Monday, 12 February 2007

Summertime, and the living is....Dusty!

I've just finished working six days straight and i have today off work. I'm tired but I have nine days work this fortnight so I will get a good pay next time round.
Yesterday we had some heavy showers and a thunder storm in the early afternoon. I had to run out in it to wind up my car window which I left down a little bit to let the heat out of the car as it sat in the top car park at work. It drenched me and it was beautiful. I felt like dancing in it but wasn't sure who would be watching so thought I'd better not. I won't have to water today.
We had a blackout for a few hours and the girls who were staying on the late shift were worried about getting tea out and also washing up without the dishwasher, and the temperature being maintained in the cool room, but the power came back on. Less than 5 minutes after the rain stopped we had a big dust storm come over the town which stayed for the rest of the day so had to run around shutting windows. I worked as a cleaner yesterday and had been cleaning up fine red dust all day, without this latest dust storm. Pretty self defeating work but essential. This morning at home I have been doing the same, you should have seen the amount I swept up that has blown in under the front door. My joke for yesterday was " Well the wind is coming from the opposite direction, maybe it will give the farmers back some of the dust we got yesterday." Pete is putting a barrier thingy on the bottom of the door as I'm writing.
Number 5 position is what I worked in yesterday. Not good for me as most of the work is by yourself and you have time to think too much about stuff. Like how much extra work has been lobbed onto us hotel services staff of late. I've worked out since we have lost a position we have lost over an hours work time from the extra duties. We have also been given a heap of extra duties like 4 more toilets, 2 utility rooms and a treatment room , on position 5 that would take between 3 and 10 minutes to do each. The management told us this was temporary for 2 weeks and that was 3 1/2 weeks ago now. Now they are working out new duties for nursing staff and talking about dumping the wards persons night duty position (who usually does these cleaning duties) so I suspect they will say, well you have been doing these extra jobs so you can keep doing them. Trouble is nobody stands up to these people at meeting and says" no this is too much and we cant keep doing it". Our supervisor says " I know what that work is , I did it for many years" well yes I know you did but that was 15 years ago, our standards these days are much higher and things have changed quite a lot since then, you also had a new building, new carpets and furniture and more staff 15 years ago.
Another thing I have been thinking a lot about lately, though not for the first time. I guess it comes under the heading of human nature or its frailty.
I often get annoyed at people who cant see the mistakes that they make are what their peers react to when they treat them the way that they do. Maybe that is what I need to think of when I whinge about things like I have in the last few paragraphs of this entry. I know I should be more outspoken and at the proper times to get results from management. But who wants to get howled down by people who have had training in people skills and effective communication and will probably have made their minds up what they will be doing before they even get to a meeting anyway.
I also think that as humans it is all too easy to judge others and not see what we are doing ourselves. We don't see our own faults. I'd better stop there because this is starting to sound like a rant not a blog entry.
In our little town over the last 4 of 5 days we have had some sad things happen. Firstly last week there was a crash on the Harefeild road between a local woman travelling back from Wagga and a Wagga man. I heard along the grape vine that the man had a heart attack, I dont know how accurate it is. They hit head on and the Junee woman and her son were very badly injured and pulled from the car just before it exploded. The Wagga man died. Its terrible to live in a small town and hear of news like that before the details are out and to speculate who might have been involved. You think who might have been on the road at that time whom you know etc. Pete said he was relieved to see me when he got home as I wasn't working and could have been in Wagga shopping. The second thing that happened was, a localwas out early doing the fitness thing on his road bike (push bike) early in the morning and was hit by a driver who had been (reputedly) drinking. It happened on the outskirts of town on Saturday morning and the man had his leg and face smashed up and has suspected spinal injuries. I've since heard that there is no brain damage. Pete has just returned from down the street and said that there is a siege going on down there with police cars, ambulance, and fire brigade. A young girl has barricaded herself inside a house and is threatening suicide. Bloody Hell is it a full moon or something!!!!
We have yet another brown snake. Peter fell over trying to get out of its way. The snake went one way and pete went the other. There must have been a family of them a couple of years ago and they are all still here because thats 3 we have had of the same size now ( four to four and a half feet long) Or at the very least we have seen one of them twice as we got rid of one of them. Thats 4 this season in my yard. Brown snakes are the 2nd most toxic snake in the world after the inland taipan which is the first. Both are Australian. They are very common here. My neighbor has had more than us but he has a lot of junk lying around his yard too. They don't usually attack unless cornered, but their bite can kill you in around 4 hours without treatment. They have short fangs that can't bite through clothing but as their venom is so toxic you only need a tiny bit for it to be lethal. We dont usually wear long pants or shoes when we go outside in out own backyards, its summertime and hot, but that is one precaution we should heed.
O.K. that's all today. Bye.

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