Tuesday, 13 February 2007


I've been looking around the extensive site of potter/musician Brad Sondahl who lives in Spirit Lake Idaho. Very interesting bloke. As a potter I find there are a lot of similarities in tastes i.e gardening, pottery, cooking between potters. We all seem to have a love of natural things regardless of where we live or how much pottery we produce and how involved we are. I've never met a potter yet who didn't at the very least become very involved with a potted plant, let alone love their gardens. I've also looked at a site of some potter's in France who took photos of their local environment and wildlife etc. Except they were health nuts, not like me. I can't remember their names. Brad has an extensive web site well worth looking at and I have spent many hours reading different areas of it. If you read this "G'Day Brad".
Tonight Pete and I had a look on the web for accommodation in Melbourne where we are going next month for the Melbourne flower show. We booked an en suite cabin in Coburg caravan park. I like to stay in caravan parks. There is more room and you get your own cooking facilities plus they are usually quieter than city motels. Its really nice now that the kids are older and don't need to tag along, we get to spend a bit of time by ourselves on short breaks like this. Its something we enjoy and hadn't been able to do for many years.
Michael had to finish cooking tea tonight because I sliced my finger, he didn't really mind and I think he enjoys eating things he has cooked himself. We had sausages cooked in onion and tomatoes with extra (commercial) tomato sauce added to sweeten it. With veges. My tomato bushes have been very poor this year due to hot weather and scarce rain here. A bit of a loss really and not worth the water and time I put into them. Probably half the crop was destroyed because they cooked on the bushes before they were even ripe properly. Apart from that, the beefsteak tomato plant I brought, turned out to be a cherry tomato. I s'pose someone thought switching the tags was funny at the nursery.
After whinging about work in my last entry, today I decided to not worry about busting my gut to get everything done and worked at my normal pace. I didn't finish everything as we had a meeting and I am sure there will be comments when the sheet that we mark our duties off on is checked, and the supervisor sees that we can't get everything done. I'm not the only one complaining. Tough luck Baby!
Rufus our pup has gone to Wagga to be with my son David for a few days. David dog napped him as he is on holidays and thought it would be fun to have Rufus entertain him. He has become such a part of all our lives and we are all missing him. The cat is looking for him and meows around the house and to us for her entertainment. They usually play great together with us telling Rufus to be gentle with her and the cat (boo) teasing hell out of him and taking advantage of the knowledge that she is being protected by us. Our old dog Freddy has been whining around the back door and looking for him too, but when Rufus is here they are competitive for our attention. And... I miss his cuddles and yes ! even when he tries to kiss me on the face and gets in trouble. Dave usually comes out for tea on Thursday nights so I guess he will bring Rufus back with him then. The picture up the top of this entry is of Rufus . He doesn't like David to wear his hat so he hops up on the back of the lounge chair and takes it off his head.


Brad said...

Yes, I enjoy reading your blog entries. I don't know what a caravan park is--would it be the same as an RV park?

linda may said...

Yes I think it would be the same as a RV park. There are big ones here where people go to holiday and they have self contained cabins with 1 to 4 bedrooms and spa baths in them which is great for families or groups.

linda may said...
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