Monday, 9 May 2011

Sunday Scribblings "May"

Sunday Scribblings prompt this week is "May". Well! That's my middle name.
My sisters were both born in the month of may.That makes it a significant month, doesn't it?
Plus in my part of the world, the month of may heralds autumn.
These few photos were taken late last week around my own back yard.
The above picture is of the nasturtiums I planted in my vegetable garden. Over the last few days they have withered from the first frosts of the season. I planted them as companions to the veges, but at this present moment have forgotten their particular use. But I really did plant them for... um? Can't remember.
I am watching a show at the moment on ABC talking about IQ and race. I used to get high scores when I was young with those tests, believe it or not. Mine has dropped with age, I am sure. Lol.
May is mother's day and mother's day in Australia is accompanied by beautiful chrysanthemums. These brilliant gold ones are flowering merrily at the moment in my back yard. I didn't plant them , so I can't take credit, but they are still lovely. There are a bunch of them right in front of me now on the desk.
May is autumn and with that comes harvest of the last summer growing vegetables from my garden. I grew great butternut pumpkins this year. However the original owner of this house treated his soil, it sure was great. The biggest ones must weigh 6 kgs or more.

The bright sunlit leaves on this big tree brighten my day, it drops mess all over our cars when we park out the front underneath its branches. The seed pods roll under my feet when I walk there and are quite a hazard. But it sure is pretty isn't it. Canberra is known for it's autumn colour. In the summer time, this tree gives shade and shelter and in the winter it lets the sun shine through. I think it is one of the maples, is it?
Over the last week the temperatures have been dropping dramatically towards wintertime. The wind was cold all day today when I was working around the yard. I cut back the strawberries and worked on tidying the potted plants,and trimmed and tied the espaliered pears tree on the back fence. I do enjoy filling my lungs with the cooler crisp air of autumn, which is more pleasant than the hot dry air of high summer isn't it. Each season holds its own pleasures.
May your May be lovely,
Where ever you May live.
Linda May.


jaerose said...

What a fitting prompt for you Linda! It's good to see May on the otherside of the world - the colours are just as beautiful..Jae

Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

outdoor adventure is divine in MAY.

stunning images.
well done.

Jingle said...

keep up the excellence,

love the squashes and vegetable wines...


Dee Martin said...

what gorgeous pictures - I don't know if the Canberra tree is in the maple family or not but it is striking!

Winterwood said...

hello linda MAY! I hope you had a wonderful mothers day on sunday and do you know I used to hate chrysanths but as I'm getting older I am liking them more! love your may post and pics too they look very autumny... we had our first winter roast last night and had lots of roast pumpkin! yum!

JL Dodge said...

Being a gardener myself, it is great to see what you grow !
Love this !

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