Sunday, 4 February 2007

G'Day ,
I am on my third of 4 days off work today. Yesterday was busy. I had Potter's club duty and the club's Annual General meeting. For P.Club duty I show up at the clubs shop/gallery and try to sell things from 10. to 4 in the afternoon. We get paid for whatever we make that sells less a commission that goes to club funds, which is less if you do the duty. While there I can use facilities in the workroom out the back or whatever. I played with the slab roller, which is a machine that flattens clay out into a nice even slab, a bit like a big sheet of pastry that can be cut and shaped or joined into whatever. I made some small square dishes with the rose pattern that I spoke about last post and a oval dish from white stone ware clay. I want to put a clear glaze on them with maybe a bit of light blue under glaze mixed into it. I might also melt some glass in the bottom of them as I have a new glass crusher that I had made up to play with. At the A.G.M. there was little change amongst the executives and I will be doing the secretarys job and the workshop organizers job again.
Last night the Junee poker run was on. A poker run is a fund raiser event where bikes come along and are given a card at the start of a ride, then move on to secret designated places to get given another card in different towns and when they get to the end of the run they hand in their cards and the person with the best poker hand of cards wins the prize. They are charged an entry fee for the ride and lunch is provided on the run as well as a B.B.Q. (at cost) tea at the end. It also included 4 blues bands as the nights entertainment. My husband is one of the organizers so he has had a very busy few days and lots of meetings preceding those. He went to work today even tough he is tired. He is the treasurer of the local Cancer assistance group who raise funds to help cancer victims with treatment costs, so had a lot to do as that group is the beneficiary of funds from the event. There was an incident yesterday where two blokes came off their bikes around a corner at high speed. One had a broken wrist and was discharged from hospital last night the second bloke has a broken leg and ribs and a punctured lung, but will be o.k. In the next town across from here Illabo) a drunk work up in the park and staggered out to see what was going on to the sound of 200 bikes rumbling past and said "Where the... did all those bikes come from?" my husband thought that was a great joke and has photos. There were 270 riders on the run but I don't know what the final tally of profits was at the moment. The riders came from as far away as Queensland and South Australia. I got home from the potters club and Wagga at around 6.30 and went down there but I didn't do much except serve a few steak sandwiches off the B.B.Q. and talk to people (or yell above the music) and spread bread for them but the music was good. I saw 2 of the 4 bands playing. The main raffle, a holiday was won by a local this year whom I know supports the cancer assist group so that was nice. We were surprised to look around to see a little boys face peeking through the back of the marquee. He came back a few minutes later and put his hand through the gap and tried to grab money. He lives near me and is about 5 years old, we are guessing his elder brother was coaching him. Starting young eh!
I've been out the back to the pottery shed this morning and yesterday and have seen no sign of the big brown snake that was there so I hope it has moved on.
I have to remember when I write in here to leave out the Aussie slang as if some people read it they wont know what the hell I'm talking about. As an Aussie I find that funny, maybe I should make that the subject for a post in the future. I've seen people from overseas wondering at our manner of speech at times. When I first moved here there was 2 Canadian blokes sitting outside a cafe and the girl behind the counter walked out and called to them "Do you want mayo on your buns" and they swung around to each other with horrified looks on their faces and said "What did she just say?" They had ordered hamburgers and here we call bread rolls buns. The looks on their face was priceless. O.k. thats about all for today.

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