Monday, 22 October 2007


It is 1/4 to 3 in the morning here and I am sitting up at the puter writing and reading because I can't sleep. I have the flu and for the last 4 days have been a misery guts and feeling sorry for myself. My sinus are blocked, my ears are too, my eyes won't stop running and I have no skin left on my nose and my throat is dried out and very sore. Woe is me, I haven't had a bug hit me so hard for a long time. Pete has it too so I got out of bed about an hour ago to let him sleep without disturbing him. Luckily Mum hasn't caught it. I am worried though as it would spoil her trip to my niece's wedding in a few weeks if she does catch it.
Two of my offspring, Michael and Anne Marie are in Wagga tonight, there was an all day heavy metal concert at the uni today and they both went to it. Mike was so looking forward to it as 3 of his favourite bands were playing and having them so close to home is a rarity. I hope all went well for them both and they enjoyed it. I made sure he took migraine medication with him.
The firing of my new kiln that I spoke about in my last post was a dud and I was very disappointed. The temperature got to 1240 degrees which is not far from maturity but something went wrong and the gas pressure kept dropping and wouldn't go up again. I changed gas bottles but that was not the problem as there was still gas left in the old bottle so I guess there is a blockage in the burner jet or in the lines somewhere. It wouldn't let any gas through to relight. I ended up wasting 9 and a half hours of gas. The glaze on a few of the things were almost mature but I will need to start again with most of them. The up side to this is I now know where the hottest spots are in the kiln. I just have to remember where for next time, not easy for me, ha.
On Saturday I went to a Raku firing with potters club members at Fran's house. It was done in the new kiln the club bought recently. I didn't take any pots along to do as I was feeling yuck, so I sat and watched and stayed for lunch. The 2 new members were there and they seemed keen. I also raided Fran's garden and came home with a few seedlings of a geranium she had growing. It was nice sitting under the shade of her alder tree, especially as I can remember how it looked when she first planted it 12 years ago. I have little bits of friends all around my garden. There is Fran's iris, Kath's Iris, Edie's bulbs, Marion's bulbs, Betty's ivy geraniums, Auntie Marion's cast iron plants, grandma Trennery's begonias, June Herbert's funny succulent tree thingy, June Bennett's columbines, Auntie Joan's poor struggling hydrangea, Ellen's fern, Mr Webb's rose scented geranium, Linda's cornflowers, the list goes on. I think it is really nice to have little bits of everybody to remind me of them as well as share bits of my plants around with everybody else who wants them. I have heard it called a friendship garden. That is about all for now. I think I will try to go back to sleep now, even though I don't really feel tired. Bye.
Love Linda.

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Merle said...

Hi Linda May ~~ I do hope you will soon feel much better and your husband also. I enjoyed seeing all your flowers and it is lovely to have bits from friends in your garden.
I have a few friends and things from both my mother and father.
Thanks for the comments, glad you like the photos and that purple Pelagonium is lovely. I took more
today and will post them tomorrow.
Take care, get well soon. Love, Merle.