Monday, 13 June 2011

Just because..

Cold Baby.
I haven't been in my blog for a while, as you can see from the date of my previous post in here. I am bad. I do so enjoy scribbling in here. I have been lazy, and busy, cold and working, tired and full up with other people and my house and family. Same as all women I guess. Anyway. Here I am.
I visited Josie's blog this afternoon and she has inspired me to write about my everyday. So what I did today.
This morning I stayed in bed. Lovely on cold mornings. I had my son's latest beau stay over night and he had to take her to work this morning. They didn't tell me what time she was to start so about 7.00 this morning i was thinking, Hm mm how to handle this one. She had previously told me that she started work early in the mornings, but today was a public holiday. I got up and decided that I would move around the house and make a bit of noise to wake them up discreetly without actually going into the room and disturbing them, so I flushed the toilet, walked up the hall scratched around in the kitchen and put the pots and fry pan away from last night's washing up. Turned the kitchen tap on and off a few times. Nope! no response. I went back down the hallway and popped back into bed to get warm watching the clock thinking "oh come on, don't be so silly" so I went and knocked on the door. Her starting time 10.30. Hahaha. Sorry kids.
Pete and I stayed in bed until a bit before 10.00 when I remembered that today was the day that there was a one day sale out at Watson for well known wood fire potter and his wife, Ian and Moraig Jones of Gundaroo, who had lost their home recently in a fire.
I had wanted to go and have a look because pots were donated by some very well known (big name) established potters from around the country and locally. There was some great work there. I really wanted to hear the opening of the exhibition by Janet Mansfield, if you are a potter, How's that for name dropping? Haha. What a wonderful gracious lady. She even made some small talk with me about a pot we were admiring.
Well we got there late and missed that. We went through the exhibition and I drooled over some of the luscious pottery and glazes there, but of course the ones that I drooled over were the ones I could not afford to buy. Didn't take my camera. They were very pleased with the turnout and much of the pottery was sold very very soon after the exhibition was opened.
Had a cuppa and a scone then I snuck out the back to the workrooms and checked up on some work that I had made a few weeks earlier and couldn't get back to on my usual Thursday pottery group day for the next few weeks because of extra work commitments. They were still soft enough to work with. I had this idea of little milk jugs with the handles cut from around the rim of the pot and bent down to form the handles. You know? one of those ideas that goes through your mind at 3.00 in the morning during a sleepless night when you can't seem to shut your whirring mind down no matter how hard you try. There were 6 of them. Three I wasn't pleased with so they went back into the clay bucket. The other 3 I played around with a bit. I liked the look of them but am not quite sure of the handle's functionality. They need more smoothing and finishing yet before I decide if they go back in the recycled clay buckets.
From there Peter and I decided that we would go over to have a look in the camping type shop there, at the kayaks. We both love kayaks/ canoes and have wanted a single one each to play with for quite a while now. Canberra is a good place for them with Lake Burley Griffin running through the middle of the city giving lots of lovely quiet water to play in. We saw a few we liked, which will give us a better idea of what we want when it eventually comes time that we can get them.
Went home via Manuka whee we were hoping to go to Zeffirelli's for a yummy pizza lunch but it was closing just as we got there so we missed out. A few doors down from there we went into a bakery and got a pie, cake and coffee for lunch instead. Was nice but nothing special as our taste buds had been awaiting those nice pizza's at Zeffirelli's. Oh well. On the way out of the underground car park I couldn't see the guttering because of the angle of the driveway and scraped my poor little car's tyres on the divider, Grrr!
Got home and sat on my bum in front of face book and brought my farm ville games up to date. Made inane comments to my friends posts etc. wasted time in general.
Went out the back to the garden and picked some nice silver beet leaves and said G'day to Fiona next door. Came in and prepared the silver beet to make into a spinach and fetta pie for tea. that's about it.
During that last few weeks I have been very boring. Much the same as always. Work, home, sleep, merry-go round type of thing. Our Boss Brett bought Michael and I a pair of redback work boots on Thursday last week so I am now legal to go onto construction sites for work. I look really pretty in my high visibility lime green vest, my hard hat and big boots. Yep!
My Mum who has been here with us since just before Christmas went back to Queensland on Friday morning to stay with my sister for what remains of the cold weather. We have , or more correctly, my sister has decided that it would be best all round if she were to go there for the cold weather and here for the warm weather, so we both know when we will will have her and when our breaks are coming. Poor old thing, it isn't fun being old. It is hard all round.
Anyway. After my break from writing, if you want to call my scribblings in here that, I am back.
Bye again......for now.
Love Linda.


Winterwood said...

your mum is lucky to have such a caring family... and I guess getting old isnt/wont be much fun! scares me!

Linda - nice to see you back and again nearly fell over seeing all those catch up comments on my blog from you! thanks so much for them!!!

keep well hugs Krissie

Shadow said...

hey hey linda, nice to see you. and nice to see you living life, you're sounding good!

Deb said...

Linda, enjoyed your writing. Hope you will visit my new blog. Our weather has been very hot today cooler and a little rain.

Josie said...

Hi Linda! My life has kind of been stuck in the spin cycle of work and sleep too, and I am just now getting around to catching up with my blogging friends. I was happy to see you've been here and written something new. It is easy to get into a writing slump, isn't it? Especially if we are tired or out of sorts.

I really liked this post because it seemed so typical of family life and how we spend our time. I would have loved the pottery sale, even if I could't afford to buy. I think it is lovely you can make your own! Everyone has a creative spirit hidden somewhere inside.

My daughter and her ex-husband had kayaks and she loved taking them out on the local rivers on weekends. She still has hers and I hope she finds a new partner who will enjoy doing the same.

How I dread getting old and I hope I won't become a burden to my children. It is good you can at least share responsibility for your mom's care with your sister so each of you get a break I hope your mom continues to do well.

I'm glad your back to blogging again, I hope you'll join us with a Monday memory, yours are always so good!

Josie said...

By the way, I love the picture of your pup wrapped up in the warm blanket, it is hard to remember that you are in the cold season there while we are at 100 degrees F or more every day here in Texas!

jaerose said...

Hi Linda - I was wondering where you where - and missed you - glad to read about your day..lie-ins and teas and scones sound good..Jae :)

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