Wednesday, 31 January 2007

G'Day everyone!

G'Day Anyone.....Everyone....whatever.
I've been reading a few other peoples blogs for a while and my son has helped me to set up my own, as I am barely computer literate. So here tis'.My name is Linda ,I live in the australian country town of Junee which is in the south west slopes of N.S.W. This picture is of a rose in my backyard during spring of 05. It is either called Just Joey or Apricot Nectar, not sure which. As you can see I love my garden though I am a long way from being an expert, I dont follow a style of gardening though I suppose its most like cottage gardening. I dont have a big garden , my block is 980 square metres, thats enough for me to keep watered anyway.Other stuff about me? Well I work as a hospital assistant and am happily married with 3 nearly grown up children of 24, 22 and18 years old. I have been playing with clay for the last 24 years but I really just dabble as I have to earn a living and I'm not going to do that from pottery even though I love it. It has become my creative outlet and I guess a bit of an escapism activity for me. Today I had a day off work, I go back tomorrow. I drove into Wagga, our nearest regional city and got a few things, more plastic pots to replant and a pair of shoes. Took my daughter to the orthodontist and sat in the main street and had a pot of tea and shared a very naughty piece of rocky road slice. Very naughty since I'm supposed to be loosing weight. I have been going o.k. I've lost 12kg over the last 4 months or so, its not easy though. I like writing so here is another creative outlet for me. Anyway comments/ responses welcome. Bye Love Linda.

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