Monday, 20 September 2010

Sunday scriblings "Clean"

It is Sunday Scribblings time again. The prompt this week is clean.
I am clean and unclean.
I work as a cleaner but my home is not as clean as those which I clean.
My mind , well it could use a clean, a freshening and a renewal of old ideas, exchanged for new knowledge. A clean to wash away old fears, new fears, to give new courage, to step up and out.
Anyway, the first picture here is of my new friend, Gary Gnome. He came from Floriade which is a festival of flowers and gardening held each spring here in Canberra. I stood up at the children's table and painted him myself. I make my own friends,and he only cost me $12. Haha. Big kid. Then I proceeded to carry Gary around the park with me. In the first picture he is standing on the railing of the bridge over Lake Burley Griffin. On the right side behind him that big building is the High court of Australia. On the other side of him in the back ground is the Russel offices, that is a military admin area. High security etc. A bit further to the left again of that is one of the little schools that I work at in the suburb of Campbell. The lake is a man made lake , made from the damming of the Molongolo river. The white thing sticking up behind Gary in the distance is the Carillon.
This spring (and late winter) has seen Canberra receive lovely, life giving , cleansing rain and we have a wonderful water storage level of 78%. This time last year, going into the warmer time of the year it was still well below 50%. Great stuff after a drought. We are now on level 2 water restrictions, down from level 3, which means we are allowed to water our lawns and wash our cars at home instead of having to pay to have it done with recycled water at a car wash place. For this month at least.
Gary was looking for a place to shelter but he didn't have mush room. Sick pun, yep I know. But it is a clean joke. I do love a joke, clean or dirty.
Gary, tiptoeing through the Tulips in a fresh, clean, floriade garden bed.
Honey bee on rosemary in my garden. In Australia we are lucky to be one of the places where honey bees have not been affected and killed off by a viral disease that has damaged them in other places around the world. Farmers here are trying to protect their bees from this disease by keeping exports from other countries that have been affected , out of this country. Keep our industry clean....pleazzzzzze.
The fresh clean bloom on one of the camellia bushes around my yard at the moment.
Beautiful Red camellia. Herald of springtime, the cleansing and renewal of the earth.
Today I had a conversation with my neighbor about peoples perception and judgment of each other based on their income level, education level, job status, clothes, physical looks, you know...... all the sort of stuff we do to each other to categorize the people we meet each day and are in contact with. Yes we might try to pretend we are better than that, but we do all do that. She was of the mind that we should find new words to descibe our job status to improve our image. My idea was that if people find me of a lower status and standing than they are, then they would most probably not be the kind of people I want to associate with anyway. She, like me, worked as a house cleaner before her retirement. She laughingly suggested that I be called a domestic management specialist or a fairy godmother. Cute. She also said that instead of saying my husband was a screw, which is a nick name for a prison officer, he should be introduced as a correctional officer.
I don't know, I still reckon if they want to place us in a level below themselves, that I don't think they are the kind of people that I want to be with, let along try to impress. Some people are so pathetic, in their need to feel better than you, I really couldn't be bothered.
I can see beyond the outside and choose not to judge until I get to know a person better. Or is that being judgmental in a different way? Hahaha.
Back to that first picture for a moment, and to an attempt to sum up. Lake Burley Griffin is a strange lake. It has moods. It changes color from day to day. From light to dark gray, to almost black, to muddy brown,to that lovely dark blue you can see behind Gary last sunday, from choppy to mirror smooth. Like people and their moods. Not just a reflection of the sky or the weather, but moods of their own, influenced but not determined by their surroundings.
That's all Folks.
Love Linda.


jaerose said...

Hi Linda - you and Gary took me on a lovely trip in this post - to places and ideas. I hope the little gnome is handy with a duster! Jae ;)

Dee Martin said...

Love Gary! I read through your last post as well and very much enjoyed the pictures. You have the most beautiful flowers where you live! I would love to see some of those places you go to!

oldegg said...

I love travelling gnomes and their escapades. I think it was the French film "Amelie" that showed me how useful they are to brighten up peoples lives. Great read as usual.

Missy said...

Hi Linda. Gary is a very handsome gnome.
You may or may not be interested but I'm inviting you to join in a "game". Join in if you wish. Check it out at

Anonymous said...

Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you

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