Friday, 2 April 2010

Friday Fertilizer. Last weekend.

Today is good friday. I get to stay home all day today. I have a 4 day break over easter. Ah heaven! I wish you all a lovely Easter break. Do the things you love, that's what it's all about.
I am posting a heap of pictures to show what I got up to last weekend. Also included amongst them are some photos of my flowers to participate in the "Friday Fertilizer" prompt hosted by Tootsie. You can find her link on my side bar, listed as "Tootsie Time". Go have a look at what others show off from their gardens and join in if you like.
O.K. first picture above. My son David had his birthday last Saturday and we had a picnic lunch at the Wagga beach. In this piccie, Dad and Dave.
You gotta be an Aussie to appreciate that...... Dad and Dave were characters in a series of comedy stories by Steele Rudd. Very funny.
Aren't those big river redgums in the back ground magnificent, I love them, they get bigger and twistier as they age, like me, hahaha.
My Mother in Law, Roma, My sister in Law, Maureen, my daughter, Annie Brat and her latest, Jesse. Wagga beach. No piccies of me, I was on the other side of the camera, a prettier place for me to be.
My nephew Terry, and his daughter Olivia, and wife Linda. Terry is David's god father. Another Aries male in my life. Terry is on 21st march, David on 27th and Pete on the 30th of march.
Annie brat and David paddling in the Murrumbidgee at Wagga beach.
You might remember a while back I posted about going down the coast to Tomakin for the day and taking my camera and some clay with me. I got these little plaques back last week. They have dunted quite badly, probably beause I stretched the clay too much when I was slapping it around making them, but they show the impressions I took of the different seaweed and shells on the day. It was good fun making them. I think they would look good mounted on a piece of rough weathered wood and hung outside.
Here are the 3 vases I got back yesterday. I quite like them. The brown ones have shiga red glaze on them and the other one I spent 2 and a half hours of last week's Thursday pottery session painting my scribble patterns on, in black under-glaze, then coated with clear stoneware glaze.
Last Sunday Pete and I had a picnic in the park in the centre of Canberra. We ate antipasto, corned beef and soft bread rolls, then had strawberries and banana cut up and dipped in chocolate dip. Ohhh, naughty. Then we went to sleep under the trees on my old blue blanket while Rufus stood guard. There are some little paddle boats there and we hired one for half an hour and paddled about the lake and under the bridge and got sunburnt, but it was a lovely day. These fruit bats, also known as flying foxes, in the picture above, are part of a noisy colony of bats who live in the park. I am guessing ......but I reckon there are quite few hundred of them gathered there. They are of course, nocturnal but on warm days like last sunday they shelter in the trees and squark and carry on, using their wings to fan themselves in the heat, waiting for dusk to fly out and raid your garden and orchards for the lovely autumn harvest fruit. They are quite big and have a huge wingspan when you see them in flight.
Here are some more of my flower piccies, taken last week. The first one is of my frost tender plants I placed in a little shelter out the back that I made to protect them from the frosts that will be starting soon here in Canberra. We have vicious frosts here in the winter. The plants are very happy in there amongst the filtered light, I hope the shelter keeps the frost off them. The shelter is made out of large garden stakes wired together and covered with a roll of split bamboo stuff that I can roll down when it gets frosty. I might still have to put some more shade cloth over it, will have to wait and see. I was quite pleased with myself when I made this. I designed, measured, cut and drilled the wood myself. Pete helped me put it all together.
Don't know the proper name of these little flowers but they are sold as "Million Bells" in the shops. They are bit like a mini petunia and they are good value. This is this plant's second season and they keep flowering happily if you keep the water up to them, even then if they dry out and die back a bit, just water them and they renew again.
More of what is under my little shelter out the back.
I planted a punnet of Lobelia, crystal palace, in the big pot where my poor deceased Daphne used to live. The Daphne got cooked last summer in the heatwave we had. There was also a punnet of larkspur in this pot too, but only 2 of the plants have survived. Should be good in few months after the cold weather is finished though.
Here is the pink version of the ever faithful flowering Oleander, one of 5 around the yard. Never without a flower in the warmest weather, and right through the season.

Last piccie is of the pink rose out the front. It has been flowering beautifully since the rain we had a few weeks ago and is still producing lovely blooms for me.
Um! Now where did those other rose pictures disappear to? Never mind that's enough.On Monday I am looking forwards to a concert in Sydney. Carol King and James Taylor. I have been dropping hints,,,,,, none too quietly for months now,,,, hehehehehe. We got some cheaper tickets , up the back, but I am going...... and it will be great.
Bye Love Linda.


Sorrow said...

Love love love the pottery!
and sometimes it's not how well it turned out, it's how much heart and memory have been poured in!

Bimbimbie said...

Hi Linda enjoy your extended break this Easter weekend ... your middle vase is my favorite it's gorgeous and the little plaques ... I love all the organic finds you have put into them*!*

Darla said...

The pottery is pretty. Great blooms.

Erin said...

Looks like fun was had by all, your pottery is neat, and your flowers are beautiful.

Angel said...

I like the shelter you made for your plants , what a good idea! Everything looks so pretty there so it must be working! Your roses are Beautiful!!

Martha said...

How wonderful to see your pottery again! Love the seaside plaques and the vases are fantastic. All your beautiful flowers, too. Right now we have daffodils and narcissus and forsythia in bloom. The lilac is starting to show some color, too. Enjoy your Easter holiday!

Anonymous said...

Dad and Dave gave me a chuckle! Is Oleander poisonous? Your pickanick sounded lovely and to have a nap too!

Mountain Mama said...

What a fun picnic!! I can't wait for picnic season to begin here. We are getting the usual spring showers and the temp has been quite cool too.
I love your plaques!! What a fun idea. Did you bring the seaweed and shells home to make the plaques or design them at the beach?
It looks like you put a whole lot of work into your vase with the design.
You must be a very patient lady!

Tootsie said...

I love that pottery too! memories are the best thing about it all...thanks for linking in today...and sorry it took so long for me to come visit this time!

Paula said...

WOW!!! Your flowers are amazing! You have plants we don't have nere in Idaho - much too cold, so it is so fun to see them thriving in your yard. Thanks for sharing all your ideas! Paula from Idaho