Friday, 2 February 2007

feb 2nd

Today is Feburary 2nd, nice hot day that is going to get hotter as the day progresses into the high 30's. I ordered some work uniforms today and Annie conned me into getting her sunglasses out of lay-by from the local men's ware shop, Hook's.
Not feeling the best I might have a u.t.i? Also got a letter yesterday from the blood bank people to say my hemoglobin and iron levels are too low with a copy of the letter to give my doctor. I've never had this before and they refused to take my blood donation last time and took these tests. In Australia blood donation is voluntary, I don't think it is in some other countries and you get paid for it.
Pete is busy putting up a marquee and finishing arrangements for the Junee poker run. We expect up to 300 riders and 4 different blues artists playing that evening. This is the Can-assist groups biggest fund raiser for the year, last year they raised $17,000 (pretty great for a little town) but it wont be as much this time due to a different raffle. The raffle this year is a trip to Fiji and people have been hesitant in wanting to go there as there was a political coup a few months back, though it has been reported as safe now.
The gardenia out on the front steps has been repotted as its finished flowering and I tried a different potting soil so will be interested to see how that goes. It has water crystals and fertilizer included in it and cost more than what I usually buy.
Today I want to be brave and go into my pottery shed down the back. I saw a large brown snake in there a few days ago, I hope it has moved on. There have also been mice & rats down there so there is a food source and lots of hiding places, like empty boxes and benches to hide under. I think I would rather put up with the rodents than the snakes. We have seen three snakes in the yard this season. I get rats and mice every year after the local grain harvest, I don't know if they are disturbed in the fields or they come into town on the trains with the grain cars. Well this year there was no harvest because of the drought so I guess they are enjoying living in my nice sheltered shed. I must be brave. Our potter's club has it's A.G.M. tomorrow and I want to go down to the shed to get some clay to take into Wagga in the morning to use while I wait before the meeting. Our members do roster duty each month to keep our gallery open and I am spoilt because my roster day falls on meeting day each month so I only have to go one day. Also a few weeks ago I bought some nice white candles that have a deeply embossed rose pattern in them and I want to press them into some clay and then take their impression in plaster so I can use them in my pottery.
Yesterday Mathew my neighbour from up the road brought back the orange appliqued flag that I made for my mum's little electric go cart. He said one of the kids found it beside the road and bought it home. Mum was convinced that it must have been stolen as it always attracted attention when she went anywhere on her go cart. I thought it was cute anyway. It said Nan's Go Cart in black writing on it and we had been checking out all the go carts for it in town. Is'nt he a nice neighbour.

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