Thursday, 5 June 2014


Hello Blog.
                  I have been thinking this morning. At times a silly thing to do. I think today I should have an absolute no people day. Why?
Well I have been thinking about the personality traits of the people I know.
There are the ones who want to dominate.
They will share their knowledge , which is really a good thing to do. But sometimes they are the only ones who know anything, or think they do, and with that knowledge they need to prove that they know more than you do and choose to contradict you at every turn and bash you over the head with their knowledge. They are the teachers. They don't understand when you withdraw.
There are the cur dogs. They want to dominate. They do it by being sneaky and by throwing tantrums because they know that you will withdraw to keep the peace and shut them up by giving them their own way. They are the sort that will use underhanded methods to get their own way. Like a dog who fears to lose it's pack position so it sneaks around the back of the shed and up behind you to nip you unexpectedly to warn you off and let you know it is the boss.
There are the fickle ones. They want to dominate via seducing the ones they feel are the most interesting. They only have an interest in you when there is nobody better, or smarter or prettier. Then you are no longer important to them and they dump you to move on to the next person.
There are the needers. They maybe feel that they are doing the wrong thing and want to tell you all about it so you can tell them they are okay and doing the right thing. They keep you running in circles trying to find a solution to their woes , none of which they are willing to accept or create change to accomplish. They aren't interested in listening to you, they just want you to listen to them.
Then there are the dumb ones. They aren't dumb, they just want to get everyone else to do their work for them.They forget so you have to constantly go over and, repeat again and again, until it becomes easier to just do it all yourself. They just want to be looked after.
There are the takers. They take and take in every area they can. They want to take but never give.Goods, services, emotions, finances. They give a little but expect a lot to be returned.
The truth is the title word "symbiosis" is what makes the world go around. You have to give and you have to take, hopefully the cogs turn and mesh. Sometimes unevenly.
Sometimes, when you sit and think though, you recognize all of these traits within yourself, not just in others.
 Sometimes though you also realize that the people around you never will.
 Definitely need a no people day today.


angela said...

Yes. For this reason and many others I tend to be a loner and not mix too much. It's just too hard. Hugs

linda may said...

Thanks Angela.

Shadow said...

Whoa! Definitely a no people day!!! But you've been watching and taking note 'cause your analysis is spot-on!

Hey Linda, long time... Love and hugs!

Jae Rose said...

Know exactly what you mean xo