Saturday, 13 October 2007

I'm home after work today and pleased to sit here, kick off my shoes and entertain myself at the puter. Today is the first of 4 days work in a row, not very different but there you go.
Michael and Annie, my eldest and youngest are both in Wagga for the weekend so it is just Pete, Mum and I at home. I want to know when my eldest son will start to act like an adult and become responsible for himself, it drives me mad how thoughtless he can be to everybody else's needs except his own sometimes. Ahhhh!!!! Maybe he will never be a grown up, he is 26 now. I won't tell the story here!
We all went out for tea last night together which was nice. Afterwards Mum and I went to see a ballet. Men in TuTus, which was a comedy, all the performers were men dancers dressed for both male and female roles. Very funny. I have never been to a proper ballet performance before except kids and school type ones. Nobody could watch a show like I saw last night without admiring the skill of the dancers. My favourite dancer was a tiny asian looking man. He was about 5ft nothing tall and I reckoned I could put my hands around his waist and my fingers would touch. Anyway he was very funny and clever, his partner being bigger than him. When he was dancing properly, joking and deliberate mistakes aside, he was amazingly quick and agile. There were lots of puns and tricks and deliberate mistakes during the show, very smart, especially the bit were one of the little swans flew off stage and a dummy fell through the ceiling a few minutes later. Also there was a bloke who must have been playing the part of prince charming who was exagerating the snobbery that would be expected of a prince, especially in the walk/ strutt. He had a bum shaped like an apple and walked along the stage lifting and flexing one bum cheek then the other, very funny. At the end of the performance after the curtain went down, their parting shot was The Dancing Queen song by Abba.
In hospital today was an old lady who used to visit her boyfriend quite a few years back in the long term area before he died. They where both in their 80's at the time. They were both as mad as one another and she used to come every afternoon to visit him and she would feed him up on all sorts of goodies so that he couldn't eat his tea. One day I went into the room to give them their afternoon tea and she was feeding him and he didn't want to eat it. She was slapping him sharply on the bald head and saying "Oh Henry is cranky today!" It was so funny and the poor old guy was nodding away, trying to stop his head from falling off no doubt. I had to get out real quick before I burst out laughing at them.
Something else funny I saw at work the other day. We have another old lady in the long term area who is quite mad but loves attention and talks to anybody who passes by and tries to keep them there to talk to her. A visitor came in who didn't know her or her reputation and she stopped to talk to the old lady. As she bent down , the better for the old lady to hear her, the old lady said to her "My goodness! haven't you got a big nose". I cracked up laughing and ducked back into the doorway so she didn't see me. The visitor replied "Well yes I guess I have " I bet she doesn't get caught again. I am sure our patient hasn't read "How to make friends and influence people" Lol. You never know what she is going to say next. I could tell lots of funny stories along the same vein, but a lot of them would not be funny if you had not worked in a nursing home environment, as there are times when if you don't laugh you would cry. So please don't think I am too weird for laughing at things like this. My credo at work is, to treat everyone there like you would expect your own mum or dad to be treated. Lots of sad things happen, lots of funny too. I guess that applies to everything though doesn't it.
My new kiln is in action, well almost. It is connected up, I still need to get a plug put on the computemp so I can use that and a new gaugeto measure gas pressure, then I will be in action.
A question! Can someone tell me what is a meme? I have looked at some of them on other peoples blogs.
I have been following links on other peoples blogs recently, especially Martha's and Merle's and finding all sorts of interesting people. It is much nicer than T.V. (except for a few favourite shows) and you don't get annoying adds like you do when you look at things on the web.
In my garden there are flowers everywhere and the big old red climbing rose that is on the back of my house is in full glorious flower and the perfume floats into the house. The rest of my roses are not out or not fully out yet. Out on the front verandah the little portwine magnolia scents the air. Ah spring. Goodnight. Love Linda.

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