Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Good Morning,
I took some more photos around my garden to share this morning. The weather has been hot and dry for the last week. It is pretty early in the season to be so hot and it has resulted in all the flowers coming out in bloom all of a sudden then shrivelling from the heat.
The first one is the little pink pig face out the front.
This is a miniture rose. It changes colour as it ages. I don't know it's name.
Another mini rose. This one is called" mine-no-uki "I think. It suffers from black spot more than the others do.
Another mini rose called over the rainbow.
This is the big rose at my side gate. I have to cut it down this afternoon as Mum has bought me a water tank as an early birthday present which is being delivered after lunch and has to get over and past it. It is about 12 ft high and reminds me of the roses you see in the chintz patterened fabrics. As it is so big the flowers get damaged in the wind.

A mini rose out the back. it fades to a pinky peach colour.
A pure yellow mini with lots of insect damage.
View through the archway.
Buds on the hanging cactus thingy. About a third of their final size but grow super quick and will probably be opening in another week or so.
Mini rose out the side.
I love this boring looking rose geranium. In the evenings when I hand water it the perfume from disturbing the leaves floats up to me and is absolutely heavenly.I got it at a church fete years ago. There is another one in my yard with bigger leaves but the scent isn't so strong, from Jim Webb an old gardener who was in our hospital a while back and who used to run a gardening show for years on A.B.C. radio.
My favourite red rose, the big strong Mr Lincoln.
Two Poppy eyes.
Black aeonium. I hope thats the right name. I got it at the melbourne flower show last year.
The big chintzy rose again.
Poor thrip damaged seduction bush rose. Seduction is a variant of the famous Iceberg rose. The autumn flowering is much prettier.
This medium sized rose is called Cassandre'. I am in the process of training it to go around the archway in the back yard.
A russet coloured Iris out the back.
This is my apple blossom rose. The flowers are tiny, about 3cm across and it is a climber but gets badly affected by hot weather.
Pink columbine.

Yellow snappie. Thrip affected. In a pot. 2nd season. Click on any of the pics for a bigger view.
Martha said she is sharing my flowers as hers have been replaced by autumn colours now. Thanks Martha. I share her autumn colours we don't get them much here.
O.k. I have to get going and dress and then cut down my big chintzy rose. My flu bug has reached a turning point over night and my throat is beginning to improve. I took the day off work today to recover and I have tomorrow off as well so I'm doing o.k. Or will be in a few more days. I'm Tough. Australis Robustus Clayii.
Bye Love Linda.


Martha said...

Spring! As much as I like the fall colors I miss the flowers and blooms. Thanks for posting these beautiful pictures.

Junebug said...

I do love roses and flowers in general. My grandmother always had a huge flower garden and she grew poppies and big cactuses. Thanks for visiting me and commenting.