Monday, 12 September 2011

Sunday Scribblings "Sensation"

The Sunday Scribblings prompt site has given us the word "Sensation" to write about this week.
Here goes.
Seeing sensation, visually and feeling it emotionally, smelling cool clean air, soaking up nature and it's spring beauty.
On Saturday this week I went for a drive and, a couple of short bush walks into the hills above Canberra. We are surrounded by the beautiful Brindabella mountains which surround us and run southwards into Namadgi national park then the Kosciusko national park.
Nature's garden indeed.
The pic above is wild hardenbergia. It is in flower everywhere up in the hills at the moment, in a wild glorious tangle scrambling over rocks and up trees.
This is a pic of Gibraltar falls, about the middle third of it. Near Tidbinbilla nature reserve. We climbed around and down to near the bottom of the falls. But as gravity decrees, had to climb back up again. It was quite a steep climb for an old duck like me, and I am still feeling the results on my legs muscles. Good to put the heart rate up for a little while. But it is beautiful place and not to be missed to avoid a few sore spots. I lost my balance at one stage trying to climb up and landed bum first in a little prickly bush, most uncomfortable, Didn't do much for the little bush either. Ha ha ha.
The forest was full of beautiful wattle trees all in glorious bloom. I think this one is known as black wattle, not for the flowers but for the color of the bark as the tree ages.


High in the Brindabellas
where the wattle is in bloom.
Great granite boulders punctuate the landscape
A tangle of deep purple wild hardenbergia
clings to trees and rocks
We walked up hills, climbed down cliffs,
and amongst waterfalls,
And we marveled at the sensation of spring
Nature's imperfect perfection,
that no human landscaper could,
ever duplicate no matter how hard they tried.

Photographs do this beauty no favors, you have to see, smell and feel to experience it.
I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Thank you for sharing a little bit of mine.
Love Linda.


jaerose said...

Another gorgeous post Linda..It's almost like you gather your thoughts as you walk..take photographs..take it all in..and then sum it all up in a beautiful poem at the felt very life affirming joining you on this hike..Jae

linda may said...

Thanks jaerose, you understood what I was trying to do eh.

oldegg said...

A really beautiful post. There is nothing so satisfying as to walk in the Australian bush (preferably by yourselves) and to experience the views, the sounds, the plants and wildlife and be at peace with the world. And so much better this time of the year.

Wendy said...

This is beautiful. And thanks too for the sense of humor (saying your fall into the little bush didn't do it much good either) :)

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

I think your words and photos for Scribbling Sunday with regards to the word 'sensation' were all so appropriate, well done, lovely post.

Morning said...

agree, we must apply our five senses, maybe plus 6th sense to feel the world.

a job well done.

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