Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Christmas Day,

Today is Christmas day. Present opening has been done, Lunch has been eaten. Next on the list is cooking a roast dinner for later tonight when my darling comes home from work. I have a rolled leg pork roast and a turkey breast roll to cook. I tend to over cater so today I will leave it at that. We had prawns, scallops and salt and pepper squid for lunch. Annie had steamed Dim Sim because she won't eat seafood. Probably a hangover from her past when the other kids chased her with prawns and called them cockroaches of the sea. Lol.
David is here with his dog Ruby. She is a black staffordshire terrier about 9 months old, so still a pup in any one's terms. She has had Rufus in a frenzy of wrestling and running and he is absolutely worn out today. She loves jumping in my fish pond, digging in my garden and eating everything within reach, and I mean everything. She managed to get into the doves cage and let them out, I think they will come back when everything settles down again. But her partner in crime, Rufus, caught one of the two baby doves I spoke about a few months back and killed it. He is quite an efficient little doggie and it is in his breeding to chase and kill other animals. Unfortunately he doesn't know the difference between rats and mice which we praise him for catching and my caged birds. It is all just fun for him. Ruby also freaks out my cat Boo. She (Boo) is timid at the best of times and goes into hiding when anything is different in the house. Today she met Ruby and attacked her, it was pure chaos for a minute or so until things settled down again. I guess we won't see her for the rest of the day. She gets on fine with Rufus whom she has played with since she was a kitten but ruby is a lot more scary and bigger than Rufus. Poor doggie though, she hadn't come across a cat who didn't know her and wouldn't play with her before, she was very shocked! Ah well Christmas at the funny farm eh! Ruby is now asleep at my feet with one big paw resting across my foot, being rubbed with my other foot.
On Sunday we all went out to Pete's brothers house in Wagga, for the family Christmas party. It was nice catching up with people I don't see otherwise. I got to watch the great niece and nephews (little people) from that branch of the family open some of their presents. It was lovely and I was thinking "Isn't that what Christmas is about" Grace who is 3 years old and I hadn't met before, got a princess dress which she had to wear straight away and enjoyed swanning around in. Princess Grace! Beautiful. The little boys got an assortment of trucks and tools, just what takes little boys fancies. And there is nothing as beautiful as hearing a baby rocking with toothless laughter. Every year I worry about these Christmas events, there have been things in my past relationship that makes me dread certain people who attend and I try to avoid, but I guess that is silly as when I get there everything is usually o.k.
I met (Annie's) Michael's dad yesterday when he dropped the kids off for Christmas. He said they used to call him hurricane Michael, I thought mmm, well we used to have a Mickle pickle at our house. What's in a name. We also had nick names from the other kids. Annie is still braticus or Bub and Dave was davy gravy.


Kat Neely Jones said...

Hey Linda,

Good to meet another 25-year amateur potter! I've been out of the studio for over a year due to numbness in my hands and something called "trigger-finger" in my right pinkie - but I intend to make a new start in 2008! I fire electric, ^6. Love your blog - I intend to start from the beginning and read on up!

Happy holidays from Oregon!

Krissie said...

hi Linda... thanks for visiting my blog! looking forward to reading here more often! I am in the West!