Saturday, 25 September 2010

Missy's Garden: Gardening - a Game

These are 2 of the six little candle houses I made for the coming art and craft show. They have not been fired (cooked) yet. The lovely terracotta red color will show up after they are fired.
This is one of the larger lanterns I made. I like the rustic roughness of it and the weird style. It is meant for outdoor use around a BBQ or in the garden. This one has been fired so you can see the final color of the clay. I like to make all the stuff I do individual one of pieces.

Missy's Garden: Gardening - a Game
G'Day , Anybody, whoever, is anybody out there.
Today when I went to my blog I found a comment from Missy, I added her link above. She, or her Mum, have invited me to join in a game.
Well, I had some bad news last night and am a bit grumpy. Maybe that is not quite right I am very put out and feeling down about having to move ...AGAIN!
We have received notification that the owners of the house we have been renting want it back. They have been overseas for a year. Yeah yeah I know it is their house, but it is so inconvenient at the moment. You see I am trying to save to go up to Queensland for my sister's wedding in about 6 weeks time and thought I was doing quite well. I have paid for the accommodation and the plane fares for the whole family and what I can save between then and now was to be spending money. Last nights news absolutely blew my plans out of the water as we have to move in 1 months time. I am going backwards again. We have to find money to move and pay a bond as well as find another house in the next week or so. Arrrrgh. I hate this.
Anyway, back to this game.
Let me do the Pollyanna thing here for a moment and say joining in the game is just what I need to make me look at things in a different light. Thank You for that Missy.
The game requests that I write a list of ten things that I love doing.
Well here goes, let me try.
1. I love playing with clay. I did a bit of that today as I am preparing things to go in an art and craft show. The first one I have gone in since moving to Canberra 2 and a half years ago. I might give me a bit extra cash for Queensland, or....the new house. If my things sell that is. I have so far made 6 little candle houses, 6 small bowls and 9 smaller bowls all decorated with colored liquid clay called slip. Also 5 larger candle lanterns and a rectangular platter that I still have to decorate when it is dry enough.There are a few other odds and bods I can put in too. I have been potting since my eldest son was a baby and he is 28 now. I find lots of reasons I love my clay. Hmm must write more about that in another post.

2. Like Missy's mum I love observing our beautiful Australian wildlife. Canberra has lots of wonderful birds because of the nice urban planning which has left lots of green areas and bush in and around the suburbs. I have magpies and king parrots, sulfur crested cockatoos, Gang gangs, top knot pigeons, pee wees, wattle birds, rosellas, white winged choughs, currawongs, crows, and others I don't know the names of that visit my garden. Arrrgh their garden, not mine. I love them all. The magpies though, they are wonderful, they eat out of my hand and sit on the roof of the BBQ shelter or on the railing by the front door, and warble to me when they want to be fed. We used to have a large blue tongue lizard that shared our yard and the yard behind us but he is sadly no longer, it got run over. I loved to watch it sneak in and out of the rock garden out the front. There is also a snarly brush tail possum that frequents the big oak tree out the side of the house on the nature strip.

3. I love to spend time with my husband and son Mike who live with me. I don't see enough of my other two children they live in another town and are making their own lives but what time I do get to share with them is precious. I am so proud of my three children's achievements. They might not seem so fantastic to others in their achievements, they are not doctors or lawyers or Indian chiefs, but to me they are. I sometimes talk to them on face book. Which leads me to the next number...
4. I love to waste time on this here computer. I must confess that it is my most common form of entertainment these days. I would rather peek into others real lives , or that which they choose to share with me via their blogs and face book than watch anything television. Some of the people I have come to know in here are very special and at times I have leaned on some of them with things that are easier to write than say face to face. When I tire of that I move on to some of the silly games that I have found on face book. Big time wasters but I enjoy them. They are for me my way of vegging out and switching off. I need to do that.

5. I like creating. Whether it be with clay or plants or food or words or sometimes fabric. I have always done that for as long as I can remember. Always had to be making something. I find it very very satisfying to sit quietly and do things like that, maybe it is another way of vegging out or sometimes being able to save money. On Wednesday night I made a lovely batch of strawberry jam. It will last me for ages and was much cheaper than the shop bought produce for the same quantity, it tastes better and has no preservatives in it. But like Missy's mum said in her post , I like to tweak things and not follow the pattern or the recipe, or better still make up my own, it is more fun that way.

6. I enjoy watching people. Imagining who they are, what they do, what is their story, or making up a story about them using my imagination. I love when it runs riot.

7. I love tradition. I have a whole family full of it. I like to sticky beak back through my family tradition memories and bring them out and dust them off and link them together and to me. I wonder when I do, which parts of me came from whom. Who am I like ,what were they like, what made them them, and what makes me , me. I have silly sentimental bits and pieces that I have kept that link me to them. Amongst them books, crockery, photographs, even plants. I have a collection of plants that remind me of the people who gave them to me and I keep them alive even though their original owner is sometimes long gone.

8. I like driving. Big long country drives, the journey and what is seen along the way is more important than the destination. I listen to my old music along the way because it is not popular with the kids if they are with me, and I sing along. I find though that I sound much better if I turn the sound up loud and drown myself out. I used to sound OK when I was younger, but not any more. Haha.

9. Music. I like or can tolerate most styles. I do like my old stuff best though. I can listen to anything from pop music to rock to jazz and blues or folk or classical. I won't quote what I prefer not to listen to here as it is supposed to be about stuff I like doing. I often take my i pod to work with me and listen to it and bop around if nobody is in the building and they have all gone home.

10. I like my hair, I have grown it long now. But it has always been thick and strong. Of all the bits that are me I think I like my hair the best. It is always a bit messy, and gray around the edges, but hey, so what, that is me. Just me.

So, if you would like to join in the game please do. If you click on the link below the heading to this post it will take you to Missy's blog, you can read others or find out more about it than my skills have described here. Enjoy. I am not going to send this meme to anyone, but request you join in the game if it tickles your fancy, like it did mine.
Love Linda.


Missy said...

It's me - Missy's Mum (Ros). Sounds like you were a bit like me - It felt a bit weird to start with but then I could have thought of twenty things I like doing.
Bummer having to move, but hope you'll still be able to make it up here for your sisters wedding.

jaerose said...

Hi Linda - I can list one thing - I love reading your blog and like you have found much pleasure in reading other people's stories - real or not..I love the look of your pots and your gorgeous flower photos..I love Sunday Scribblings! Actually now I'm going I might be able to reach 10! Good luck with your house move. Are you moving town or just house? It's a pain wherever you are in the world..Jae

Bimbimbie said...

Just wanted to say your candle houses are gorgeous - especially like the last one, clever you*!*

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