Sunday, 25 April 2010

Sunday Scribblings, "Wonder"

I just thought I would put in a very short, very late post for this prompt.
I liked the prompt word but somehow the time drifted away with me and I thought its not sunday anymore, nobody is going to read it this late so I didn't bother. But I liked the word "Wonder" and had been thinking about it so.....

I wonder
If I am the person I see me to be
or the person you see me as
Can anybody see
I hide inside me
Or is the me that I see
just my ego.

That is what I wonder.
Taking this from another side.
I wonder and love the world around me.
I wonder at the way everything fits so beautifully together
Its symbiosis.
Until..... the most destructive animal ever created
decides it should try to change nature and plays with it,
then finds out years later that they were wrong,
then tries another tack
then finds out they were wrong again,
and tries again....

Love Linda.



Dee Martin said...

Do you think man really planned it out that way or maybe that man just didn't think in terms of long term effects of anything. Loved the poem :)

linda may said...

Definitely the latter Dee.

Tammy Brierly said...

That really made me think Linda. Thank you

Annie said...

The self-examination of our hidden selves can be very unsettling but the wonder of it is that when we face ourselves openly and honestly, we can improve and change and grow and not hide anymore.

I know Merle. I visit there from time to time. She is such a lovely lady, so filled with good humor.

Oh my. Summers here can be brutal. Triple digits are not uncommon. I've experienced 112 degrees. For you, in celcius, that would be about 44.4 degrees.