Saturday, 24 April 2010

Friday Fertilizer. Week 3. April 2010

Don't you just love this. Someone had decorated this tree in the park around the corner near my house. Cute eh!

It is Friday Fertilizer time again. You can find a link to see what that is all about on my side bar under the heading 'Tootsie Time" she is our lovely prompt host. Go have a look, participate even. Ti's good fun for us plant minded people.
The photo above here is taken of the big trees in my front yard. Unfortunately they are all very big and all deciduous. I am sure going to have a lot of raking up to do very shortly. Lol. These are just 2 of about 6 which are along the front and street side of my house.
I Just came back from a short walk around the neigbourhood to take some photos to put in here. It is autumn here and the trees are all coloring nicely. Oranges and reds, golden yellows and all shades of brown in between. So pretty I thought it would be nice to share with you all.

There are two of these trees with berries around the corner 2 houses away from me. Don't know their names but they are looking good at the moment.The berries are about 1cm, so quite big in comparison to the pyracanth and cottoneasters that are common around the area and have fruit on them at the moment as well.
A self portrait. Oh dear. Lol. You're lookin' old Linny.
Wet doggie, Rufus, nothing like the smell of a little wet dog is there. This is the Theodore street pedestrian underpass, around the corner at one end of the street where I live. Most of the suburbs in Canberra are separated by these green areas where pedestrians and push bikes can move around without being amongst the roads and traffic. Just through this underpass are 2 schools and a small shopping center plus an aged care center. Very nice urban planning I think.
Pretty red. Don't ask me the name of these trees.
Yellow rusted birch leaves.
Tree in the parkway. Well, I call it the parkway, I don't know the proper name for it but I enjoy walking along here. It is just a 25 minute walk along here from my house to get to the town center of Woden and lots of shops and restaurants, entertainment, etc etc. So where I live is a pretty nice and handy to everything area.
Drain through parkway.
Big tree root showing scars from being run over and damaged by the gang mower.
Golden leaf from a birch tree.
Martin street, 2 houses away from me. Correct me if I am wrong but I think these red trees are big oak trees. There are 2 more of these at the side of my house. The parkway where that picture of the drain is, runs parallel to this street.
Here are the Nerines I tried to take a photo of to share with you last week. They are more open now and very pretty. In my front garden bed.
Well that is about it. Most of the stuff around my garden is slowing down towards winter so the flowers are pretty much on their last legs. There are still a few about.
As you can see here, we are enjoying a wet weekend. Lord knows nobody around here is game to complain about rain after the drought we have had, god forbid if the rain goes way again.....
Tomorrow, Sunday, is ANZAC day. That means we get a long weekend with Monday being a public holiday all around Australia.
ANZAC stands for "Australian and New Zealand , Army Corps. " So tomorrow is the day we commemorate our fallen service men who fought in wars. We have marches, and parades to honor them. Nowadays it has come to stand for all servicemen who served in war not just the ones who didn't come home again. I could write so much more here, but if you want to look it up you can find lots about around the www, I am sure. Traditions, like dawn service and two up games, to name a few. My Dad always loved ANZAC day, being a soldier it was special to him, his day to remember his old mates, the ones who never came home again. With him being on active service in WW2, Korea, Malaya and Vietnam I know there must have been quite a lot.
I have several Rosemary bushes around the yard. Rosemary is the herb of remembrance and it is a tradition here to wear a sprig of it on ANZAC day. I will go out and pick a bunch and put it in a vase for inside the house.
O.K. bye.
Love Linda.


Annie said...

Hi Linda May. Loved my ramble with you. Canberra sure has some beautiful planning. Love the walkway especially. Also like that you can laugh at yourself and your self-portrait. Age does get to all of us, doesn't it? **sigh**

Thoughtfully blended hearts said...

Thanks for the lovely tour of your home...would love to see Australia up close and in person!!! Lovely photos!!!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Lovely phots. Loved going on a walk with you. Love you self portrait ☺

Sorrow said...

I love these pictures! seems so strange to see fall when my irises are blooming!

Becca's Dirt said...

Lovely photos. Thanks for tour in your area. Neat to find your blog. Have a great day.

Tootsie said...

you are beautiful lady!!! I still have trouble wrapping my brain around you having fall...except for today...we are waiting on a foot of snow...winter snow storm warning...
Your garden is beautiful in spite of the fall!!!
thanks for linking in this week. I am sorry it took so long to get over here and see...I just can't seem to get to the end of the busy around here these days! I do hope you will link in again...I have enjoyed my visit!