Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Sunday scribblings "Fluencey"

G'Day ,
I am late to address this weeks prompt . I spent the weekend in Wagga.
What am I fluent in? The one thing that comes straight to my mind this morning as I sit down at this keyboard is the word "Idiocy". Sums it up pretty well.
All of my life I have let people shit on me, even the people that matter, the ones i have depended on and loved, and walked away saying oh well, I am big enough to let you win, and save your feelings in the process. I can let you come first even to my own detriment.
I did a silly quiz on the Internet the other day and their answer was "You are a mouse".
They were right.
At any moment I could fall down the well into wonderland and I hate it.
I will keep plodding on and see where I end up. Or down.

In Wagga on the weekend, I stayed in a nice motel in the centre of town. My son Dave has built a new kitchen for my Mum's old house and was ready to install it, we went to help, it is not finished yet but it going to look great very soon. A big improvement on the original , nearly 50 years old now , kitchen that was there. I mostly cleaned. He is a clever boy, I can't wait to see the finished product.
It rained from Saturday night onwards through Sunday and Wagga got 162 mils in total. When we were coming home the Tarcutta creek had broken its banks and the Kyeamba creek had too. No really bad damage in that, except to maybe some fences, that I could see. A small village nearby, Ladysmith had to be evacuated during the night though were allowed back in the next morning.Just a few miles down the road, closer to Gundagi, the creeks were hardly even flowing. It is so pretty down there at the moment with the recent rain we have had turning the hills and paddocks a bright emerald green. Water was glistening on the rock cuttings along side the road. Sheep and cattle happy to get some fresh feed. There was a small hatching of locusts. Even the animals with pin head sized brains know that water means life to this country. In other parts of the country they have had flooding. The dams are filling up and the world is being washed clean and nourished. When I was walking around on Saturday night I went down to the river and it was very low in the town. On Sunday afternoon it was rising and the Wollundry lagoon that I had walked around just a few hours earlier was up, and there was 3 foot of water over the walkway under the bridge. After so long I am hopeful that the drought is coming to an end at last. We have had 10 years of drought in my part of the world. I hope the cycle has come full circle.
The days are getting shorter and cooler now, heading into autumn. Some of the birch trees are starting slowly to change color.
O.K. gotta get to work.
Bye. Love Linda.


Dee Martin said...

I checked funny on the poll at the bottom of your post but it really isn't so funny to be the person who always sits back and lets others walk on you. I know all too well. I have a reputation for being a nice person and sometimes I wish I could break out of that just a little bit :)
Glad you are getting rain.

Stan Ski said...

After drought, the rainfall must be welcome - but flooding, evacuations and many other problems often follow.

Jae Rose said...

Inside every mouse is a lion waiting to get out! Hope you find your inner lion. Nice to have you back..jae

Martha said...

Is it a female thing - this putting others first and ourselves last? Or is it something we are taught? The important thing is to be happy with yourself no matter what others think. I agree with Jae Rose - that inner lion is there for all of us. (And supposedly even elephants are afraid of mice.)

Beth said...

A bunch of late-blooming flowers to you for writing so openly about what's in your heart. Your week sounded intense yet filled with family, work and yet appreciation for the changes around you. I hope your rains end the drought without disaster and that you find heart's ease.