Thursday, 1 November 2007

It is nice and cloudy this afternoon, I hope we get a bit of rain out of it, it is looking good. The clouds look full and heavy, where it will drop is pure luck and guess work. I hear that in the U.S there are floods in the south and fires have been in the Sth east. Wouldn't it be good if we could invent a way for one disaster to quench the other. Maybe have a big magic wand to put things where they are needed most. Yeah I know, I'm being silly. Not very amusing if you have links to these areas. But seriously, I feel sorry for the people who have lost homes and property.
I have my old kiln going at the moment with an earthenware glaze in it. It should be finished soon. The probe that measures the temperature inside the kiln has decided to pack it in this afternoon and is not giving me a proper reading, so I am carefully watching the cones. Cones are a little steeple shaped bit of clay that you sit inside the kiln in sight of the spy hole that will melt and bend over at a specific temperature to tell you the temp you want to get up to has been reached. I still have not seen the plumber to get him to look at the new kiln as I think it has a blockage in the system somewhere. I did however get the bill for him setting up the new kiln. It was over $400, so I might have to wait a while before I get him to come back to fix it. I also need to get him to hook up the water tank I got recently. When you buy a new water tank the govt and local councils will give you a rebate. Ha,I am quite annoyed because Pete went down to the council office to apply and they had all these conditions to getting the rebate which practically cut us out of getting the rebate. Some of the conditions were, the tank must be used to run the toilet and / or washing machine. I asked about getting the tank hooked up to run the toilet off and was told it is very expensive and is better done when building a new home. Which put me off that idea. I read a chart the other day which said that something like 50% of household water usage is used on the garden, which is what I wanted it for, and a much smaller percentage is used in the toilet and washing machine. No rebate for tanks used to supplement garden watering! C'mon! Also when Brian from the farm supplies place delivered the water tank he said that Junee people were so good at saving water that the amount of water going through the treatment plant is barely enough to run it. What a rip off. typical govt departments.
I cooked a batch of biscuits this afternoon. My not following the recipe version of Anzac biscuits. They are yummy I have already eaten 3. I like them thin and crunchy.
Recently on the news there as a story on blogging. It told of cases where people have followed up on reading others blogs to get information i.e. names, addresses, photos, birth dates, spouses names etc then having all the info they need to steal their identity. It made me pretty nervous. We as bloggers want to share a bit of ourselves and our lives and most probably wouldn't think twice about including details. Please beware.
O.K. thats about all of my ramblings this afternoon.
Bye Love Linda.

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Martha said...

Hi Linda, glad to hear you may get some much-needed rain.
Glad you like the picture of Smoke. We were actually "talking" to each other. I would meow at him and he would meow back at me. He is turning into such a little love cat.
Funny thing how special dates work out that way. Our whole family has "clusters" this way.
Glad you checked out the slideshows. Mud Party is my favorite, too. Some of the best parties are when no one is yelling to come in out of the rain.