Monday, 25 January 2010

Sunday Scribblings "Yes"

Sunday Scribblings prompt for this week is "Yes".
On Saturday it was hot here and I had had enough so we retreated to The Hellenic club and the air conditioning. It is not far from us. A cool change had come over just as we were leaving and I was able to get a good nights sleep afterward.
Anyway Pete, Annie and I found a table near the dance floor. On the way in I saw the artists come in the door and followed them to where they were setting up and waited. I love people watching. The Hellenic club is the Greek club and there was an assortment of people, from parents with children and grand parents to couples of all ages. One man (I had seen him there before) was dressed in all black with gold chains around his neck, his shirt unbuttoned to half way down his chest and long grey hair in a pony tail. He met up with friends, kiss greet that sort of thing. Then the music started. He and his dance partner, a woman of similar age were immediately on the dance floor and did not leave while ever the music was playing. They obviously were very at home and went there just to dance and socialize all the time. Cool. I imagined him when he was in his younger days on the dance floor. He must have been something then, but now, stuck in a time warp.
There was another lady, also Mediterranean looking and trim of figure, on the dance floor that I was watching, probably in her sixties. She came with her ballroom dancing shoes and sat to put them on just as the music started. She must have had professional training, her partner hadn't. She held herself beautifully, knowing she had a audience.
There were also several older couples that didn't leave the dance floor. One couple in particular were very good dancers, probably into their 70's. The man however was the better of the two. It was lovely to watch them and I was thinking how they must have been together for many years moving perfectly in unison, each knowing exactly how the other moved and following perfectly. What a lovely way to stay together and stay fit. Yes. Very cool!
I was imagining what the dancing lady and the old man could do put together on the dance floor.
Then there was the Nana and her embarrassed grand daughter. Loving the music, singing along together with no rhythm what- so -ever and thoroughly enjoying themselves.
And the ladies looking around to see who was watching them, maybe they used to dance in a bar some where, they moved like that could have been a possibility.
Beside us was a big family. A pretty young woman danced with her 2 nieces. Little girls in their best dresses and long pony tails down their backs, holding hands with them, swinging them around and picking them up and hugging them both in a waltz round the floor. The younger of the two girls was probably about 6 years old and a little less enthusiastic.
Then there was the man, probably in his 30's looking out of place, but not giving up, trying so hard. I watched him come up to the Nana and grand daughter and try to make friends with them. They were not interested and he stood looking lonely, trying to dance by himself in the middle of the crowd. Poor bugger, I think he was developmentally delayed.
Annie sat and drank beer with chocolate cake. Eeeeechk.
She went to the toilet and came back laughing. There were two drunk women talking in the cubicles. One said she had forgotten to put on her under pants. Hehehehe.
I had a cocktail with smashed strawberries and god knows what else i it.
Pete sat and watched the tennis, unblinking, on the big screen behind me, his back to the dance floor, uninterested, I wanted to slap him. Hehehe.
I asked them to dance but already knew the answer before I asked. So....I people watched. I can't dance very well but I like to try. Remembering when I was younger and watched the people at the disco we used to go to at the Leagues club in my home town. He used to want to dance with me then, when I first met him. A third of a century earlier.
There was another young woman sitting near us, she wanted to dance too but her partner was doing much the same as I was, so she was bopping at the table.
Ah the Aussie male. Too ocker to get up and enjoy themselves because it might embarrass them and they mightn't look cool.
People watching in the air conditioning
A lovely slice of human nature.

Here is a verse I had in my head last night.


Come ride with me
down the track
It could be smooth and pleasant
There will be bumpy bits
dark days and bright

You have the option of
getting off at the next station
Or riding on
To see where the track leads
If you leave I understand

You have your own path way
your own ride
your own family to pursue
But if you ride on..........
Who knows.

Well that is all this week.
Love Linda


sg beatty said...

I love the way you take a day or an evening and make it fun to read about. Loved your night in the bar. I felt like I was right there with you. PS..I'll dance with you. I'm not good either but do not care what people think. Also, my wife doesn't like to dance. We coold double date. Our mates could watch tennis and we could make fools of ourselves

anthonynorth said...

That was fun - rounded off with a good poem.

Lilibeth said...

People watching is fun. You've described it well enough to make me feel like I saw it.

Americanising Desi said...

love the poem :)


Shadow said...

mmmm, who knows. love that ending!

jaerose said...

Hi Linda! That was a speedy visit this week. Thanks as usual for your comments. I am intrigued to know what 'ocker' means. The feel of the poem was like a running train..very effective. Jae

Beth said...

What a treat your post was this week, hot weather, a night in the air conditioning people watching, and then whether to dance or not. Your poem dances, and I imagine you twirling . . . lovely!