Saturday, 3 November 2007


It is raining.
The strange things that make us happy eh! I am obsessed with rain. It has been raining for half the afternoon and has been raining intermittently ever since. Yee Ha!
I was in Wagga today for my monthly duty day and potter's club meeting. I rang Fran tonight, who lives in north Wagga, and she said it was still raining there too. She had emptied out her rain gauge earlier today and had 6 points in it again this afternoon. Very nice. When I was driving home this evening there was actually water running down the sides of the roadway. Something I haven't seen for a long time. The arrangements for the annual curry night are falling into place. It is getting very close, just 2 weeks away. We are aiming to cater for 6o invited guests this year, which is more than the last few years.
Years ago, up until this drought hit us hard around here, along the Harefield road on the way home from Wagga, if it was raining the road used to be covered with tiny little frogs (and some big frogs as well) that came out to play in the rain. (or play squash on the road) They haven't been there of late of course, because of the drought, but maybe they will come back with this rain.
Side story; I have found burrowing frogs before when digging in my garden. The are frogs which store water in their bodies and they burrow underground to stay damp until there is rain again, so are drought proof, and then come out to party in their particular froggy way. Interesting little critters. Well, they aren't actually that small as froggies go they are a good size frog. I have also found big orange and brown frogs at night when it is rainy in my garden, hunting insects under my solar garden lights. I don't know if they are the burrowing frogs though they might be because there is no other ponds or creeks around close by that they might have come from. The fish in my pond would have eaten any eggs if they were laid in there.
I also re fired the pots today that didn't reach temperature in my kiln because it had a blockage. It took 9 hrs in the club kiln, which is a tad slow, (my fault, late start and non attention) but I don't really mind as long as it is finished.
The firing I did on Thursday at home in my old kiln was way over fired. The cones that read the temperature can be hard to see in a raging kiln and I couldn't see if they had bent over, and therefore reached temperature, so the glaze ran down onto the shelves and made a mess. The glaze , because it was over fired and had melted too much, was pooled in the bottom of the bowls and had formed pretty green crystals which looked really good. I had to grind the excess off the pots and shelves with the angle grinder but they came out passable in the end. I bet if I was trying to get crystals in my glaze like that they wouldn't have worked.
We got a big quarterly electricity bill yesterday, a bit over $500. With the bill for getting my kiln connected by the plumber that I have yet to pay, the water tank will have to wait a bit longer to get connected. That's a shame because of the rain we are getting that would have been able to fill it up, but never mind I will get there. I am still annoyed about the councils well advertised rebate not being available to us. Rip off merchants!
Annie, David and her Michael are down in Sydney last night and tonight to see bands again . Annie will be home tonight and Dave will be coming back tomorrow as he is visiting in Canberra on the way home. Nice to be young and have fun eh! Good on them I reckon, I wish Annie had a job to pay her own way though. She has applied to go to university next year, she had enough points to get in, we don't know if she is accepted yet. I guess that depends on who else and how many others put in for that particular course. Books for uni courses are notoriously expensive though, especially if you have to buy them new.
O.K. I had better stop whining about money, or scarcity of it and go to bed, it is late and I have another busy day tomorrow.
Bye - love - Linda. :)

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