Friday, 28 December 2007

28th december 2007

I want to scream, fight, cry, hit. I just spent an hour in here writing and lost the lot. So... I have to start again.
Well ya not gonna beat me!
Here goes, now let me try to remember.
I was writing something about this being the third of 7 days I have to work then I get 5 days off. For the past 3 days I have been in the acute care ward cleaning. I had hoped that it would be closed down for a few days over christmas but that wasn't to be. I was to have 3 days scrubbing, stripping and re- polishing floors. I might be weird but I actually enjoy doing that and having the vinyl floors in that area sparkling, especially if I have the whole ward to work in by myself. I did get two rooms stripped and polished though. They do look good. One of the rooms had a Mr F in there, one of our regulars and an easy to get along with type of patient with whom I always have a joke. I had him worried today though. He was dropping sultanas on the floor and I told him not to dirty my floor. He threw out the rest of his sultanas, I felt so mean. Sultanas are not good when you run over them a few times with a wheel chair and spread them around to dry hard on the floor.
I really hate policemens boots the most, they are every bit as bad as farmers boots after it has been raining. They have deep treads that fill up with mud which they march up and down the halls with, just when you have them looking good. Lol. Also funny at work today was a palliative care patient who was feeling no pain, nope no pain at all, because of his medication. He spent the morning singing happily at the top of his voice, he sounded good too.
We find out if Pete has a Canberra job in mid January 08. Some of my workmates are unhappy to have me go. I keep thinking I am not going to get to work in the new hospital which is due to open in March08. We are having a garden in honour of Dr Potts, who was the town doctor for well over 30 years here. I had the idea of doing a clay mural of a big old tree with spreading protective branches. On the leaves we could have the names of all the different towns and areas
serviced by the hospital and cut up into tiles. Having as many people as possible hands on in the making. Fired to 1200 Celsius in buff raku clay which goes brown and speckled at that temperature. There are no other potters on staff so I will be busy.
Two of the doves, a male and female, that were let out of my cage on Christmas day have come home of their own accord. One of the young doves born earlier this year is also back in the cage but we don't know how it got back in there, none of us let it in. The young dove is pure white and has not got its adult markings yet. So I have 3 of the original 5 birds back. Rufus got the other adult dove and killed it yesterday. Rotten little doggie. They keep laying eggs and we keep removing them from the cage, we don't want any more doves , they are good breeders.
When I lost my post written earlier tonight I was trying to put some pictures on it to share, I don't know what I did but I lost the draft and my son would not help me fix it because he wanted to sleep. I was so frustrated. I can never remember how to get the photos put on here without his help and I am quite sure he enjoys seeing me frustrated by it. So no pics. Sorry.
Bye Love Linda.


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