pan and then rings of tinned pineapple with a glace cherry in the middle then put the mixture on top of that. Known as a pineapple upside down cake. When it is cooked you turn it out and carefully peel off the paper. That is good served warm with custard.
Or you could colour a third of the mixture pink, a third chocolate and keep the other third plain and make a marble cake out of it. This recipe is out of my head, I didn't have a book to look at but it will work out good. Trust me I know these things. I am a Mummy.

"Miracle Mayonnaise." Another brand name available here.
Here is a popular sandwich filling, that I make here at home.
Get a small tin of red salmon.
Break it up with a fork and drain it.
Save the juice for your kitty cat to drink.
Add a few tablespoons of freshly chopped coriander (known as cilantro in other countries)
Add a good dollop of mayonnaise.
If you have some water chestnuts chop them up finely and add them too.
Mix well and spread on fresh bread.
You could put in some cracked or ground black pepper too if you like that.
Well there is a different slant to that prompt to what others though up, I'll bet.
Love Linda.


Shadow said...

that sure is a different slant on miracle. we've got miracle whip mayonnaise here... will give that sandwich filling a try, sounds delicious. cake, hmmm, can't remember when last i bake one... even though i'm a mummy.

if said...

that is reasonable!

Linda Jacobs said...

Thanks for these recipes! I love salmon and am always looking for something different for my lunch.

b said...

I am from Oregon where summer is fading and the flowers are blooming as though there is no tomorrow...which there may not be for them. You made be realize that summer is where you are...either in the world or even in your state of mind.

Love your blog. I especially loved the surprise take on the word "miracle"...I was going down a serious road and you made me realize that some "miracles" do come in a bottle.



Martha said...

Loved the cake recipe. Sounds delicious. Miracles come in so many forms, don't they?

Sorrow said...

Okay, now thats a new twist on the heading "miracle"
Now i am laughing and trying to think of all the things i know have the word "miracle in it!
A wonderful weekend to you!