Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Not much happening here, nice weather, still no rain, it has been around the mid 20's during the day and we have been having cool nights making for comfortable sleeping which won't be the case in just a few months time.
I have been taking lots of pictures of the flowers in my garden while it is at its best and each day brings the discovery of a beautiful new bloom. Today the purple/blue iris I have been watching is finally unfurled. Beautiful. I did about 3/4 hr of hand watering this afternoon, just the garden beds, the lawn has started to brown off already so I might just have to let it go. It is really early in the season for that to happen. I have heard snake stories already this year so will have to watch out around my yard after their exploits of last year.
We had a visit from the union rep today at work and everyone wanted a piece of his time. He usually sits at the table in our dining room and has to prompt people to talk to him. Just because I wanted to ask him a question so did everyone else. Ah Well!
The straw garden i made a few months ago has Potato shoots popping up in it , the first few that emerged were burnt off by the frosts but it is going along well now. I have 3 tomato plants to put out but i am not confident there won't be another frost to come which will damage them. I planted some scarlet runner beans and covered them well with straw a few days ago. The seeds are very pretty and were a shiny mid brown with speckles, and look like they have been polished. I have not tried them before , but the description on the packet sounded like they should grow here. They are different from other green beans because they have red flowers and are perennials. We will see. I also planted a small plot of corn and cucumber seeds and mulched them well, they haven't come up yet.
Baby Kate came home from Sydney on Sunday. She had surgery, her kidney was removed and it looks as though the cancer was contained in there so they are not going to give her chemotherapy which is good for her. She is well and happy to be home. Her elder sister drags her around like a sack of potatoes and she is fine. She has got to be tough to survive that eh. They will be keeping a close check on her though.
I had a lovely visit from my Auntie Joan, 2 of her daughters and their kids and grand children on Tuesday. They are from Griffith, and Sydney and it was great to see them, I hadn't seen my cousin Ruthie for 4 or 5 years. I gave her my blog address so Ruthie, if you read this, love ya. Ruth's grand daughter, Megan, is the daughter of M'liss who was my real live baby doll when she was little so it was special to meet her. It is school holidays at the moment and they were traveling around and visiting etc. Nice.
There is a box of Ferrero Rocher hazelnut chocolates sitting beside me on the desk which Mum bought for me yesterday. I am resisting. I have put back on a few of the kgs I so arduously lost earlier this year so I have to be good. In Brad's blog he talks about the weather cooling down and having the urge to cook appropriate food, I am jealous that he can when I shouldn't. I really have to gt back on track or I will spoil all the good work of loosing weight before.
Right my fave t.v. show has started and I reckon its time to con someone in to making me a cup of tea.
Bye Love Linda.

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Merle said...

Hi Linda May ~~ I am watching All Saints too. I like this show and also McLeod's Daughters. Loved all your flower pics and I am so glad that little Kate is over her surgery and does not have to have chemo. Thanks for your kind words about my blog.
Yours is good too, I see Peter, my brother has visited.
Have you ever tried Olive (in my Aussie blogroll)She will be 108 on the 20th October and has a blob as she calls it. Her helper does the typing and a lot of the stuff. She lives in a Nursing home at Newcastle, NSW. Worth a read.
Take care Linda May, Love, Merle.