Monday, 27 December 2010

Sunday Scribblings "Manifesto"

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Best wishes to all. That is my manifesto to you. Grin. Hug. Smooch on the cheek.
Sunday Scribblings prompt this week sure is a biggie isn't it. I googled the word and came up with a list as long as ............. well bloody long anyway.
Then I took a few side trips around the web and found this...

It looked like a government propaganda site at first, but really, I did think it was pretty good and covered lots of stuff that we need to strive for to achieve our own personal well being. I don't usually like to copy others stuff and always think it is best to do my own writing but I do want to share this one.
In my life I have experienced people with depression. I do know how it feels to not have a healthy sense of well being. Anyway I hope some of you that find my Sunday Scribblings prompt this week might go along and have a look at the well being manifesto. Have a read and comment back to me on what you find there.
Sometimes you are the one who gets kicked, sometimes you are the one holding the bandages. That is what women do for the ones they love.
Love Linda.


gs batty said...

Hi Linda
hope your holiday season has been safe and happy. Read the manifesto of well being and found it interesting but do not believe a lot of what is stated. I agree there are a lot of necessary goals but I have lots of questions on the solutions offered. Do not wish to take this to an argument on economics so I will not comment further.
My belief is that a lot of the ideas could be obtained by a personal voluntary desire from most of us to be less greedy.

Merry Christmas (late) and have a great new year.

Old Grizz

oldegg said...

Hello Linda,

After a few weeks away from posting I wanted a feel good post so I let the bad Old Egg out.

Unlike Old Grizz I haven't yet looked at the Manifesto of well being site. Perhaps when I am little less grumpy!

Understanding Alice said...

a good take on the prompt! It made me think of a tv programme i saw a while back called making slough happy - they had a manifesto for that too:

jaerose said...

'the one holding the bandages' - I love that line..your image was full of optimism..I shall click on the link and wish you a very positive wishes..Jae

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