Monday, 15 September 2008

Pictures, 80th B'Day and Father's Day.

I thought it was about time I put up some pictures to illustrate some of the things I have been talking about in my blog lately.
The first picture was taken on Father's Day which was the Sunday before yesterday. We had a B.B.Q. lunch in the back yard. With Dad as the chef. T'was pretty good too. We got Pete a sat nav toy so he doesn't keep getting lost. When he makes a mistake in navigating himself around the city it is called lost but when I make a mistake we take the scenic route, He he.
It rained here today and was warm and windy. So windy in fact that it whipped up red dust from further inland and when it rained it rained red mud. Not just a quick shower to wash the dust out of the sky but a sustained shower of red mud that has coated my car and everything else.
Hey guess what! I won something yesterday. I got a phone call from the hairdressers where I had my hair cut last week and I won $75 worth of petrol vouchers. I went into Tuggeranong this morning to pick up the prize. Very nice eh. It couldn't have come at a better time too as we are a bit short on funds at the moment.
The next pic is of my sister Ellen and I . Taken last week when she was here.

Theses are the flowers I have on the back table. Before the cocky chewed them and demolished them. The red and yellow flowers don't exist anymore!

A few weeks ago we all went back to Wagga for Pete's Mums 80th birthday party. This was taken on the Bomen / Junee road. The wattle that lines the road was all in bloom. I think this one is called black wattle. It was very pretty and I couldn't resist a photo.

Close up of the same wattle trees.

While I was there I went out to Junee on the Sunday and had lunch with some of my old workmates. Back row, Helen, me, Linda. D, next row, Dianne, sitting down, Leonie and Alison.This was taken in the staff dining room at the new hospital.Don't look at the clock. He he.

The next lot of photos are at the party.
The Keough siblings. Bill, Gordon, Roma (pete's mum), Henry, and Peter, known as Skeet.Two of them are missing, Monica was sick so couldn't come and Megsy died several years ago. Look at all those bright blue eyes. Well no, you can't really see them but all the Keough / Lander men do have bright blue eyes.

The Lander siblings with their Mum. Peter, Ken,Roma, Maureen and Bob.

This is of my husband Peter and his eldest niece Belinda. Belinda is Peter's twin sisters eldest and the most like her Mum. Her mum Pam died at 28 from breast cancer.

Below is Belinda again with Peters Mum, Roma, Ro for short. I think Pete looks a lot like his Mum. Pete lost his Dad to leukemia when he was just 4 years old. He was the second eldest of 5 children. Ro bought up all the kids as a single parent when she was in her 20's.

This is my baby, Annie. The little girl is Peter's great neice, Grace. She is a confident outgoing little girl. There are some pics from last christmas on my blog with Grace dressed up as a princess. She is the only great neice on Peters side of the family though there about 7 great nephews.


Shadow said...

hey! you guys braai like us too.... lovely photos!!!

Sorrow said...

Lovely photo's!
to sad about the flowers being eaten..
crazy old birds...
looks like a sweet family!

Shadow said...

hiya! a braai is a b-b-c, outside, with coals or wood, and real meat... like on your father's day piccie...

Bimbimbie said...

That was a good trip to the hairdresser Linda, congrats on the win
and nice to see you lol *!*