Sunday, 6 January 2013

          Goodness me!
 Has it really been 3 months since I have updated my Blog?   Yes...... well as the date says.
 Lots has happened since my last post.
 Pete and I have bought a home of our own, back in Wagga Wagga. Canberra was too expensive for us to purchase a home and stay there so , yep we now have a home of our own again. A home of our own is something I have craved since giving up our home in Junee to move to Canberra 4 and a half years ago now. This time has been scary for me because to get a home of our own has meant a big change, using Pere's superannuation and the full amount of the proceeds from the sale of our Junee home plus a loan to make up the small difference in the price of this house. Plus leaving secure employment in Canberra where we were making a nice living to trade off for the purchase of this house. We are now both unemployed. Scary stuff eh.
 Anyway, we have a house of our own again. We have been here for one week now.
So..... about the house!
 It is a double brick cavity walled house in Wagga Wagga , which is the town I was born in , but haven't lived in for 28 years now. Probably built in the late 1940's by the look of it? 3 bedrooms, Lounge, dining and study area, very good sized rooms and a block of land a bit less than 900X 2 square mtrs in size. Solid as. So far we have erected a garden shed and done a few things to it, (mostly Pete's handiwork, which he has enjoyed doing.) See pic above. The soil looks good, the yard is quite overgrown and needs lots of work, but the inside of the house is pretty good. We have been waiting for the replacement of an air conditioner that is sorely needed ever since we have been here, there has been a monstrous heat wave across the southern part of Australia. The solicitor has told us that it will be actioned tomorrow, Monday, It better be. I hung the thermometer outside his afternoon on the clothes line in the back yard and the temperature showing on it came to 46 degrees Celsius. OUCH! Same is predicted for the rest of this week. I must be getting old because this has been unbearable.I had a drink this evening of diet cola and tullamore dew whiskey and now I just feel sick. Eeeeeewwwww. Afterwards a soak in the cold bathtub and a very light salad for the evening meal, but still feel yucky.
 But....... onwards and upwards.
Last night here there was a spectacular dry storm, with lots of lightening and very few raindrops to accompany it. Scary stuff when it is so tinder dry as the lightening had the potential to start many fires.
 We are both looking for work. My friend Nellie has offered me 6 hrs per week at her Cafe in the early mornings doing food preparation but that isn't enough to pay the bills. Though I am grateful of the work. It is a start. At least I have friends in Wagga , long term friends which certainly beats Canberra where I only had acquaintances.
O.K. other news. My eldest son has stayed in Canberra and is living with his girl, Amber, in a home unit.
My second boy is in Wagga and my lovely daughter is now living in Kalgoorlie which is on the other side of the country from me.
My Mum is back living with us here in Wagga, She had her 90th birthday a few months ago. She is feeling this heatwave terribly. She was quite sick from the heat last night. As I am tonight. We are taking care with her and keeping an eye on her.  This broken air conditioner really sucks!!!.
I haven't started gardening here as yet though I have a nice collection of potted plants that I intend to transfer into garden beds later, it is too hot to do at at his time of year. I have requested a quote to clear the tangled mess of plants throughout the yard here. This seems he way to go at the moment as a bloke with a small backhoe would be able to clear gardens, trees and noxious weed stumps much easier that we could do and remove the debris as well for us, so that I could begin planning and planting when the weather cools down again.
Goodness When I was laying in the tub tonight I thought of all the good words that I should write to update and share in here tonight, but as I sit here at the keyboard they elude me.
It is soooo hot.
Love Linda.


gsb said...

Old Grizz is excited by your news about the home. Nothing replaces having a house of your own to do with as you please. Glad to see your post. I haven't done a lot of blogging either but I always check to see if you have posted anything. Looking forward to see pictures of your place and watching it grow into a lovely home for you and Pete.

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