Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sunday Scribblings "Alchemy"

Today's Sunday Scribblings prompt is Alchemy.
I wish to write about the alchemy of love, attraction.
Do you know Al? Alastair, Allen, Albert. Al Chemy? No?
Well, is he the one who you gave it all up for.
The one you took the biggest risk of your life for.
Is he the one who you decided to stay with for all those years.
The one who fathered your children.
The one who put it all into his work because they needed him more than you and the children.
The one who would never desert or disappoint his "Friends" in favor of you.
Because they are the important ones in his life, you know.... those ones who he must impress at all costs.
Is Al that one. No, don't know him?
He is the one who left you at home with tiny children, a cold dinner and warm bed waiting for him. Until dawn, while he breasted the bar with another woman and his "friends".
The one, who in distress, you drove away from (more than once) with sleeping babies in the back seat of your car, but you came back because you couldn't stay away. Because you kept day....
He may be the one who left it all up to you. He was happy if the kids let him hear the television and relax, because he had to go to work. You did the rest. The cooking, cleaning, discipline. His needs always come first.
He is the one who wanted you waiting at home , you weren't invited , but waited in the bedroon for his return.
He was the one who laughed when his friends insulted you and when those old ladies whispered behind their hands when you walked past in the street, he felt like a stud. They were his friends. Until you moved on to another town, another job, another lot of "friends" and you were still there.
He is the one who comes home one day and says there is someone else more important to him. Someone who later stays in his mind. The one who makes him say that you are nuts about the situation when you have been sent that way by him. get angry!!!!!! Wondering what you did to deserve it.
And you try to understand and weigh up whether it is all worth the bullshit you have endured at his hands.
And you know.... but you love him.
What is that?
Alchemy. The alchemy of love. The biggest rip off that mother nature ever invented.
I am in a dark mood, aren't I .
Love Linda.

Due to comments added in this post I thought I should add that this is only partly autobiographical. But...there are lots of Al's out there. Lots. They will defend their right to be as they see themselves....... as men. They are across all cultures, beings from a different planet maybe? hahaha. Change is in the winds. Mothers teach your little Al's well.


evalinn said...

Very good story, well told!

jaerose said...

There's always a bloody 'Al' isn't there. And the attraction is like magnets. I hope that alchemy also gives us good guys who appreciate and reciprocate..Glad you wrote this and got it out on 'paper'..Jae

Understanding Alice said...

hm, sounds more like poison than alchemy. Thanks for commenting on mine... its interesting how many people saw it as a love poem for a person, but in fact I wrote it about God, as I find him not to be an "al"

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

The ancient practice of alchemy was intended to turn base metals to gold, but it never worked. In fact, sometimes the results were disastrous. This story reminds me of that. Good job.

Tumblewords: said...

Excellent take on the prompt - alchemy comes in many forms.

keiths ramblings said...

You sound a little cross! Good read though.

Giggles said...

Sadly this is a wonderful take on Alchemy.... very unique. I beleive one day a karmic reaction will be the resolve your heart needs!

Hugs Giggles

Thomma Lyn said...

Interesting take on the prompt -- there's certainly no magic in a relationship with an "al."

sg beatty said...

Truly a dark read. Not the Linda I have grown to enjoy. Hope this is not a personal story. Your story does reflect a lot of marrieages that I have witnessed.
Old Grizz

Denise Moncrief said...

Ah, I believe I've heard this story before. I hope it isn't your autobiography.

Well written. Your piece made me want to come all the way down there and smack Al around a bit.

oldegg said...

You should have fixed him up with a little alchemy of your own - such as rat poison!

This truly is a troubling piece and sadly must be echoed in countless other families throughout the world.

I am also troubled that you say it is part autobiographical. It is great that you have shared it and I can only hope that in your case it is now ancient history.

Gel said...

I bet it felt like alchemy to write this. I'm sorry for whatever portion is autobiographical. Horrid Al!
Well written.

Merle said...

Dear Linda ~~ Good story, but I hope not too much is about your hubby
No e mails you have sent me ever caused any trouble. If I want to fwd anything, I highlight the text or whatever, but not the top with addresses in it. and I hope what is forwarded is all that goes through.

I have to wait for 3 weeks to see the specialists and go from there. Thank you for your healing love.
Take care. my friend. Love, Merle.

JP/deb said...

great post Linda!

Love the postscript too :)