Saturday, 16 January 2010

I went for a walk this afternoon with my doggie Rufus, and my camera. Sitting round is no good for you and I had to get outside. It has been cloudy for the last 3 days and I have been eagerly waiting for it to rain. It is thundering wildly outside at the moment but just a sprinkle of rain is falling. I reveled in the feel of it on my skin as I was walking through the parkway but the lightening was getting a bit close to me so I came back after about half an hour.
Anyway, 1st picture shows not a portend to autumn but heat damage on a birch tree. By the end of next month, soon, all these leaves will be turning golden.
The park is just 2 houses away from my house. This is looking towards the city along the newly resealed bike track. It forms a wide barrier between a busy main road and the houses in this suburb. T'is a nice leafy area to live.
And a Maggie in a birch tree. (Sung to the twelve days of christmas. Hehehe.)
Looking south towards Woden town center, about a 20 to 25 minute walk from my house along the parkway.
Tiny, pretty, common blue bells growing wild, their blossoms closed to the grey clouds.
Urban art or....? There was some very well done panels of this under one of the bridges near me but the council, in it's wisdom recently painted over it. Some of this is just scribble and messy but those panels were art, it was such a waste to paint over it.
The larger feather is from a sulphur crested cockatoo, the small pink feather is from a galah.
Bridges & drain. Sorry it is sideways.Oops.
This birch tree was sheltering a family of white winged choughs. If you could see closer up, they have their wings spread and are flapping, trying to get a bath from the scant raindrops.
From little things big things grow.
This is the last of my red day lillies.
Apricot /pink day lily in a pot in my back yard. Pretty.
love Linda.


Annie said...

Hi Linda. I enjoyed our morning ramble together. I especially liked finding the pink galah feather. I first discovered galahs at Bimbimie's blog. I think they are probably my favorite bird of Australia.

spottedwolf said...

Lovely stroll Kiddo....the lily is awesome

jaerose said...

Lovely photos -makes me want to take my camera out and do a similar picture trail. Jae (ps is there no ss post this week? I can't find it)

Lilibeth said...

Ah, a walk, what a pleasant revel in beauty. Thanks for sharing it with us with these great pictures. I think the one with the feather was exquisite.