Thursday, 22 February 2007

bloody puters!

I haven't been in here for a while as I really don't know how to do all this stuff and had the wrong user name so I couldn't get in to write. I tried yesterday but all the entry disappeared and I couldn't get it back so I gave up in disgust. Anyway I'm back today. After much confusing button pressing to fix things up by my son.
Thursday night ( tonight) my second son Dave comes for tea. He lives and works in Wagga at a sign writing business as a spray painter. Not too far away. We are having fish and salad. There will be 6 for tea tonight, seven when my Mum comes home. She is away again in Grafton and has attended my niece's engagement and her daughter's christening. She is also going to Brisbane where my eldest sister lives to attend my great nephew's wedding which will be pretty special because with my Mum there, there will be five generations there. Something that I'm sure doesn't happen that often.
We had another dust storm yesterday and 6 spits of rain. They got minor flooding from the rain in central Wagga, but none of it reached here. I took a photo from the lookout on rocky hill which is just above my house, of the dust but it doesn't look that good. It does show however, the devastation of the drought quite well. I ducked back in the car real quick as there was a lot of lightening flashing around, and it,s quite exposed up there. The photo that is looking down the road is where the fires last year burnt up to, if they had crossed over there, the golf course and the nice new posh houses on the other side of that would have gone up and it would probably have been blown back closer to my place. As you can see the fires last year and the drought for the last 6 or 7 years have taken their toll on my little town. The dust storm we had last week was worse than this one.
When I went to Wagga on Monday I went to visit my friend Edie who is giving up her pottery and invited me to come and see if I wanted any of her stuff. She sent me home with a boot load of her earthenware glazes and colours to play with. I don't do a lot of earthenware stuff but I like garden pots and terracotta so I will be able to use them in combination with that. kiln is very slow to get to stone ware temperature so I use the one in Wagga at the club and just use mine for bisque and E.W. When I was there the care flight helicopter landed on the oval near her house and I found out today that it was taking a sick newborn baby, born to someone from Junee. I work with the mother's sister and aunty, who are both nurses. Sad, I hope all goes well for the baby (boy) in Canberra. While I was in Wagga I also got to dawdle by myself, around the shops and look at things without being hassled to hurry up like I get when I take other family members with me. It was lovely. I must have spent an hour in Spotlight which is my favorite shop. It has fabrics and home wares , Manchester and craft type stuff. I bought a white doona cover and a sewing pattern. Not bad since I went there to get curtain material and came away without it because I changed my mind again. Also went to the gardening dept. in woolworths and got a couple of little dahlias and some sweet basil to plant.
My eldest son got his learner's license again today. He has had it twice before but let it run out as he was sick and the second time because he was a passenger in a car crash and lost confidence. Each time he got up to a standard of driving where he was almost ready to go for his test, which was annoying as he should have had his license long ago. Never mind we will try again.
That's about all that has been going on in my life the last couple of day's.
Bye Love Linda.

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