Friday, 16 April 2010

Friday Fertilizer Autumn

It is time again to put in my two bobs worth for the weekly Friday Fertilizer prompt hosted by "Tootsie Time". You can find her link on my side bar as "Tootsie". Thanks Toots for allowing us all to play in here and show off our careful garden creations. (by the way, 2 bob is old aussie slang for two shillings in the old currency that was replaced by decimal currency in the late 1960's. Equivalent to 20 cents now days.)
The blurry inadequate pic above is of the very first nerine bloom. I have been watching and waiting to see what sort of flower was going to pop open from their snakey looking flower heads. Lots of flower heads unopened still, I am hoping there are some other colors amongst them.
These bright pink little guys are an oxalis of some sort, don't know what the proper name is.
The lovely autumn roses are nearly finished their flowering but there are still just a few pretty buds to go, this is one of the last.
A straggly azalea bush out the back.
There are a few camellia flowers on one of the bushes along the side back fence. Flowering early.......out of season.

This is a collection of the tiny sea shells I took from Rosedale beach on the south coast of N.S.W. I am such a big kid sitting out the back on my swing playing with them and arranging them for my camera. Pete and I went down there for a drive last Tuesday.
That great looking black thing is a sort of seaweed anchor. The holes in it are where the seaweed was joined on to the roots which were clinging to the rocks under water. I reckon they look cool. The little colored shells were in groups washed up everywhere along the beach. They remind me of little boiled lollies.
The real estate agent has informed us that they will be conducting a house inspection on Tuesday next week. I have never had trouble with an inspection before but they do make me nervous. Just the thought of people coming into your home to inspect the quality of your housework is a bit weird, but necessary if you are renting a house I guess. If I was the owner of a rented house I would like to know if the renters were taking good care of it. I can understand that. I should get up from the puter. I have windows to clean, bathrooms to keep fresh. Got to vacuum that spot on the carpet where dear hairy son tipped carpet powder after he made a slop with his food. I should, I should.
I should make a cup of tea first.
It is so nice outside today, clear, cool and bright, 21 degrees was the prediction. We had our first frost for the season a few nights ago. Nice to sleep on cool nights this time of the year.
Better go make that cuppa.
Love Linda.


Ann said...

We're moving on to warmer weather, which I'm glad for. But I do appreciate the cooler temperatures of the fall after a hot summer. Plant and Garden Blog

Paula said...

Lovely post ! I need to be where it is armer! Love all your unique and fun shares.
THanks for sharing! Paula from Idaho

Tootsie said... wonderful to see the photos you shared today! I am still having trouble remembering you are a world away....and that it is almost winter in your world...when here we are just waking up from a long cold winter.
Your rose is gorgeous! thanks for sharing with me this week...I love visiting your garden friend!!!

Caio Fernandes said...

hi Linda !! you have a really lovely blog here .
it is nice to meet you .

sg beatty said...

Old grizz should have bitten his tongue before he let the "name" out of the bag. thank for dropping in. I did not post for Sunday scribbles this week. My home computer has been down for 3 weeks. the cable company finally figured out that squirrels were eating the phone lines. Seems to me like they could find something a little healthier.
I enjoyed your blog post. (thanks for the 2 bobs info). I find your house inspection interesting, Here in GOUSA (Good Old USA) landlords don't get that much freedom.
Pretty soon GOUSA is going to be BOUSA (Bad Old USA)

jaerose said...

I hope the inspection went well. The 'seaweed anchor' was intriguing. Have never seen such a thing down here on the coasts of Devon..Jae

Shadow said...

i'm seeing similar sights and colours here... love the change of seasons.

Alea said...

The autumn rose is lovely! I don't think I have seen that color before. My husband is going to Australia on business next month and I thought it would be lovely to join him as it is fall there, but I found that I let my passport lapse. Too bad, because your photos really make it look attractive right now!

Bimbimbie said...

Hi Linda, those pretty tiny shells remind me of packaged sweet shells and stones made from rock that I used to buy when I was a child*!*