Saturday, 27 October 2007

A bit a rain!

Yes we actually got a bit of rain. Yesterday and the day before. I don't know how much but it wasn't a lot. I got to try out the wheelie bin (holds 240 litres) I bought to catch rain water under the back down pipe. It filled up very quickly as it collects water from a large roof area in comparison to the bins small capacity. I was scooping it out and putting it around the yard where the rain couldn't get, i.e. under the eaves. The 4500 litre rainwater tank that Mum got me for my birthday isn't connected to make use of it yet but never mind it will be soon. I also got 3 more bales of sugar cane mulch for the garden beds this morning. I have only spread 1 of them so far. Covering all the garden beds with mulch has become quite an expensive event this season. Last year I used pea straw which was cheaper but isn't available this year due to the drought. I guess the farmers are keeping everything available that they can for stock feed.
Today was the Junee show. I took Mum there for a while. I guess we stayed for about 2 & a half hours. I only ever go to look at the flowers,cooking and craft, and of course to have a dagwood dog. They taste better from a country show than anywhere. They are a frankfurt on a stick coated in batter and deep fried then dunked in tomato sauce that always manages to get blobbed on your shirt. The badge of a country show. I don't bother to go into sideshow alley.
I also like going into the poultry shed to have a look. The prettiest ones I saw today were the big Rhode Island red chooks and the funny looking Indian runner ducks.
There were no horsies at this years show because of the horse flu out break. I usually enjoy the dressage events though.
We sat in the grandstand and watched a young bloke doing jumps and tricks on his motor bike. He was still 15 and was eagerly awaiting getting his learners driving license shortly. It was a bit funny to think that someone so well skilled wasn't old enough to have a license yet. The best part was the 3 little boys sitting with their Nanna in front of us. They were absolutely thrilled and excited by the bike tricks and their faces were priceless to watch. There was also a family , dad, mum and 2 mid teenage sons, doing whip cracking demonstrations and tricks. One of the whips they were using was 27 ft long. The elder son was a world champion whip cracker for his age group or something like that. There weren't a big lot of flowers this year. I have put some of mine in a couple of years and won prizes, but I usually don't bother. Mostly because I have been at work most years.
Today I started wrapping Christmas presents. The ones that need to go to Grafton to my sister and nieces. We will have an early Christmas with them because I know they won't be able to wait to open them and we won't see them at Christmas time.

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Junebug said...

Yea for rain! We had the most rain this year than in several years. It sure made a difference. Hope you get some more soon.