Monday, 24 January 2011

Sunday scribblings "Eternity"

It is Sunday Scribblings time again. Have a peek at what other participating writers are thinking about this weeks prompt by going to my side bar. Look at the favorite reads bit and click on the Sunday Scribblings link. There are some great writers in there. This weeks word is 'Eternity" Here is my tiny contribution.

Stare at the night sky
Right inside
not just a glance at the stars
and think isn't that pretty
Look deeper, how far can you see?
Deeper into the the night sky
that goes on forever
To Eternity.

We are minuscule
a mere speck of dust
A tiny nothing
In a universe that goes on for ever.

So why do we worry about such silly things as
the weather
or the way Mrs Whats-a-me-call-it
spoke to us yesterday
the myriad of tiny things that happen
to bother us so much
Why do they matter when we are
A mere speck of dust in

I have often stared into the stars and their huge immenseness, it makes me feel so small. It is one of the ways I use to work out how important I am to this world. I am not. When I am gone the world won't miss me. I will have done my jobs, left my genes behind, what the universe requested of me and why I was made, to continue my tiny bit of our species to the world. While I am here I will do my best with what I have and try to cause as little damage as I can in this consumer based society that I have been born into. Maybe someday, someday, an archaeologist may find a site from our generation and there will be a pot I made with my finger prints immortalized in it and wonder what the maker was like.
Love Linda.


jaerose said...

'A mere speck of dust in eternity' - yes, we all are, but the world does remember us..I am sure of that..not because we are more special than anybody else but just because we have been here - and that in itself is would the grass keep growing and the stars keep twinkling unless we come and go - I hate science but I do remember a physics lesson where I learnt that no energy is lost only changed into something new..Jae (PS lovely to read one of your poems again..beautiful flow of thoughts and words) :)

Darla said...

Linda May,

First, your words are so incredible. I love them so much. They are so inspiring. Second, thank-you so much for reading my post from yesterday. It means a lot.


oldegg said...

Isn't it curious that most of us want to leave that "thumb print" on a shard of pottery as you so elegantly put it. Some leave their mark in destructive and evil ways but most I am sure want to say "what a life, what love, what joy, to have been here, with all the ups and downs that make my life so memorable.

What a memorable post!

Elizabeth said...

Like the stars of which you speak, we are and can be lights in our own small worlds. Like Jaerose said, nothing is lost, only changed. Thanks for visiting my site,


JTS said...

I loved your poem. I too gaze up at the star filled canopy overhead at nights and ponder the immensity of it, and the concept of infinity. I think you will indeed leave your mark in this world, not just a thumbprint on pottery (which is pretty cool by the way), but also in the myriad of lives that have been touched by your kindness along the way!

Shail Raghuvanshi said...

Very true Linda. I appreciate this wisdom in your lines which most of us do not acknowledge in our arrogance of life and living....